HW Help.-Sorry for the Vagueness.

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HW Help.-Sorry for the Vagueness.

Post by Kabia » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:43 pm

First off, apologies for the vagueness of the topic title, I know not what to put. Apologies.

I know I just joined but I'm in dire need of some homework help as I don't what to search on google and it's difficult to find information in my textbooks.

Please help me even tho I just joined :P

Question 1

A Liver biopsy was taken from a teenage boy with apparent liver disease and different microscopic techniques for viewing the sample were employed. The biopsy had an unusually extensive SER[Smooth endoplasmic reticulum] and the patient admitted to a history of substance abuse. In addition an abnormally large amount of Glycogen granules were found and many intact glycogen granules were sealed within secondary lymosomes. Lab anaylsis revealed a lack of the enzyme that hydrolysises glycogen.

What is the relationship between these observations??

Question 2

A student complained of being constantly thirsty. during a lab exercise at school invovling urine anaylsis, he discovered that his Urea contained a significant amount of glucose. After a medical examination, he later leanred that he hyperglycemia and hyperkalimia and a high plasma osmoality. He was also told that his ECG showed some abnormalities.

How might the student's symptons and medical findings be interrelated?

My teacher also said that studying the cell,diabetes and it's symptons and transport of substances in and out of the cell might help. I've studied most[cept diabetes and it's symptons], and can't seem to put it together, it may seem simple as"The boy has diabetes." but I cannot just put that sentence with proper relationship of the above.

Please help me. Thanks in Advance.

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Post by mith » Mon Sep 17, 2007 12:20 am

so, why didn't you study diabetes and it's symptoms?
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