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Post by sueme » Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:08 am

lemme know if u know the answers to any of these questions...or where i can find the answers to them...im having a lot of trouble finding information...
i know some but i want to confirm

- Discuss why there could be a discrepancy between message and protein levels
o Points of discussion
 1 message  produces how many molecules of protein
 Do different messages have different rates of degradation? Why? How does this effect protein levels?
 Are there differences in protein use? How quickly is the protein used or turned over? How would this effect the ability to detect protein levels?
 What are the factors effecting transport and processing of message that may alter the functional protein level produced.
- Correlate your findings with the in vivo model for the course of infection for influenzae
- What cytokines are produced when and how do these cytokines mediate the immune response? Focus on IL-2

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Post by LilKim » Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:26 pm

lots of questions... and I don't have time to answer ALL of them.

So help me help you ... tell me what you already have for answers.... and I"ll try to help you with the things "left over"

- kim

p.s. some of your text in you message is displaying as a small "box", I'm not sure if it's my computer... but I think I can still help answer most of your questions.

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