The Job Hunt Continues...

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The Job Hunt Continues...

Post by fluffi77 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:21 am

Hello! I've recently graduated from college and I am job hunting. Preferably, I would like to obtain a position in a laboratory in the Atlanta area. Ideally, it would be in a laboratory working on something neuroscience related since I plan to pursue my doctoral degree in neuroscience.

I've included my resume and if someone with more expertise and experience has any suggestions or improvements that they feel could be made I would greatly appreciate it. Also, any suggestions on places to apply would be great as well!

Thank you so very much in advance for your time and any knowledge that you are willing to bestow on a new up and comer! :mrgreen:



Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, May 2008
Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
Biology major. GPA of 3.1.


Genetics & Developmental Biology Neuroscience I
Organismal Biology Neuroscience II
Evolution & Ecology Inquiry & Communication in Biology
Cellular & Molecular Biology Genetics
Evolutionary Biology Vertebrate Biology
Senior Seminar in Evolutionary Genetics Zoology


DNA extraction, PCR, culturing, literature review, dissection, distillation, gel electrophoresis, staining, chromosome mapping, serial dilution, microscopy, titration, mass spectrometry, histology, centrifugation, pH testing


Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
Research Assistant, Fall 2008
• Worked on National Science Foundation project under Dr. William Hopkins, professor.
• Focused on neurology of primates provided by the Yerkes Primate Center.
• Utilized ANALYZE software to measure neural tissue volume within MRI data of chimpanzees.
• Organized measurements within Excel documents that were used to develop and compare statistics for gender and laterality.

It goes on to list my experience waiting tables, being stockperson etc....


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Post by mith » Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:46 pm

This isn't a job search website so you shouldn't be posting here. However, this might help ... 2089903214
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Post by Cat » Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:08 pm

First, you need to include a section of your personal qualification: enusiastic, work well with others, punctual etc... That sort of thing.

Second, do not abbreviate. It should be Laboratory skills.

Third, arrange your skills in closely related groups. Put molecular biology skills together, etc.

For example:

- DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis
- Tissue staining, chromosome mapping, microscopy, histology
- Centrifugation, pH testing culturing, distillation, serial dilution

You get the idea.

Lastly, you should know that you will have a better chance of getting a job locally and that you need to put Dr. William Hopkins as you 1st reference and make sure that he is willing to write you a letter of recommendation.

Good luck!

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