A very good free lab management integrated with BioMolyzer

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A very good free lab management integrated with BioMolyzer

Post by biogift » Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:31 am

A very good free lab management system integrated with BioMolyzer, which features primer design, primer-target-map, plasmid mapping, gel simulation, cloning, etc.

It also include Blogs and fund management. Very cool!

Site: http://www.biorubyrails.com

1. Specially designed for life scientists by experienced biologists.

2. Cross-platform application, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

3. Access and manage your data anytime, anywhere

3. Consolidated management system. Data is integrated with tools for analysis and visulization. Funds united with orders, products, and distributors. Users connected with their own data, todos, messages and blogs.

4. Free of software maintance, trouble-shooting and upgrade, new applications will be available immediately available once they are created and thoroughly tested.

5. Easy communication/collabration between lab members and labs

6. Sharing views, experience, insight, and resources through Bioblogs and Openlabs

7. Safe and private. Each user has his own encrypted password. The privacy was easily controlled by a few clicks. Privileges and roles were well associated.

8. It is FREE.

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