Plant Regulators


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Plant Regulators

Post by skunk » Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:38 pm

Forgive me, I have no scientific background whatsoever... My questions also relate to short day plants.

My first question is on cytokinins... are they produced more during the day/light response or are they a dark response similar to auxins and ethylene?

Auxins and ethylenes are produced in excess during the dark hours/low light, whatever, I believe this is because the plant (in short) actually starts to die, and the auxins are helped carried from cell to cell by the ethylene. This causes the plant to stretch (in search of light), while at the same time stretching out the roots. Yet why stretch out the roots? Anyhow, the way i see it (I have admitted my ignorance ;) ) the dark responses are merely a defence mechanism.

I also know a little about florigen, in that a certain (in my case anyway ;) ) amount of dark hours are needed to increase levels of this hormone to stimulate the plant to flower. Yet if ethylene is responsible for aging, why isn't this hormone also responsible for flowering?

Hopefully my ignorant questions don't make anyone feel too ill :)

All info will be gratefully scavenged. :mrgreen:

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