sterilizing bottletop dispenser

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sterilizing bottletop dispenser

Post by drbanner » Mon Aug 27, 2007 4:07 am

Im using a bottle top dispenser for sterile solutions and was wondering if pumping some 91% rubbing alcohol would sterilize the pathway that fluid passess thru the bottle top dispenser. Im using a zippette unit by jenco.

I have a small all american 1915x stove top steam sterilizer but im worried about too much condensation afterwards. also if i put the bottle top dispenser in the sterilizer what do i wrap it in a towel?

Im sorry to trouble anyone here but if you could help let me know.

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Post by david23 » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:43 am

You seem very concerned about germs

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Post by canalon » Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:47 pm

91% EtOH is not a good sterilizing agent. 70% would be better. But since it is autoclavable, why not use your autoclave? Wrap it in paper or foil (many layers) and dry the package in an oven or an incubator before use.

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