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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by RANDY » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:39 am

Since you won't click on a link..I have no choice.

A nanofibrillar cell culture surface that provides a biomimetic environment for more consistent, reproducible, and in vivo-like cell culture, leading to more biologically accurate results.

Nanofiber Inserts
These inserts provide a synthetic nanofibrillar electrospun cell culture surface that mimics the architecture of the basement membrane (BM), a specialized form of the extracellular matrix (ECM) within in vivo systems. This surface provides physiologically important nanotopography for cell attachment, growth, maintenance, and cell-to-cell interactions that more accurately reflect the in vivo environment.

Nanofiber Inserts, Polyamine Surface
These inserts provide a synthetic nanofibrillar electrospun cell culture surface that has been modified with a polyamine surface treatment. This modified surface provides nanotopography with enhanced surface biochemistry for cell attachment, growth, maintenance, and cell-to-cell interactions that more accurately reflect the in vivo environment. It may be used to covalently attach specific biomolecules for desired cellular functions.

Product has been irradiated with electron beam processing. Inspect package integrity before use.

Product remains stable if stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. An accelerated stability test was performed with the accelerated challenge providing equivalency to 384 days at room temperature.

Quality Control
Each lot of Ultra-Web Synthetic ECM is monitored for uniformity of fiber size distribution and tested in an attachment assay using the PC12 cell line.

Cells Cultured on Ultra-Web Synthetic ECM
Please see Peer-Reviewed Publications for details on the following cells that were cultured on Ultra-Web Synthetic ECM:

NRK (normal rat kidney)
NIH 3T3 (mouse fibroblast)
T-47D (human breast epithelial)
MCF7 (human breast adenocarcinoma)
Mouse embryonic stem cell
Primary rat cerebellar granule neuron
Primary rat cerebral cortical neuron
Primary rat hippocampal neuron
Primary rat ventral spinal cord neuron
Primary rat dorsal root ganglion neuron
Primary rat astrocyte
PC-12 (rat adrenal pheochromcytoma cell line) (Data not published)

Usage Guidelines
1. Though inserts have been irradiated by electron beam processing and are ready to use, insert may be further sterilized by exposing each side to UV irradiation, if necessary. The standard UV light provided in a biological safety hood is sufficient. (Use of methanol, ethanol, or ethylene oxide is NOT advised.)

2. Place insert into well with the dull/frosted side up. The dull/frosted side contains the nanofibers.

3. If using a hydrogel, poly-l-lysine, lipids, or extra cellular matrix proteins such as laminin, fibronectin, or collagen, incubate the insert with these items prior to seeding.

4. Seed wells by placing “bubble” of cells directly onto disc surface. Use
~100 ml per disc for 24-well plate,
~ 200 ml per disc for 12-well plate, and
~ 400 ml per disc for 6-well plate.

5. After cells are allowed to adhere at standard culture conditions (~30 minutes), add remainder of media to wells, dispensing down the side of each well.

6. Proceed with planned protocol.

Technical Papers List

User’s Guide
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by RANDY » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:41 am

Organic crystalline nanofibers are a new class of nanoscaled objects for next-generation photonics and optoelectronics

(Polarized fluorescence video of a light-emitting p6P microring; 5 micron diameter.)

Our Mission is to develop protocols for growth and transfer of morphologically and optically controlled organic nanofibers and to produce demonstrators for the implementation of nanofibers into radically new nano-photonic devices.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by RANDY » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:42 am

Air & Water Purification: Battling Bugs

Within the transparent chamber of the Vortex Water Machine, water swirls and ozone bubbles as both are flooded with UV light.

by Mary Lowe
June 1, 2006

New technologies provide safer water.

The market for point-of-use water purification products is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, as consumers want to take more control over the quality of the water they use. They don’t just don’t water to taste good, they want to be sure it is safe, as in free of contaminants and harmful microorganisms. In some cases, the reason may be a distrust of their municipal water treatment or fear of bio-terrorism. Or perhaps they just want to cut back on the amount of money they spend on bottled water. In any case, there are a number of new technologies emerging that allow consumers to take charge of their water supply.

One such device is the Vortex Water Machine, which launches an all-out, multi-step assault on water.
Ozone. At the beginning of the process, the machine uses UV light to create ozone, a well-established, powerful oxidant that attacks microorganisms and organic compounds. The ozone is siphoned and mixed with the incoming water.
UV light. The water is then subjected to high intensity UV light, which also has an established capacity to destroy microorganisms.
Photo-oxidation. The combination of the UV light and ozone initiates another process called photo-oxidation, in which the UV light causes a rapid conversion of the ozone (O3) back into oxygen (O2), leaving a high concentration of free radicals that further attack microorganisms and organic compounds with an effectiveness many times greater than either the ozone or the UV light by themselves.
Filtration. The water then passes through a 2-micron activated carbon filter with lead adsorption media that removes particulates, lead, parasitic cysts, chlorine and other contaminants.
More UV. After leaving the filter, the water is given a parting shot of high-intensity UV light.

Fig. 1. Effectiveness of Vortex Water Machine.

Vortex says that this last step is critical because of studies that have revealed the colonization of bacteria on and around granular carbon filters. Vortex says that one study found such filters discharging water with more bacteria than the unfiltered water entering it.

The company says its system prevents this problem by zapping the water with UV light both before it enters the filter and after it leaves the filter. Effectiveness of the unit’s purification process can be seen in figure 1.

As the photo on the previous page illustrates, a lot of industrial design went into the unit, as well as technology. The transparent, glowing chamber with swirling water makes some of the process visible, in effect, putting on a show for the consumer, and enhancing the products visual appeal.

The unit is easily installed on a countertop, on the wall, or under the counter. It produces clean water from almost any source for less than 7 cents a gallon for up to 1/2 gal. per minute of flow.

The UV light has a lifetime of 10,000 on/off cycles or about three years of normal household use, while filter life is 500 gal., or six months of normal household use. The unit weighs in at just 5 lbs.

A portable solar-powered or battery-powered Vortex Voyager system is available for emergency situations. It can quickly produce clean drinking water from many sources including muddy streams, stagnant ponds, lakes, mud holes, livestock water holes and holding tanks.

Formidable filter

While high-tech approaches to water purification may be a good fit for affluent households looking to cut back on the fancy bottled water, more cost-effective methods may need to be employed in order to achieve wider penetration of point-of-use devices. This will be especially true in the larger, global market. There are many areas of the world where the need for clean water is great, where the water quality is low, but incomes are also low.

Simple filtration with carbon filters has always been the simplest and most cost-effective approach for treating water at point of use, but these traditional methods exhibited a shortcoming in their inability to intercept microorganisms. A few years ago, KX Industries, Orange, Conn., attacked that problem head on by unveiling a breakthrough carbon block filter that provided comprehensive microbiological reduction.

The company then took the technology a step further by developing an inexpensive, chemically coated paper filter flat-sheet medium possessing similar microbiological reduction capabilities, permitting the design of extremely effective point-of-use purification devices that don’t require ozone, UV light or chemical disinfectants. Importantly, this new filter media has almost no resistance to water flow, so that even with only gravity as a force, the filter functions effectively. This feature allows the design of purification devices that won’t require water pressure to function, further expanding design possibilities for the market.

The filter removes chemical contaminants such as chlorine, taste and odors, and can be arranged to remove specific ion contaminants, such as mercury and lead. The filter additionally removes fine particulate matter, including microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and cysts with a >99.99-percent interception rate of virus and >99.9999 percent reduction rate of bacteria, in line with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency criterion.

Fig. 2. Structure of KX carbon block/nanofiber filter. A multi-layer microbiological interception device might consist of: 1) a prefilter for enhanced dirt-holding capacity, 2) a layer of chemically-treated pulverized activated carbon to provide NOM adsorption and that gels at high NOM concentrations to shut off flow and 3) a final nanofiber barrier treated with the cationic silver halide complex.

The fiber is a composite consisting of a low-cost nanofiber and particulate ingredients, such as an activated carbon and zeolites. The activated carbon intercepts the chemical contaminants, while the nanofibers help to intercept even very fine particulates.

The nanofiber alone, however, does not provide for the ability to intercept virus particles (sometimes as small as 25 nm.), so the nanofiber is chemically treated with a high molecular weight polymer that works almost like a “molecular pico-fiber.”

The particles are pulled down to the surface of the nanofibers by the polymer, which extends into the surrounding fluid. The chemistry of the surface treatment additionally includes silver, which over a period of hours, kills the microbiological contaminants that accumulate within the filter medium.

Fig. 3. Enhanced microbiological interception of KX filter. A high molecular weight positively charged polymer extends from the nanofiber surface, and is then complexed with a silver halide colloid to form a final structure (on right) with enhanced interception of microbiological agents, which resists biofilm formation.

Many state governments not only require that water purification products demonstrate microbiological interception efficacy in any quality of water against any organism, but also mandate that the product be intrinsically safe. To meet this intrinsic safety requirement, KX Industries added one additional, but critical, feature to its product.

The chemistry of the surface treatment monitors the amount and quality of water that is sent through the filter, and it shuts down the flow of water after the filter’s useful life is completed. This chemical shut down of the filter ensures that the filter either passes microbiologically safe water ­ or no water at all. This feature must be demonstrated during the product’s testing and registration for sale, and ensures the consumer’s security, according to KX Industries.

Sidebar: Protecting Parts

Ions are released from the surface of the material into moisture layer.

It seems counter-intuitive, but water purification devices themselves can occasionally be sources of water contamination. Filters can be breeding grounds for microbes because of their complex and hard-to-clean structures, which are continually wetted. Tubing, orifices and valves can develop bio-films.

One way makers of such components can prevent that problem is by using antimicrobial compounds that are either embedded in the component materials or as a coating over the materials. An example is a silver-based technology from AgION, Wakefield, Mass., that has been shown to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection in a variety of commercial, consumer, and medical applications.

The compound, which is comprised of naturally occurring silver ions and a ceramic material called zeolite, has been proven effective against a broad range of microorganisms including bacteria and mold.

Cleaning components with a disinfectant provides a quick, “instant kill” approach that is briefly effective. But in a wet environment, microbes can quickly reestablish themselves. By contrast, components that are fabricated with or coated with an antimicrobial compound deliver enduring protection.

Zeolite ion exchange mechanism allows controlled release of silver ions.

The AgION compound provides continuous protection against microbes by releasing silver ions at a slow and steady rate. This continuous protection prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold and other microbes on filters, decreasing the frequency at which filters require maintenance, or must be cleaned or replaced.

A multifaceted crystal carrier combats microbes in three ways — interrupting cell metabolism, inhibiting membrane transport processes and preventing cell multiplication.

In its ion exchange process, zeolite crystals containing silver ions are randomly oriented and distributed through the surface of a polymer or coating. In conditions that support bacterial growth, the sodium ions, in ambient moisture, exchange with silver ions at reversible bonding sites on the zeolite.

The most significant difference between silver antimicrobials and chemical antimicrobials is the method of attack. Chemical and man-made antimicrobials generally interact with one specific site on a microbe. Silver-based antimicrobials interact with several sites on a microbe, using multiple methods of attack, essentially suffocating the organism.

Comparison of microorganism growth of untreated stainless steel and stainless steel with AgION.

This difference is significant as it relates to the issue of antibiotic resistance, which occurs when microbes find ways to counteract antibiotic attack. If a microbe develops resistance to an antimicrobial that uses a mechanism of attack that is similar to the method used by an antibiotic, resistance to that antimicrobial is likely.

Chemical antimicrobials are often ineffective against common groups of bacteria, while inorganic antimicrobials, such as silver, can kill a wide variety of microbes. Since silver antimicrobials use very different mechanisms than those used by antibiotics, it is unlikely that any resistance to these antimicrobials will translate to resistance to chemical antimicrobials, according to AgION.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:47 am

Please forgive the way this was written- in a hurry and my thought processes scattered.....I am in fear and do not know what else to do.....this is the best i know is not directed at the posters here but mainly to the people that have physically infiltrated my life....the ones in my immediate environment. I'm just trying to survive.,...someone messed with me, it is not the other way around and do not ever forget that....

Attention all you Alien Hunters.....this goes to all........From the NSF, technocults, Raelians, and the other ones that are breaking the law......Especially my new found one.....
The National Institute of Discovery Science Also to: The JoHN E. Mack Institute AND TO THE Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin AND Harvard to The SETI institute.Yes, you know who you are that lead the pack on Flickr......

I swear to God, I hope this is not Project MKULTRA, god I hope and pray not.

..YOU(referring to the last FEW Co. named here) are...private. You are breaking the law and you know it.My hopes are for you all to get the equipment off of my property and off my body...(This goes to the remote transistors and recievers as well)..if anything happens to me you all will be held responsible.....that goes right down the line to OSU and Nasa too. Also I have the names of the key players that write and speak on forums and shows and the ones that own forums, to Saber and Darrel Sims and the plethora of Dr.s that go with it,, I'm not attempting to single any one organization out in particular either.

Are we playing star wars or stardreams, huh?

Oh hell yeah I got your names, the board members names too and you betcha I'm Scared, and guess what? I'm not going to live like this any longer....not another god damn day... Let me tell you what.....I have a much more extensive list and I have turned it into my attorney, my two doctors, Many other people in my circle......this goes down to the Property manager at my complex, the board President, The fellow here that says he is in training to be a property manager and has the electronic equipment set up in his home to monitor me, to the new art teacher that moved into here, to the names of: The two neighbors that live in front of me, to the one guy that lives directly behind me....and lastly, to the ones across the street that flash their strobes and lasers at my home to the people that live adjacent to me that bbq outside everytime my windows are open (i mean c'mon, dead-arse givaway to BBq when the wind chill was 7 degrees two nights ago)

oh yeah, and the other ones that are here to play virutal reality games everyday when I was still on the internet YES, i DO HAVE YOUR LICSENSE PLATES.........>>>>>(that was just a quick run-down) but this is my final post to you all attention regarding this matter.......

You will not get away with your wicked ways.....there will be no abduction of me.....oh hell no there wont be unless you want to be held responsible......Again, this is my life and I will end it before you do....

I'm not going to report anyone or any company, I just want out of being in your study or in your words "search /quest for a candidate" You all plan on the symbolic, gravity synthesizing enactment of space to further your own psychotic wishes that money will be raised if you prove you agree on the paradigm regarding SETI, nanotechnology, biotech.blah, blah societies and institutions,,,,.....

I know where the gas and particles are coming from and this is inside my that??/ My home>this goes right down to mr elmore and his design co that rigged up the place last summer when you did the interior of my home.....I know where the dirt particles and gas ARE COMING FROM.....NOW, ALL I WANT IS FOR THEM TO BE REMOVED AND FOR THIS TO BE SHOWN TO ME....




tHANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION....SORRY IN ADVANCE IF i SOUND RUDE, OR OFFENDED ANYONE BY NAME.. I do not no what else to do and am only trying to survive, I know you can blow my house up and probably will do so or even elecrtrocute me to death if you wish; but I'm not going to participate in your hunted game, you got it?...(i DON'T RECALL GETTING AN APOLOGY FROM YOU, ...) AND LAST THING....NO THIS LIST DID NOT HAVE ALL THE COMPANIES DOWN, NOR ALL THE PEOPLE...THIS WAS JUST WRITTEN OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.....

Just a quick added note.....I know the vibration of my building is the lasors....Please, just let me go. Maybe this is stupid to post but I am a female and I am scared for my life. Now, I do know (just found what is the proper medicine for us too. I will not post this as a means of good faith. But when and if something happens to me , my doctor will, I just gave him the written copy of this medication and the articles that go with it 2 days there, that is all. I will keep my word and await you to do the same....ONCE MORE.......THE ORGANIZATIONS I HAVE LISTED AT THE TOP OF THIS POST HAVE DONE NOTHING TO ME THAT i CAN PROVE; THEY ARE THE ONES THAT i HIGHLY SUSPECT. WELL, LETS SEE IF MY CAR BREAKS DOWN SOON SHALL WE.....? WHEN THAT HAPPENS, I WILL COME OUT WITH THE LIST OF NAMES,.....WRITE DOWN TO HUGH R DELUSIONAL'S.....I AM NOT BEING SILLY , NOR PLAYING GAMES....YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND THE CONSTITUTION.


National Institute of Discovery Science - Wikipedia, the free ...

The National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDSci) is a small, private, controversial, and somewhat clandestine scientific research group based in Las ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by RANDY » Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:52 am

London..take your damn meds!
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Marcos » Thu Jan 18, 2007 4:45 am

Randy, why aren't you taking YOUR meds?

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Post by al » Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:30 am

Well, folks, I kind of reckon mkultra is the project behind our malaise.

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Post by al » Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:34 am

But no, they are clean as a whistle......just take a look at the fields of interest, more pigeon fancier types, unless I'm mistaken. ... ltra.shtml

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by London » Thu Jan 18, 2007 7:25 am

Dearest Randy,

I see three options here.....

1. I could say something ugly to you

2. Hopefully get South to put a "Muzzle" on you

3. Post the the cure meds......

You PIck, which would you prefer????????? B/c the next ugly post to me then you will not get to choose. How that degree by the way? Nursing was nt it???

Now drugs, me? Why I'm fresh out....but I think that is the best thing for me at this point in the game. why? So I can stay the phuck awake and not dream.....Yeah, it exacerbates the polymer and M5 Fibers in us, but so what? It;s better than the wacky ass dreams.......

Frank, you were a gentlemen in my few post w/ you and I appreciate that but this was all staged.....your entrance and exit.....just scare tactics by some here,.....I have said for the longest I have always had clairvoyance.

Funny, just like the watch bloggers post hate post about lymebusters, etc., it's all fun and games to throw this disease off.....just like with Mary grom Morg. Lying research fndtn......and if I'm not right, then how come the bloggers still can access Lymebusters, etc?????

blah, blah, Anyway, the scare tactics will not work on me as regard to this whole Frank thing.......

Deena, Yes, I guess I don;t get it.....and just for the record to all, the God I love and pray to is the same as Maggie's......

Hang in there Maggie,,,,,Hang it girlfriend.....stay off your computer if you see this Maggie, stay off......I am most worrie about you.....

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Post by Cyn-Cyano » Thu Jan 18, 2007 11:09 am

It is rather simple and totally makes sense without stretching anything at all not even your mind.

This is how Randy has arrived at Nanotechnology. No stretch at all, obviously, "not even her mind."
PS: Randy some people here have long ago arrived at nanofibers et al, Dr. Straniger even confirmed it. I believe for our "wee stretch of minds" we were called, "drunks, drug users & abusers, meth. users, crazy, crazy, crazy..."

I am glad you see the nano-light!!! Now, could you please stop with the litany of abusive remarks when someone proffers something you can not comprehend?

But no, they are clean as a whistle......just take a look at the fields of interest, more pigeon fancier types, unless I'm mistaken. ... ltra.shtml

Hahahaha. Pigeon fanciers, that's right, that meet for iced-tea and bible study once a fortnight.

This has mkultra all over it, al. Thanks for the link

A side note to JJill regarding CFS,
I am making that connection. I have CFS for 10 years along with some other health problems that may or may nor be related ( ie: thyroid troubles seem to be related, scoleosis doesn't)...
I see the similarities with CFS, the fiber disease, Gulf War Syndrome, Lupus. They are all stealth pathogens. I didn't know CFS was so close to Bb or Lyme disease but the symptoms are similar!

Be Well All,

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Post by Sabrina » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:30 pm

Sabrina wrote:December 29, 2006

'Frankenstein farming' fears

Carol Tucker Foreman, of the Consumer Federation of America, said the FDA was ignoring research showing cloning results in more animal deaths and deformities than other reproductive technologies.

Years ago, I was a consultant for an Amiga software company that was driven out of business when a virus that was too new to be detected by their anti-virus system got into their company and onto the master disk for a new game. The master disk went to duplication and every single copy of the game had the virus on it. The company was driven out of business. Thanks hackers. Thanks a whole bunch.

Now, let us suppose that the cow providing the master DNA for a cloning operation carries a disease that can be transferred to humans, similar to Mad Cow, but so new that none of the standard tests detects it. That cow gets duplicated a few million times, and every copy carries this new disease. Because of the cloning, this new disease appears suddenly all over the nation, not just one or two isolated spots as would be the case with a natural disease process.

Or, since nobody will spend the money to clone a normal cow, we can assume that the animal being cloned has already been tinkered with genetically to produce some desired trait, yet carries ancillary genetic damage undetected by the current tests.Cloning allows that genetic error to gain wide penetration into the human population before it presents itself.

Anyone recall the Thalidomide catastrophe? :shock: - M. R.

The FDA wants to hear from you about Animal Cloning :D ... AGENCY=FDA

Any comments about this?


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Post by Sabrina » Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:34 pm

Sabrina wrote:
Sabrina wrote:
Sabrina wrote:
Frank N Stein quiet you swear you can hear the enemy’s heartbeat, or is that your own? ...........You know he’s there. You can feel him. ...............You have forgotten the mosquitoes, the heat, the hunger, and the blood of your brothers, but he is always present. ...................You sometimes find yourself draining the blood from your fingers as you squeeze the pistol grip too hard for too long...................... You peer into the taunting movements of the darkness. Why does it move so? Darkness never moved before you entered this hell. Why does it move now? ...................Are the flanks and the rear covered? So quiet…………if you sleep you will dream…….sleep with your mosquito net in mouth to muffle the scream that ends every dream……he is there……you feel him. You always feel him. You always will feel him……..You become him.

Ah, Frunk... such a post!


Randy, the threat that you recieved, was it like this one?

I do not click on anybodys links anymore. Now answer my question.

Randy, where is the consern for the sufferers? I thought you were here to lend support? :? :?

Guess you're busted too.

Why do you refuse to answer this question?