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Post by London » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:29 pm

brought to you by none other.....nsf......

Researchers Demonstrate Direct Brain Control Of Humanoid Robot

Science Daily — A classic science-fiction scene shows a person wearing a metal skullcap with electrodes sticking out to detect the person's thoughts. Another sci-fi movie standard depicts robots doing humans' bidding. Now the two are combined, and in real life: University of Washington researchers can control the movement of a humanoid robot with signals from a human brain.
Rajesh Rao, associate professor of computer science and engineering, and his students have demonstrated that an individual can "order" a robot to move to specific locations and pick up specific objects merely by generating the proper brain waves that reflect the individual's instructions. The results were presented last week at the Current Trends in Brain-Computer Interfacing meeting in Whistler, B.C.
"This is really a proof-of-concept demonstration," Rao says. "It suggests that one day we might be able to use semi-autonomous robots for such jobs as helping disabled people or performing routine tasks in a person's home."
The controlling individual -- in this case a graduate student in Rao's lab -- wears a cap dotted with 32 electrodes. The electrodes pick up brain signals from the scalp based on a technique called electroencephalography. The person watches the robot's movements on a computer screen via two cameras, one mounted on the robot and another above it.
Right now, the "thought commands" are limited to a few basic instructions. A person can instruct the robot to move forward, choose one of two available objects, pick it up, and bring it to one of two locations. Preliminary results show 94 percent accuracy in choosing the correct object.
Objects available to be picked up are seen by the robot's camera and conveyed to the user's computer screen. Each object lights up randomly. When the person looks at the object that he or she wants to pick up and sees it suddenly brighten, the brain registers surprise. The computer detects this characteristic surprised pattern of brain activity and conveys the choice back to the robot, which then proceeds to pick up the selected object. A similar procedure is used to determine the user's choice of a destination once the object has been picked up.
"One of the important things about this demonstration is that we're using a 'noisy' brain signal to control the robot," Rao says. "The technique for picking up brain signals is non-invasive, but that means we can only obtain brain signals indirectly from sensors on the surface of the head, and not where they are generated deep in the brain. As a result, the user can only generate high-level commands such as indicating which object to pick up or which location to go to, and the robot needs to be autonomous enough to be able to execute such commands."
Rao's team has plans to extend the research to use more complex objects and equip the robot with skills such as avoiding obstacles in a room. This will require more complicated commands from the "master's" brain and more autonomy on the part of the robot.
"We want to get to the point of using actual objects that people might want the robot to gather, as well as having the robot move through multiple rooms," Rao says.
One goal of future research is to make the robot's behavior more adaptive to the environment, which means the robot's programming must enable some kind of learning to occur. Rao's team is well positioned for such research because it is one of the few groups in the world simultaneously investigating ways of controlling robots with brain waves and exploring advanced ways for robots to learn from experience.
Early in the experiments, Rao considered the question of whether the robot should be equipped with wheels rather than legs, which in some settings might make movement easier and more stable.
"We thought about this, but decided that our goal was to design applications for a human-centered environment in the home or work place," he says. "So, to move and perform in those environments, the robot would have to be humanoid -- to walk up stairs, for example, and to grasp objects designed for human use."
For the demonstration, the robot was in a different room but in the same building as its human "master." However, physical proximity is not a requirement for this brain-computer system to work: the individual and the robot can be anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet connectivity between their two locations.
Robots that act as human "agents" are a staple of science fiction literature and futuristic television shows like "The Jetsons," in which the family had a robotic maid. Rao calls what his team has done "a primitive first step" down this road.
Rao's work has been financed by grants from the Packard Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation. Students working on the project include Pradeep Shenoy, Christian Bell, Ravi Kiran and Rawichote Chalodhorn. ... 122519.htm

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:51 pm

One more thing...I do not believe it was a
"stray target" reason being, Dr. Stanigar's findings show Nanotech accompanying the chimera...we are being researched, and/or experimented on. JMO.

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Post by London » Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:28 pm

yeah, Maggie, they call that panopticism or nanopanopticism.....but that is nothing compared to the radiation burns they are doing.....via computer diodes, semiconductors, toxic gases coming out of HVAC system, the noise that you hear (actually don't hear-white noise) well, that's them using "Infrasound" on you so that you go deaf....(probably in hopes of buying a coclear implant >which health insurance does not cover!) Nice, eh?

Hey, I have not read this but thought you might be interested in the laws/statutes titled: " Declaration of Helsinki"

Dear Disinfo,

Just saw your post, no problem and sorry again! Now, have a merry christmas?! :)

okay, maybe some of you may find a loophole for them to legally use us for research/experimentation....let me know if you do please...very tired today and could have easitly passed it up.
Meanwhile, this is some things I did see from the World leaders in Health:

20 The subjects must be volunteers and informed participants in the research project.

22 In any research on human beings, each potential subject must be adequately informed of the aims, methods, sources of funding, any possible conflicts of interest, institutional affiliations of the researcher, the anticipated benefits and potential risks of the study and the discomfort it may entail. The subject should be informed of the right to abstain from participation in the study or to withdraw consent to participate at any time without reprisal. After ensuring that the subject has understood the information, the physician should then obtain the subject's freely-given informed consent, preferably in writing. If the consent cannot be obtained in writing, the non-written consent must be formally documented and witnessed.

27 Both authors and publishers have ethical obligations. In publication of the results of research, the investigators are obliged to preserve the accuracy of the results. Negative as well as positive results should be published or otherwise publicly available. Sources of funding, institutional affiliations and any possible conflicts of interest should be declared in the publication. Reports of experimentation not in accordance with the principles laid down in this Declaration should not be accepted for publication

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Post by standby » Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:29 pm


Could you be so kind as to inform us of the date the post you copied from LB was actually posted. I remember it but don't think it was posted as recent as last week.


Accurate timelines are of utmost importance when addressing issues such as ours. I do belive the post shared here by Barz was posted on LB long before your discussion "last month" with Rutz.

Don't get me wrong here. I am no advocate for the CDC seemingly dragging thier feet. I just think people should take care and get all their facts and timelines strait before making flaming accusations.

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:57 pm

oh Mr. Southcity......

1. wishing you happy holidays.....

2. wanting your insight/opinion if you will......I remember your catchy phrase re: Morg disease that went something like "Coming soon to a theatre near you" Loved it! This is what I want to know....unless I've just missed the boat of info here.....but we don't know for sure or Not if it is contagious right? I for sure dunno, but regardless if it is or is not

I do think it is spreading but I don't know for sure....I mean, it could be growing in the environment rapidly or mass producing inside a computer and passed that way.....who knows for sure.....but I'm thinking you were right on when you said comiing soon to a theatre near you.....because I just get this gut feeling that this thing has spread whether it be via humans or horses- and I think it will continue...but hey, I'm just guessing and wondered if you'd give us your thoughts.....

Or anyone answer for all it matters......and Does anyone know how many households presently claim they are infected.....4000, 8,000, 20,000???

I just have not heard in the longest of time and was wondering.....

Thanks !

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Post by Barz » Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:12 pm


I have no idea when it was posted. It was sent to me and I deleted it. I am assuming it is not too old.

Regardless of the date it was posted at LB, Mr. Rutz has denied seeing the video. Has told us to go to the doctor and not mention morgellons or fiber disease and said something to the affect of " so whats a few fibers"?

1. I will not be part of the game where they push us off and dx us with the flavor of the month to support big pharma.

2. He has consistantly lied over and over again .

3. He states that no one has died from morgellons. Well, how could anyone die from a disease that is not recongnized by the medical inst. or CDC. Three people in my family are DEAD and one is near death. These deaths are not from natural causes. They skip around the issues, they deny anything that we see as abnormal, and if the issue is pressed, you get the DOP.

4. As for whats a few fibers, Dan, I am coughing them up, my baby girl is coughing them up. She can hardly sleep at night for coughing so hard.
They come out of every pore and crevice in our bodies. So as for what are a few fibers? [email protected] off!!!!

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:48 pm

according to tamms last reference about the actul partition in science.
the whole complex system encountered could be semiotically described as a switch one that activates the Kaluza Klein function akin to a basic 2D TO 3D perspective......
the scalar inverse..
a hyper dense superconductive photoelectric inelligent plasma....
so .... if this is what it is to "shell out"
are we the macrobes?........makes he space based lasers are just synaptic nodes placed about like a lymph system in organic this planetary entity just metallorganic astrobiology or do we wait in the 5TH dem. as time is awakenedto the 4th im thinking those who become awake to a high order learn to not hinder thelife giving stream of photons had plasma that make up the extra cellular matrix of the astobiological entity.......

but this kraap would pardon the industry by proving the voice in you head is the earth.....

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Post by msc » Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:19 am

from msc

to karvita, ethanol alters the mitochondria, alters it to what? this producst uses ethylene like it is going out of style, you mix that with a person who drinks alcolhol and uses alcolhol in others products what is that doing to them? the egdma causes chromosone abberations, beneze causes leukemia non hodgkins and lymphoma, accutane caues blindness blurred vision and effects night vision tremendously, causes suicide tendency
degussa's tio.sub.2 iron oxides he uses green rust and all of the ingreients are toxic and it is used in this product in creating crystal structures and clay pillars, they used as a referral in this patents a tissue carton box, that they are layered and as one pulls out the next one comes up, proof of multi film layering and robotic structures isn't, they used this at nano scale with metals and guess what if you put a magnet next to the beaker in the photo, the metal particles attached to them.
i stated that to my physicians three years ago, and they allowed me to suffer for how, long with these toxinx, isn't tio.sub.2 radioactive? epa doesn't have nice things to say about it, it is used in deodarants etc. they have been using nano tech on all of us for years, these retinoids and chemicals are in our mascara, powers, lipsticks, foundations, etc. they knew this and allowed us to suffer. they will be having a great Christmas spending all the money they made off of us as consumers and as patients caused by the products we purchased from them. they are laughing at us while we suffer. they have no morals no ethics no desire to see that we get better, is the cdc investigating, is osha, is fda, is green peace, is concerned nano technology, is concerned responsible scientists and concerned responsible physicians--no no no!!! we are one big joke to them, not one of them care or concerned. stop buying their products,
stop going to the doctors, stops taking medicines, as we found out that any fungus medicne given while taken accutane, tretinoin or whatever they want to call it this week will make you worse, look up the patents
have a merry Christmas, i truly hope you all do and that those responsible pay for what they did, it would be nice to see those responsible in jail for Christman but i guess that won't happen.


Post by ukguy » Fri Dec 22, 2006 1:44 am

standby wrote:Barz,

Could you be so kind as to inform us of the date the post you copied from LB was actually posted. I remember it but don't think it was posted as recent as last week.


Accurate timelines are of utmost importance when addressing issues such as ours. I do belive the post shared here by Barz was posted on LB long before your discussion "last month" with Rutz.

Don't get me wrong here. I am no advocate for the CDC seemingly dragging thier feet. I just think people should take care and get all their facts and timelines strait before making flaming accusations.

Hi Standby

This was originally posted on Nov 4th 2006

From LB. Thread: CDC Morgellons Hotline (Page 4)
Posted by Ivanhole
Re: CDC Morgellons Hotline
« Nov 4, 2006, 9:41pm »


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Post by tamtam » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:22 am

////////////////// forward ///////////////////
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:27 am

thank you tam tam!!

The auramine-rhodamine stain is a histological technique used to see acid-fast bacilli using fluorescence microscopy, notably Mycobacterium. Acid-fast organisms display a reddish-yellow fluorescence.

The stain is a mixture of Auramine O and Rhodamine B.

Oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum stained with the fluorescent auramine-rhodamine stain.
the molar extinction coefficient of Rhodamine 6G dissolved in ethanol. It was measured by R. A. Fuh on summer, 95 [H. Du, R. A. Fuh, J. Li, A. Corkan, J. S. Lindsey, "PhotochemCAD: A computer-aided design and research tool in photochemistry," Photochemistry and Photobiology, 68, 141-142, 1998]. Rhodamine 6G has a molar extinction coefficient of 116,000 M-1cm-1 at 529.75 nm [R. R. Birge, "Kodak Laser Dyes," 1987].

Original Data | Extinction Data ... ine6G.html

Emission Spectrum

This is the fluorescence emission spectrum of Rhodamine 6G dissolved in ethanol. The spectrum was taken by R. A. Fuh on summer, 95 using an excitation wavelength of 480 nm [H. Du, R. A. Fuh, J. Li, A. Corkan, J. S. Lindsey, "PhotochemCAD: A computer-aided design and research tool in photochemistry," Photochemistry and Photobiology, 68, 141-142, 1998]. The quantum yield is 0.95 [R. F. Kubin and A. N. Fletcher, "Fluorescence quantum yields of some rhodamine dyes

Preparation and Properties of Sol–Gel Thin Film Containing Rhodamine B
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
A thin film containing rhodamine B derivative with ethoxy silano group was formed on organic ... Rhodamine B derivative with a triethoxysilano group, SiO ...
Rhodamine derivatives as fluorogenic substrates for proteinases ...
The present invention relates to a new class of novel Rhodamine derivatives. These derivatives which are bisamide substitution products are nonfluorescent. - 54k - Cached - Similar pages
Photo-chemical generation of stable fluorescent derivatives of ...
The process of reading of the recorded information can be implemented by detecting the fluorescence emitted from the Rhodamine derivative. ...


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Post by J Jill » Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:39 am

Good evening all,

Interesting ideas being presented these days. Wish I had more time to read and comment.

Just wanted to share something that ties up all the loose ends in my mind.

Maggie, I think you are on the right track with your post on the QS. Good find! Add to that the thoughts of Jim Phelps:

Jim Phelps discovered the causation for aging, cancer, CFS, and HIV at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the mid 1980s. He found that Oak Ridge fluoride releases were affecting the Pineal gland's regulation of the night and day signaling that controlled the Pituitary's Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Further, that the fluorides combined in the body with aluminum to produce a TSH like G-protein effect that also upset the day-night regulation of thyroid related hormones T-3 and T-4. This chemical damage process kept the cells of the body from powering down at night and caused depletion of the glutathione enzyme (Se-GSH) in the body and brain.

The GSH damage process then allowed toxic metals to build up in the body as the phase I and phase II glutathione clearance was impaired. The loss of the liver bile pathway placed more clearance of metals demand on the kidneys, which set the stage to metabolic acidosis and shift of the blood pH toward acid, which further impaired toxic metal clearance. The rise of the toxic metals caused the cell mitochondria to produce increased rates of free radicals, which required the up regulation of the superoxide dimutase enzymes (Mn-SOD). These enzymes employed all the trace metal manganese, which upset the production of the cytokine interferon (IFN) and the production of effective 2-5A RNase L enzymes.

The high oxidative stress in the cells caused the mutation of the 2-5A RNase L enzyme from its normal 83 kDa MW to an ineffectual 37 kDa MW. This is the prime enzyme within cells that kills viral RNA by cleaving it, sets up cell apoptosis, and calls in the NK and macrophage cells. The mutation of this enzyme is the prime effect that allows cancer viruses to grow, HIV to grow, and CFS problems with EBV, CMV, and mycoplasma to affect long-term health.

When this principle cellular enzyme that controls cell viral and mycoplasma mutates due to the manganese loss, the immune system goes into a Th-2 mode due the interferon cytokine system failing. As the varied viruses and mycoplasma effects proliferate within the cells of organs, they generate their own cytokine factors that cause the growth of blood supplies and uncontrolled cell growth for cancers. In other cases, depending on the genetic pre-dispositions, these viruses just cause increasing rates of cell damage leading to slow and eventual death.

This process of slow damage to the Pineal gland from fluoride is the prime cause for all animal and human aging on planet Earth. It causes a slow shift of thyroid hormones into hyperthyroid and sets off a destructive pattern of toxic metals retention that continues until a large number of cells are no longer protected from internal pathogen infections, this causing death.

Jim Phelps' discovery of this etiology for cancers, aging, and chronic illness caused great problems for the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons plants that used fluoride to produce bomb uranium and slowly poisoned its workers health. The discovery also unlocked that the Ancient Egyptians knew this same process and that is was connected with their reverence toward the Pineal Gland and was represented by the Eye Of Horus icon. The discoveries gave greater insights into not only that the Egyptians found this dominant effect on human health and intelligence, but also showed how religion's Moses was connected with finding a Sulfur Cycle medicinal effect that also determines the weather and cooling of planet Earth.

These web pages are about the key insights into the discoveries that affect everyone on planet Earth, but which have been covered up by Oak Ridge and its corrupted Govt. associations that have taken freedom from the citizens of the US.



So many with Lyme, Chronic Fatigue and other emgerging disease/s to include the Fiber Disease, have Thyroid problems. That, IMO, is the common denominator -( Fiber sufferers have in common)

If you don't think you have a problem with your thyroid, I'll post about a book I read on the subject.

As with Lyme disease and so many others, the Hypo or Hyper thyroid problem slips through the cracks due to no accurate tests.

The DX, then, is Clinical or one of observing symptoms.

I was fortunate to have a Wiz from the Cleveland Clinic spot my problem.

In any case, I said all that to say that I believe there is a process to reverse this disease- just as there was a process to inflict it upon us.

More later,


Please read DoeWatch? Thanks!
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