In Vitro Generation of Lymphocytes from ES cells

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In Vitro Generation of Lymphocytes from ES cells

Post by Doro » Tue May 08, 2007 2:51 pm

Hi folks!

I am trying to generate B cells from murine embryonic stem (ES) cells on OP9 stromal cells. The ES cells look fine and grow nicely, at day 5 of ES/OP9 coculture I see mesoderm-like colonies.
But after the passage of nonadherent cells onto fresh OP9 cells (which is necessary at day 5 according to the guidelines) the ES cells disappear (although I add FltL3 for B cell differentiation). By day 8, the OP9 cells look as if they have never seen another type of cell javascript:emoticon(':o')

Do you have an idea what happens? I am familiar with ES cell culture and I had never come across such difficulties before.

Thank you!

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