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Post by alextemplet » Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:24 am

I don't think "higher" is a term that can be applied to biology. Complexity yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean "higher." For example, we humans (What proud creatures we are!) are among the most complex and intelligent species on the planet. All of our glorious technology and advanced social structure, with our governments, laws, and so-called morals, all of the cities and machines we've built, our ability to quickly cross continents, oceans, fly through the skies and even into outer space, certainly gives us reason to be pleased with ourselves, doesn't it? We might even dare to call ourselves civilized, so far are we above the lowly pond scum! And yet what do we do with this wondrous superiority? We destroy the environment and we kill each other. Do you call that civilized? Pond scum may not be able to solve calculus equations, but they certainly live a very peaceful existence compared to our senseless slaughter of everything around us. So if I had to choose which organism were the higher life form, I would pick the one that most lives in harmony with itself and its environment, and that's certainly not humanity.
Generally speaking, the more people talk about "being saved," the further away they actually are from true salvation.

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