help! my biology teacher is trying to kill me!

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help! my biology teacher is trying to kill me!

Post by marnita » Sat May 31, 2008 10:44 pm

I have a few (well, maybe more than a few) questions that I can not find answers too.

1. At the end of the citric acid cycle, most energy remaining from the original glucose is in
b) pyruvic acid
c) CO2
d) ATP

2. What is the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain?
a)a molecule of carbon dioxide
b) a molecule of water
c)an oxygen atom
d) ATP

3. Cyanide differs from dinitrophenol because cynide
a) is highly toxic to human cells and dinitrophenol is nonetoxic
b)is an electron transport blocker and dinitrophenol is a reaction uncoupler.
c)inhibits the production of ATP by inhibiting ATP synthase;dinitrophenol causes mitochondrial membranes to become less permeable to H+ ions
d) makes the membrane of mitochondria leaky to H+ ions and prevents a concentration gradient from building up; dinitrophenol blocks the passage of electrons through electron carriers.
e) None of these

4.EachFDH2 yields a maximum of________ATP and each NADH yields a maximum of______ATP as a result of transferring pairs of electrons to the electron transport chain.
a) 3,3
d)3,1 e)3,2

5. If you were able to stop the process of cellular resperation after completing electron transport but prior to chemiosmosis, you would find the pH of a mitochondrion to be at it's lowest
a) in the intermembrane space
b)on the inner membrane
c) on the outer membrane
d)in the cytoplasm
e) in the mitochondrial matrix

6. by products of cellular resperationinclude
a) carbon dioxide and water
b)oxygen and heat
c)carbondioxide and ATP
d)NADH and ATP
e)FADH2 and NADH

7. How many ATP total are possible from the catabolism of one molecule of glucose at the end of cellular resperation(glycolysis, the krebs cycle, the electron transport chain and chemiosmosis)?
a) 36-38

8. Which of the following is a feature of plant cell division that distinguishes it from animal cell division?
a) the nucleolus disappears and then reappears
b)Cytokinesis does not occur
c) four new cells (rather than two) are produced per mitotic division
d) a cleavage furrow forms
e) a cell plate forms

9.Two chromosomes in a nucleus that carry loci for the same traits in the same positions on the chromosome but specify different versions of some traits constitute a pair of
a) complementary chromosomes
b) heterologous chromosomes
c) polyploid chromosomes
d) homologous chromosomes
e) none of the above

These next few you might find interesting:

10. Which of the following is most like the cell cycle control system?
a) a video game controller
b) a row of dominoes falling down, each one triggering the fall of the next
c) the control device of an automatic washing machine
d) an orchestra directed by a conductor
e) a light swich turning on a set of room lights

11. which of the following is most like a pair of male human sex chromosomes?
a) the letter of the alphabet
b) a bride and groom
c) identical twins
d) a pair of blue jeans
e)a knife, fork and spoon

12. The function of an electron transportchainis analogous to
a) a slinky toy going down a flight of stairs
b) playing ping-pong
c)a conoe going over a waterfall
d) a person climbing a flight of stairs one step at a time
e) a person leaping from the top to the bottom of a flight of stairs in one jump

13. The function of coenzyme A in the citric acid cycle is most like
a) throwing a baited hook into a lake a nd catching a fish
b) alimousine driver dropping off a couple at the school prom
c) a recycling company, collecting up paper and using it to manufacture new products
d) a kid jumping up and down on a trampoline
e) a hamster in it's exercise wheel, running quickly but not getting anywhere.

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Post by AstusAleator » Sat May 31, 2008 10:52 pm

What do you think the answers might be, or at least which do you think are not the answers?
Nobody's going to just give you the answers without you showing you've put effort and thought into it.
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Post by mith » Sat May 31, 2008 11:14 pm

If your teach wanted to kill you, they might have asked for answers that you dont find in a book.
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