just an evolution question ^^

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just an evolution question ^^

Post by S213blue » Thu Mar 29, 2007 6:55 pm

Hi, any kind of help would be really appreciated ^^

Well here are 2 questions i have been struggling with.

1. Compeare and contrast the gradualism model to the punctuated equilibrium model of evolution. WHich one do you believe to be more likely? Provide examples to justify your opinion.

ok well for this one i know what the two models are, im just not sure what example to give.

2. Give five factors that act to upset gene pool equilibrium and discuss how each factor would affect a population over time in regards to genetic variation.

If those questions have been asked and answered before im really sorry ^^
But again any help is appreciated.

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Post by Locus » Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:08 pm

1. What does it mean "belive"?! It is a theory, and both of them can describe reality simultaneously - if between "evolution booms" at the punctured equlibrium weak evolution ocurre, and at the gradualism speade of evolution is not equal only both of this theories describe real world. (I think that there is mor gradualism, but epochs with incriased activity of evolution also play a significant rule)
exampls for gradualism - human evolution, and for puntured equlibrium - may be cembrian exposion, but I thinsk that this is "arthefact" of archeology - fossils have not conserve at the prievios epoch.
2. each factor that change environment can do this - climatic chang, or dramatically decriasing population size - that cause bottleneck...
Evolution will arrange everything

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