epidermis and glucose

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epidermis and glucose

Post by mvestel » Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:45 am


I'm looking into understanding how much glucose is in the various layers of skin. Specifically the epidermis and dermis.

And how much interstitial fluid (ISF) is in the various layers and how much volume is taken up by cells in these layer.

and how the ISF differs from the intracellular glucose concentration (ie, how differnt is the glucose concentration inside and outside the cells)

I'm most interested in understanding how the interstitial fluid and cells take up the volume in the epidermis.

The cells of the epidermis (Keratinocytes) take up about 80% of the volume in the epidermis and the remaining space is filled with interstitial fluid (ISF). The Glucose within the Keratinocytes is 9–18% less that the concentration of the ISF [1].

What are these numbers for the dermis?

And can anyone point to some literature that confirms that claims by [1] as they are not well substantiated and based on calucations they do not give.

1. Lilienfeld-Toal, H.v., et al., A novel approach to non-invasive glucose measurement by mid-infrared spectroscopy: The combination of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) and photoacoustic detection. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2005. 38: p. 209-215.

Michael Vestel

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