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Re: Fiber Disease Thread

Post by tamtam » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:36 am

In response to your kind inquiry I can let you know, that all consistent scientific data has been profoundly "edited" by your colleague.

My flimsy impression is that communism could not have done a better job!

Next to this, it is clear and evident that the average moderator on this board, refuses to accept any type "science" in the form of a playful writhe.

More than one virtual way leads to Rome, I suppose.

My impression is that the very late introduction of the well known idea "discrimination" versus a new type and emerging "emancipation" seems to meet a rather deep seated and well generalized resistance of the established fraternity.

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blasphemy ! you brutal villain, hoax, undermining renegade, witch, fire, execution, mad, mad, mad!

So now where exactly is the darwinist inquisition gathered did you say?


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Post by canalon » Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:53 pm

No, my colleague edited a so called cure. Scientific data are observations, descriptions of experiments and conclusion. They are not obfuscation, verbiage and posing.

On the 26th of october 2005 you said (using the name tamtam for the first time after having posted under the guise of gaiapacha and forum):
That cellulose type fibers move on its own is because it are micro organisms that go dormant (pseudo apoptotic) In particular micro organisms that breath and become static because of low metabolism.
During formation they show nerve cell type behavior.

plus a lot of unsubstantiated crap and since then you have added quite a lot of the same BS and added quack remedies, with possible dangerous side effects. Other posters and moderators have asked clarifications, explanations, proofs (and sometimes simply meaningful sentences with something that remotely looks like english syntax). And you NEVER provided any. In more than 2 years! Yeah, I guess between that and "at once" there is little difference in the grand scheme of things. Sadly mods are human with a limited lifespan and even more limited patience.

I won't go any further this thread is blocked.

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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Post by mith » Sat Feb 16, 2008 5:53 pm

In response to tamtam, I just requested that you repost the blast search as a file attachment for easier viewing. It was unclear from the pseudo-plaintext formatting what point was being made.

And the second edit was because you simply copy and pasted dettol's usages which could have been concisely presented as the link you posted at the end. The post was bordering on being an advertising piece. I was also doubtful that dettol had any effects on the fiber disease since dettol has made no claims about this and I felt this would mislead readers. I decided it would be better if people visited the site itself and followed the usage directions there.

I think editors routinely change the texts of letters printed in newspapers for the sake of clarity and brevity, and I've yet to hear anyone call them "censors".
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