Kidney Structure/Functions

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Kidney Structure/Functions

Post by Mikaylaxx » Sat May 17, 2008 5:21 am

Hi, I'm revising for my exams and I came across the report on the kidney dissection we did.
There are still some things i'm not clear on.
I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me.

1. Does your circulatory system supply blood to the cortex THEN medulla or the medulla THEN the cortex?

2. How does a kidney get a large enough surface area?

3. Why would it be a health risk if humans urinated freely and continuously? (I'm quite clear on the social issues).

4. Why is it not a good idea to delay urinating for too long? - Especially for females?

Thanks guys! (:

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Post by Darby » Sat May 17, 2008 8:36 pm

1. Think of the steps followed in waste processing and where they occur - the blood follows the steps.

2. Surface isn't as big an issue with moving fluid and fast processing.

3. If we're not discussing urine on the legs, I've got nothing.

4. There are valves along the way that should keep bladder bacteria from moving into the ureters, but that's the only gender-related factor I can think of.

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