From dark eyes to light eyes?

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From dark eyes to light eyes?

Post by GlennK » Mon Dec 24, 2007 8:40 pm

Hey. I'm kind of not sure what to think of what's happened. I'm twenty-one now.

I was born with really dark hair, skin, and eyes. I looked like a Mexican baby.

As I grew older, my hair lightened up, and so did me eyes.
My hair went from almost black (if not completely black) to light brown. My eyes went from solid brown to having rings and dots of blue on the outside, that fades into mostly green in the middle, and with a little brown closest to the pupil. The colors fade differently with each eye, so it's kind of weird if you look closely.

I thought humans collected more pigment as they grew older. Why did I get lighter?

P.S. My mother's family greys very early. She started getting white hairs when she was 18, and had completely white hair by the time she was 30. So I think that might have something to do with it. She's half Irish, and half German with bright blue eyes.
My dad has mostly dark features with black hair and hazel eyes.

I would appreciate any insights you guys have as to why I became lighter instead of darker from birth. ^^

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Post by MrMistery » Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:12 pm

sound like a genetic anomaly in melanin production in your family. your changing of color in eye and hair color definitely indicates a drastic reduction in melanin synthesis. AND that is not normal. You might be heterozygous for a related genetic disease. See a specialized doctor. Though the chances are slim you must understand that a reduction in melanin synthesis leads to an increased sensitivity to light and all the problems that arise from there
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Post by Jones » Fri Jan 11, 2008 5:26 pm

It's politically correct to say 'hispanic'.
So you would have looked like a 'hispanic' baby.

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