the number of homologous sets of chromosome in human...

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the number of homologous sets of chromosome in human...

Post by junbumkim » Wed Apr 25, 2007 1:42 pm

Just trying to get the definition clear, so tell me if I have this right..

So human has 22 pair of homologous sets of chromosomes, that are non-sex determining. And the last pair determines sex. In total, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

So this would be correct for man, but incorrect for women, wouldn't it?
Since XX defines female, women have 23 pair of homologous sets of chromosomes..

and ploidy is the number of chromosomes that are homologous to each other, right?
So human has two chromoseoms that are homologous to each other for every biological feature..

Am I correct?

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Post by Darby » Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:42 pm

When this is defined, your point about the genders, while true, isn't factored in.

Possibly because Barr bodies prevent expression of both X chromosomes in each cell, possibly just because it's easier to not split the definition too much.

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Post by Poison » Wed Apr 25, 2007 2:45 pm

I couldn't understand your question exactly but X and Y have common regions that make them act homologous if this is what you are trying to ask.
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