Movements in Plants


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Movements in Plants

Post by cracked_doc » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:41 pm

Hi ppl...I can't understand the difference b/w autonomic and paratonic movements of plants...mybe the book is a bit wrong...Its written here:

Autonomic movements :spontaneous movements due to internal causes, The Three Types are :
1 Tactic movements ;phototactic, chemo tactic
2 Turgor ; slep mvmnts
3 Growth mvmnts :epinasty , hyponysty etc

Paratonic movements : due to external stimuli. Types are :
1 Tropic movements
2 nastic movements
3 Haptonastic movements

The thing is what is the diff b/w phototactic/phototropism, OR the diff b/w action of Venus fly trap and action of mimosa plant in terms of internal stimulus in mimosa and external stimulus in venus fly trap??? both are externally stimulated by touch and the cause of their action is internal then why the categorization of autonomic and paratonic?

Thanks for any help.

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