the SECULAR World-View problem

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the SECULAR World-View problem

Post by charles brough » Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:00 pm

Our secular world-view is based on what we learn it in our school history, economics, geography, and other social science textbooks---and from our parents (who also picked it up from their parents (and the schools). Science is always included with our secular ideals of ”freedoms,” “democracy,” “ rights,” “humanism,” and “free-enterprise.” Our modern world-view is that combination sometimes referred to as “Secular Humanism.”

There is a problem, however. The data provided by social scientists, such as anthropologists, historians, archaeologists and others is and has for generations been poorly interpreted by social theorists, the ones who interpret the data. They have buckled to the intense public opinion pressure to reconcile science with the old faith, a task that cannot be done without compromising both.

That explains why scholars whose Institutions are financed by conservative donations—as nearly all are---are not going to conclude, and state, that (1) religion and science cannot be reconciled, (b) that religion serves an evolutionary function of bonding people into societies, and (c) that that religions are subject to natural cause and effect, even to being subject to natural selection. Most social scientists, including those who are atheists, do not want to be pictured as insulting people's faith. The contentious Age of Enlightenment ended centuries ago; the trend since then has been compromise, conformity and congeniality. The result is that even our secular world-view and way of thinking is compromised, that is, that it is corrupted. No other explanation is needed to explain why the world is not being well run.
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