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Post by sci3student » Sun Jan 13, 2008 5:17 pm

i need some help with my Group 4 project.
the whole thing is a disaster.
im in a group of only 3 and we are alllll BIO kids.
we had one person for both physics and chemistry but he out of the blue decided to move.
my experiment was the effects of chlorine dioxide on collard plants
well the whole thing is a disaster because my chlorine dioxide tablets took 3 weeks to get here
and basically need to fake it.
i need the average growth of collard plants and i've looked everywhere online and can't find them.
any data on the growth of any kind of vegetable plant would suffice.
i need data, which i don't have.
if you can help me.
it would be GREATLY appreciated.
please please please ANY help is appreciated.

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Post by mith » Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:12 pm

1. This is really unethical, and you shouldn't post such stuff online where your teacher may find it.
2. You should have picked a different topic when you realized that your tablets travel time was cutting into your experimental time.

That said, I suggest you do the experiment but measure something short-term instead of long term. Find or buy some live plants and gas them. You can easily check for things like photosynthetic rate or even how much different tissues absorb/store chlorine if you're on good terms with the chem professor.

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