Pornstar Peter North (serious question).

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Pornstar Peter North (serious question).

Post by Saturn » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:31 am

Peter North is well-known throughout the adult film industry for his large on-screen ejaculations which can last up to nearly 45-60 seconds and entail large volumes.

Is there a particular reason that he can do this (from a biological standpoint)? Does it have something to do with his diet, physical condition, sexual arousal, or is he just a "freak" of nature who is just hardwired to be able to do it?

Have biologists (or chemists) arrived at a consensus on what factors contribute to increased sperm production in males, or is this still a controversial issue in biology?

The Peter North examples range into the 100's, and have been shown time and time again to not be a product of cinematic effects.

Upon searching this forum, I was (unsurprisingly) unable to find anything about this subject, so please enlighten a non-biology person as to what could be going on here!

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Post by kotoreru » Thu Aug 02, 2007 9:46 am

From what I've heard, porn stars almost reach climax several times during filming. By stopping just before 'the magic moment' they can control exactly when they actually do ejaculate, down to the second.

Perhaps by continually stopping etc. they can fully load up the epididimus? That could account for the amount of ejaculate you see.

Adult actors are known not to masturbate or have intercourse for as long as a month before shooting, to really build up their stores as it were.

There was some interesting medical research that showed guys produce more sperm when 'mating' in the presence of other guys.

The PC muscle in these people must be very strong from frequent ejaculation and also perhaps specific exercises. This accounts for the extreme distances the load seems to fly.

I imagine that, from the above, it would seem that anyone, given enough practice, could do what you see on the small screen ;)
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