The essence of masculinity

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The essence of masculinity

Post by allatomsearthwind » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:02 pm

I am here to speak on (masculinity/handsome) now I hope I'm not saying offencive things . OK the first thing I need to do is define masculinity/handsome in a simple way, it is the opposite of feminine. so for instance if were talking about the body, soft & small would fit on the female side , hard muscular and big would be the male side . and for facial features thin nose, thin lips, small jaw bone, small cheek bone, pretty eyes,lighter skin, female. and for male, large lips, large nose ,large jaw bone, large cheek bone, handsome eyes with large bone above eyes, dark skin, broad shoulders, male .

Now let me get on another subject about the essence of <masculinity/handsome> first we need to take a look at the ape lets use the gorilla, the gorilla is a deep deep form of masculine take a look at his features and take a look at ours the more similar a human looks to the gorilla the more his features are on the male side . the less similar a person look to a gorilla the more his features are on the female/feminine side. All humans evolved from apes. Now I know some of you guys are probable laughing and think I'm joking but I'm not, this is a serious subject. now some people might not understand because they compare both sides, that's one thing you can not do, the masculine side is the complete opposite of feminine side . the gorilla is the sole core of handsome some people might disagree with this because they say a gorilla is not handsome it is terrible looking. but terrible looking is on the masculine side of the chart. but see that's one thing your not getting, masculinity/handsome is not pretty . the complete core essence of masculinity/handsome can be described as harshness, hardness, roughness, dirty, darkness . to understand this you have to understand that I'm talking about the purest form, the essence, the core . for example a pretty pink flower is not the image of the masculine forces of the universe. another example, dogs come in all breeds, a dog could be a male but be on the feminine side . like for example, a poodle is clearly more of the feminine image than the pit bull.
and when talking about the human race and different races, the white race including male and female is at the end of the chart (the female side) the African race the other end(male side) every other race is in-between.
and I have been looking at genetics for a long time and genetics proves it. for example each physical feature on any living organism is coded by its genetic sequence. now some genes that code, are dominant, and some recessive. now scienctist dont tell you this but genes that are dominant are part of the dominant forces of the universe (the male entity of the universe)
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Post by woolleyy » Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:14 pm

some interesting points. How did you come up with the idea that the "white" race is closest to femininity? Could asian-looking people not be closer to femininity? Not intending to lower the tone any, but consider how many males can convincingly get away with dressing as women in Thailand?

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