Need info on Corynebacterium pseudodiptheriticum

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Need info on Corynebacterium pseudodiptheriticum

Post by lizbrothers » Wed Apr 16, 2008 6:41 pm

Hello! I am currently trying to identify an unknown bacteria and am having some trouble. We were given a list of 12 possibilities...and I have narrowed it down. I believe that Corynebacterium pseudodiptheriticum could be what I have, but I need to run some more tests. I cannot find enough information on the bacteria though, and I'm very frustrated! I have consulted the Bergey's Manual and several other Microbiology references, as well as many hours on different internet sites. If anyone has any information on what I need, or know of where I can find my answers, please help! I am very appreciative of any information you have...

The following is a list of the specific physiological tests that I need to know how the bacteria responds to:

2,3 Butanediol Fermentation (Voges-Proskaur Test)
Starch Hydrolysis
Fat Hydrolysis
Tryptophan Degradation
Phenylalanine Deamination
Carbohydrate Media

(I also need a lot of information on Branhamella catarrhalis, even though it is not one of my possibilities, because we have to fill out these physiological testing reference tables.)

Thank you for any help!


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