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Virtual Genetics

Post by brett86 » Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:48 am

Hi everybody, just having trouble figuring this virtual genetics stuff out. I have figured out the numbers and ratio's but i dont know how to work out what kind of inheritance it is for the mutation type(autosomal, sex-linked, dominant, recessive, lethal) The numbers are as below. Also is there an easy way to tell what kind of mutation it is, eg. by looking at the observed results. Thanks for you help.

Purple Eyed Female Vs Wild Type Male

Wild type = +

Purple Eye = PE

F1 Generation

Phenotype Number Ratio

Female +---- 5096 --- 1.015
Male +------ 5023--- 1

F2 Generation

Phenotype Number Ratio

Female +--- 3801----- 3.073
Male +----- 3698---- 2.989
Female PE----- 1237----- 1
Male PE----- 1262---- 1.02

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