stuttering when talking

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stuttering when talking

Post by biologysucks:( » Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:32 pm

i was just wondering, could there be a psychological reason behind someone who stutters? like a psychological disorder? and what kind of mental condition could affect one's speech?

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Post by Jones » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:04 pm

Hey, sure is handy eh?

Stuttering is not a physical disorder. There is nothing with stutterers' tongues or jaw or vocal folds.

Stuttering is not a psychological disorder. While stuttering can cause speech-related fears and anxieties in adults and older children, stutterers are, on average, psychologically normal. Anxiety, low confidence, nervousness, and stress do not cause stuttering.

Stuttering a developmental disorder. Children develeop capabilities in a certain order, e.g., most children crawl before thay walk. An unknown factor or combination of factors causes some children's speech to develop abnormally. As the child grows what appeared as a minor disfunction can develop into a major disability.

Theories proposed since the 1930s that stuttering was caused by parental behavior, such as parents reacting negatively to children's normal dysfluencies, have been disproven.

Stuttering has been correlated with certain genes; however, a genetic cause for stuttering has yet to be proven. Many studies have investigated stuttering in families, yet typically have yielded results that could be interpreted as either genetic or social environment ("nature" or "nurture").

Brain scans of adult stutterers show several neurological abnormalities, but it is unknown whether these neurological abnormalities are present before a child talks, and cause stuttering; or whether stuttering causes children's brain to develop abnormally.
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