Dead Plants


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Dead Plants

Post by Lizardo5 » Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:58 am

Hi. I am currently enrolled in an intro to Bio class. I have been given several essay questions and my professor said that it was fine to use outside sources for answers/help/ideas. From the following question, is the problem merely that plants reflect green light and absorb other colors? Thank you!

Greta the gardner has decided to build a greenhouse for some of her plants. Since plants are green, she uses shades that allow only green light to enter the greenhouse. Her plants are not doing well, so she decides to add fertilizer. The plants look like they need nutrition, so she uses a concentration 3X greater than in the fertilizer directions. Her plants wilt even though she waters them daily. Someone tells her that the air in the greenhouse may be bad and gives her a product that claims to "purify" the air by absorbing CO and CO2. Greta sprinkles it all over the greenhouse, then seals the windows and doors. In a few days she reenters the greenhouse and all of the plants are dead.

Use your knowledge of plant cells to explain to Greta what she has done wrong. Provide specific details so that she will understand the underlying biology and do better next time.

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Post by mith » Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:33 am

You should review your notes on photosynthesis, or read our tutorial
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