Restriction enzymes

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Restriction enzymes

Post by snowboardkid » Wed May 25, 2005 4:12 pm

What is a restriction enzyme? How can it be used? Please explain the process used in recombinant DNA

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Re: Restriction enzymes

Post by zami'87. » Wed May 25, 2005 5:00 pm

snowboardkid wrote:What is a restriction enzyme? How can it be used? Please explain the process used in recombinant DNA

"short" explanation: restriction enzyme cut DNA on specific sequences restriction places.These places are most common palindrome same reading from 5' to 3' and from 3' to 5' end
example 5'-GAATTC-3' one strand and complementary 3'-CTTAAG-5'. Note the reading...
Now useful enzymes are those that left sticky ends(partially one stranded segment of DNA) that can glue with another sticky DNA segment cut by the same restr. enzyme. Now you cut donor DNA(gene for protein you need) and cut with same enzyme vector DNA- eg. plazmid in bacterium. You mix those DNA's and they will in some cases glue together. Then you insert that recombinant DNA (vector+gene you need) in bacterium-transformation, bacteria divide fast and soon you have a whole colony of bacteria with that gene. Now with that gene plazmids must have gene for resistance on specific antibiotic so you can recognize transformed bacteria cause they live-they are resistant on antibiotic you put in basis. Those bacteria will produce protein you need....
Can't find dictionary sorry on my bad English. Cheers :D
ps 5' end- end of DNA where is phosphate group and 3' end where is OH group of dezoxyribose

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