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Re: HELP ME PLEASE ......!!

Post by sarahbeth » Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:14 am

That all seems really unfair. Im in microbiology also and I was lucky to find this site the other day when I was working on my lab report, and so far each time I look through the forums and somebody posts some work they need help with everyone says to look things up. Its not that easy to look everything up! This is the best site ive found and it doesnt even have everything, but the people on here do know a lot more, so maybe if you're able to help a student like myself with questions in an assignment or lab report then you should.
Its not that we're looking for an easy way out and someone to do our work for us, we're just learning all of this and i know i find it really hard! If i'm coming on here its so that hopefully I can find a better explanation or someone to help me, it's not so easy to answer my homework when I don't understand what chapter and everywhere i look its all the same explanation with words that i don't understand, and then looking up the words doesnt make it any easier.
so PLEASE, if you can help and just explain something than do so.
Sorry for the rant but im studying and looking at forums here hoping theres explanations and all i keep finding is people asking for explanations and all everyone says is to look it up.

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