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Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Tue Dec 19, 2006 3:35 am

I read in a midrash once that Poets collect the words of the people and present them to God in such a way as to make them beautiful and very pleasing to the Lord....thought that was a most excellent poem. I walk in the woods, hear reeds shaken by the wind, and God talks to me...He does!!
I am kinda in the poor house presently but sometime after February I will have money to make trips. I propose that we pick a day, maybe 2 or 3 - we may need it...and everyone that can possibly attend, I say, yes, let us go directly to Washington, D.C.....the real goldenhead.
I will be a bit scared to go in front of a camera cuz many people I associate with have no idea...but I will do it...we can all contact reporters, major news stations, tv, radio, magazines...etc...heads of churches, from now until say March, letting them know what we are going to do...and if they would be so kind as to cover and support us.
MSC, it is a most unholy thing that has come against us but, I suggest we all pray every day - every night for our lives to be given back to us, our suffering to cease, and for the eyes of the people be open to what "THE BAD GUYS" would like to devise...and Good Lord willing, we will be able to put this evil in the light. You are right, they not only totally insult our intelligence by their little frigging tactics, they insult us as The Children of God.

Befour, I wish you could read my 6 full journals right to the point when I was driven from my home and children....I pray for you especially right now that the Good Lord eases it up and blesses you in many other immediate ways to help take you in a good direction (even for a while.)
We are intelligent, kind, family minded, CITIZENS THAT PAY A LOT OF TAXES only to have some egotistical, arrogant, heartless less than negative entity(s) try to torture us? No, this is not right, and because of that, I am CERTAIN that the Lord will be with us, be our lawyer, representative, judge, and executioner I mean if need be. Amen and amen..
If you think this might be a plan, please let me know. I don't know about the mural thing....if that's the only bill you have or receipt, or doctor's report, it may be the last time you see it (lol) Protesting.....only as a last resort, but I do see 100+ people walking down the halls of Congress, trying to shake hands, hug, cough....very hard btw, till we get one decent Christian man or woman to take us to the resolution of this CRIMINAL, MALICIOUS, AND DEMONIC thing they have done.

Just read a review from Michael Crighton's latest....NEXT. Guess what it's if what is conjured takes shape in reality, then think: we are going to be cured we are going to be cured we are going to be cured - make it your mantra so that no negative can stop us...ok. God bless everyone that has lived this far into the nightmare - we will clear this - like the song says, "When you're goin thru Hell, keep on goin, don't slow down, cuz you might make it out before the Devil even knows you're there."
Let's throw some dates out there, check out flight costs, or if we can ride together in some cases, hotels's a small start but far better than scaring ourselves to death with our findings in research....Revelation tells us all this was even if we die which I hope we do not, they killed the prophets before us, and anyone who stands in the light so...
we are in good company....for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but
of Power, and love, and A S O U N D M I N D !!!!!! Capiche!!!~?

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Post by befour » Tue Dec 19, 2006 11:14 am

Dear Maggie Mae,

Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers....I really needed a nudge in the right direction. It has been an awful few weeks for me, I suddenly took a nosedive right after Thanksgiving. It was one of the few times that everything flaired up at the same time...scalp, nose, eyes and ears...along with terrible stomach cramps. I pray from dusk till dawn everyday for God to help me, and He always does.....I just get impatient.

You are a very sweet person and I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much misery aside from this disease. You are truly a strong lady and I hope that your family will spend the rest of their lives trying to show you how sorry they are for abandoning you and not believing you!!

There have been many times when I have been so sick, with my whole head so infected/infested...that I can't believe I lived through it!! I told my husband that I guess God wants to keep me around for some reason.

God will help us ALL.....all we have to do is ask Him!!!


Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:33 pm

Ha! Good Morning!

Befour, I woke up this am, read your post, asking the Lord for some Good News, well, I open my e mail and my page has different verses from the NKJ and lo and behold...this is the one for today....I am sure it is a confirmation He is with us...remember,
THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES..!!!! King James Version
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
Christ was an alien hybrid.....and so are we, our kingdom is not of this world...he he he..had some disturbing dreams last night....people with lizard tongues...geeeezzz.
Gotta check some back later.

PS: Was reading that awful dispicable site morgwatch..... something interesting to me....some guy "tall cotton" was saying it was a "chemical imbalance in brain and that is the only thing we have in common..."
I kept going over that, and started wondering....hummm, maybe our chemistry IS way different that your average Joe citizen and that IS why we have this.....

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Tue Dec 19, 2006 1:56 pm

Another good news message for this am!! ... w-11-21-24 - I subscribe to this one too.

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Post by Barz » Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:31 pm

Welcome to the PTL!!!!!!!

Nadas Moksha
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:35 pm

Revenge of the Nerds
"Metabolic engineering"
Pollen tube-mediated transformation

Two similar techniques are used.Cellulases from aerobic fungi
called Trichoderma viride
hydrolases is the multidomain and multicatalytic nature
of these "megazymes."
Glycoside hydrolase families. Proteins are designated
according to their substrate specificity
"The thermophilic filamentous bacterium Thermobifida fusca."
Gene duplication and horizontal gene transfer. The large number of
homologous cellulase genes observed within cellulolytic organisms,
between related organisms, or between distant organisms within a
niche environment, such as the rumen, suggest that chromosomal
rearrangements and horizontal gene transfer contributed to the
current rich repertoire of cellulase systems available.
A departure point for understanding product tolerance
(milestone ii) is to determine the extent to which inhibition
by salts resulting from organic acid production and addition of
base for pH control is widespread. If it can be shown that such
salt inhibition is a general explanation for the discrepancy
between tolerance to ethanol and the maximum concentration of ethanol
produced, this would have two important implications. First, the
prospects for using naturally cellulolytic organisms in industrial
CBP processes would be substantially improved. Second, It would
be necessary to develop high-yielding strains producing little or
no organic acids, and hence correspondingly low concentrations
of salts resulting from pH neutralization, before high-rate
conversion of concentrated feedstocks can be observed. That is,
milestone iii would have to be achieved before milestone iv could
be achieved.

Demonstrating that naturally cellulolytic organisms can function
adequately in industrial environments (milestone v) is an important
milestone that requires further study if it is to be achieved.
With respect to pretreatment-generated inhibitors in particular,
this milestone can be approached by identifying and developing an
organism that exhibits tolerance to the inhibitors produced by
a particular process or by identifying and developing a process
that generates inhibitors that an organism can tolerate, or a
combination of these. Understanding the mechanism of inhibitory
effects and taking full advantage of organism's often considerable
ability to evolve inhibitor resistance (e.g., in continuous culture)
are likely to be important in this context.

Organism development milestones for the recombinant cellulolytic
strategy are as follows. (i) Demonstrate that growth on noncrystalline
cellulose is enabled and/or greater extents of hydrolysis are
achieved in SSF of crystalline cellulose relative to a wild-type
control. (ii) Demonstrate functional production and secretion of
a variety of exoglucanases. (iii) Demonstrate an ability to grow
on crystalline cellulose in the absence of added cellulases. (iv)
Optimize cellulase expression and secretion based on a noncomplexed
cellulase system to increase growth rates. (v) Express one or
preferably several complexed cellulase systems (in different organisms)
and compare their effectiveness to that of noncomplexed systems.
(vi) Evaluate whether it is beneficial or necessary to incorporate
additional features of naturally occurring cellulolytic bacteria.

Milestone i has been achieved for enteric bacteria and to some
extent for S. cerevisiae (see "Growth on nonnative substrates by
virtue of heterologous expression of saccharolytic enzymes" above).
The other milestones listed have not been achieved. Functional
expression of exoglucanase enzymes (milestone ii) has proved
challenging in yeasts for reasons that are still not clear
(see "Expression of heterologous cellulase genes in S. cerevisiae"
above) and is very probably a prerequisite to demonstrating growth
on crystalline cellulose in the absence of added enzymes
(milestone iii). First-generation strains capable of such
growth will probably grow quite slowly and will therefore benefit
from improvement and optimization via a variety of approaches
(milestone iv).

Anaerobic cellulolytic bacteria from nature meet the challenge
of growth on a recalcitrant substrate and a very tight ATP budget
by a collection of features that extend beyond the production of
a functional cellulase system.
These features include high-specific-activity cellulases of the
complexed type, cell-substrate attachment, coupling of sugar
phosphorylation to hydrolysis of ß-glucosidic bonds (to at least
some extent), glycocalyx formation, and (we think probably)
energy-efficient substrate transport. For microorganisms expressing
a heterologous cellulase system to achieve rates of growth and
cellulose hydrolysis under anaerobic conditions, it may be
advantageous or necessary for them to exhibit some or all
of these features. Milestones v and vi reflect this perspective.

The two organism development strategies for CBP are associated with distinctive strengths and challenges. For the native cellulolytic strategy, organism development begins with organisms having highly evolved cellulose enzyme systems and metabolic features specific to cellulose that may be difficult to entirely replicate in an organism developed according to the recombinant cellulolytic strategy. However, the recombinant cellulolytic strategy begins with organisms having well-established properties related to robustness in industrial environments that may be difficult to replicate in an organism developed according to the native cellulolytic strategy. Although abstract arguments can be advanced about which strategy is more promising, our view is that such arguments cannot be conclusive on the basis of what we know today and that both strategies have merit and should be pursued. In support of this view, each strategy involves considerable uncertainties, different strategies may prove most advantageous for different products, organism development based on both native and recombinant substrate utilization strategies has proven successful for substrates other than cellulose (410), and the benefits of CBP are large enough to merit a parallel approach.
For microorganisms to hydrolyze and metabolize insoluble cellulose,
extracellular cellulases must be produced that are either free or
cell associated. The biochemical analysis of cellulase systems from
aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi has been comprehensively
reviewed during the past two decades. Components of cellulase systems
were first classified based on their mode of catalytic action and
have more recently been classified based on structural properties
Fungi are well-known agents of decomposition of organic matter
in general and of cellulosic substrates in particular (94, 462).
Fungal taxonomy is based largely on the morphology of mycelia and
reproductive structures during various stages of the fungal life
cycle rather than on substrate utilization capability. Indeed,
systematic characterization of growth substrates has not been
carried out for many described fungal species. Therefore, it is
currently unclear how broadly and deeply cellulolytic capability
extends through the fungal world, and a consideration of the
taxonomy of cellulolytic fungi may ultimately prove to be only a
slightly narrower topic than consideration of fungal taxonomy in
its entirety. Nevertheless, some generalizations can be made
regarding the distribution of cellulolytic capabilities among
these organisms.

?evil, non doer of many nothings?-NADAS

and if you got what im lacking ......... time ..... ... ption.html ... Detail.htm

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Death Adder
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Post by befour » Tue Dec 19, 2006 8:54 pm


From the patent list that you posted"

Preparation of an entomopathogenic fungal insect control agent (4530834

Thanks....still reading.......


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Post by Deena » Tue Dec 19, 2006 11:56 pm

Hi everyone! Did ya miss me? Just
Maggie Mae!!
Yay!! You are absolutely right....I haven't read any posts lately. Came upon this page and it's good to see that somebody else is in my same world.
Revelation. Oh ya~ It's all there. Just as we, this very day, are.

I had previously printed out many many pages of this forum, like since last July, I believe, as well as many links that many referenced. I also shut my computer down after I had learned of all the spy
gear somebody(gee, I wonder) had installed on it.
I'm sure that I'm not the only one with the problem but waddoyado? So, i destroyed my hard drive, not because of any info I had (they got all that) but more out of frustration. Not to mention, my road is private. my neighbor informed me that this was invaded, as well. God is not fear, I believe that. Last Wed night, someone attempted to start my nieces car on fire. They stuck a rag in the tank and lit it on fire. She found it, Thurs am. By the grace of God, that fire went out before her car blew up. God will protect his children. Al had posted a good link, a few pages back that I had printed. It fit me to a T. Sirens going off, ears always ringing, animals acting crazy. Thanks Al~you have no idea how much it helped.

Through reading, I was able to tell the difference between who was good and who was not. What was so blinding before, actually became black and white. Alot of it had to do with stepping away from my computer. Lights came on brighter than ever.

Nadas~Now u crack me up!! You are on it!! Your posts put some happy in my day!

Miss u guys~it would be so cool to be able to all meet up, someday.


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Post by Deena » Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:03 am



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Post by Barz » Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:00 am

i spoke to mr rutz this past week. we made nice talk, but i think we were both holding back in tone and verbiage.

here are the points he made to me - -

- sufferers should utilize the local health care providers and if need be, demand someone looks at the obvious symptoms, if possible.

- the cdc has no evidence that this condition is infectious.

- no one has ever died from morgellons and having fibers now and then probably wouldn't be that harmful (look at the bright side, right? i told him no worriesat all yet about fibers, but asked how he would feel if at a dinner party, larvae like stuff folded out of his facial skin, or little nits flew from his hair) he acknowledged others complaining about problems with hair follicles and said to go to the doctor immediately when something like that is happeing.

- when going to the doctor or derma, he advised me not to use the term morgellons, rather to explain the problems or symptons in a more medical vernacular.

- they (the task force, which i believe is made of one) have a little money now and can move forward. but when asked a timeframe, he said scientific research doesn't move to quickly. realistically - a couple months. if anyone else knows different please correct me.

-he again recommended i take problems to my doctor, as they occur, commended me for doing so well with other health issues i have, and recommended me to concentrate those rather than this. i have taken some of what i think is pretty amazing and clear video, reflecting a jungle of activity happening in my hair and on my scalp. mr rutz suggested i demand the derma or doctor to take a look at it.

i agreed in utilizing my doctor and his referrals to specialists on an as occurs basis.

i reiterated my fear of spreading this organisim, indicating that there are a lot of people who believe it is a strong possibility. he said no hospital in any state can support data to the effect.
i asked if he had ever heard of this tam tam guy and the video. he said he has never heard of him or the video. i asked him to do me a favor and to go the the 'silentsuperbug' website when he had an opportunity. he agreed that next time he was at the pc he would look at it.

i find it hard to believe that mr rutz has never heard of the infectious bug marketing factor as set forth in the videos. and if he hasn't, why no one ever told him about it. isn't that what this swiss cheese wanted us to do? has anyone ever requested a formal appointment with a cdc rep, live, in person? -before the talk of task force began?

do you think he really does know of tam tam and was less than truthful with me? i felt he was candidly honest about this, and i usually trust my instincts. but who am i ? i am way confused and totally creeped out by recent happenings. my instincts could be less than sharp at this time in my life.

i intend to follow up with a telephone call to mr rutz next week. i really want to know his opinion on the video

so, there you have it.

i do think mr ruzt heard some of what i was saying. and, i think it is paramount that any persons affected by, or infected with morgellons, state their case as professionally and as quickly as possible. our friends, colleagues and relatives should do the same in support.

i think we should take rutz's advice on dealing with the doctors, and apply it back to the cdc also. even if it means contacting them on an on- occurance basis. sort of a self reporting action. eventually, the sheer nuisance factor of what morgies go through might be felt by those with some influence or control.

i'm new. i've never met anyone else going through this. Frisk, you are in san diego also, right? maybe we could meet?

have a great week everyone

I copied this from LB forum.

Just want to say that Dan is FOS

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:41 am

help this you that carried on the conversation, and how long ago, or did you copy from someone else's post at LB? I agree...
they can find a friggen mars rock and life in it on this planet in the middle of the Louisiana swamp, make headlines, and then down the line try to actually connect us with yet, the buttheads are trying to say they don't know what this is....I mean, my ass knows when it's getting .....I won't go there....

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Post by Deena » Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:50 am

Meet ya in La Jolla!!!!


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