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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:12 am

Thanks TT and JJ,

I am starting to see the picture. And it ain't pretty. Jay Gould warned us of this......

Eating the nose cartilage, I think, is what brought it home to me. Then the rosette, the cladisitic charade, and the CDC knows all about this.

"Leonel Mendoza,1 JohnW. Taylor,2 and Libero Ajello3
1Medical Technology Program, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,
Michigan State University, East Lansing Michigan, 48824-1030;
e-mail: [email protected]
2Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley,
California 94720-3102; e-mail: [email protected]
3Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mycotic Diseases Branch, Atlanta
Georgia 30333; e-mail: [email protected]
Key Words Protista, Protozoa, Neomonada, DRIP, Ichthyosporea
n Abstract When the enigmatic fish pathogen, the rosette agent, was first found to be closely related to the choanoflagellates, no one anticipated finding a new group of organisms. Subsequently, a new group of microorganisms at the boundary between animals
and fungiwas reported. Several microbes with similar phylogenetic backgrounds were soon added to the group. Interestingly, these microbes had been considered to be fungi or protists. This novel phylogenetic group has been referred to as the DRIP clade
(an acronym of the original members: Dermocystidium, rosette agent, Ichthyophonus,
and Psorospermium), as the class Ichthyosporea, and more recently as the class
Mesomycetozoea. Two orders have been described in the mesomycetozoeans: the Dermocystida
and the Ichthyophonida. So far, all members in the order Dermocystida have
been pathogens either of fish (Dermocystidium spp. and the rosette agent) or of mammals
and birds (Rhinosporidium seeberi), and most produce uniflagellated zoospores.
Fish pathogens also are found in the order Ichthyophonida, but so are saprotrophic microbes.
The Ichthyophonida species do not produce flagellated cells, but many produce
amoeba-like cells. This review provides descriptions of the genera that comprise the
class Mesomycetozoea and highlights their morphological features, pathogenic roles,
and phylogenetic relationships. ... za2002.pdf
Each doing their part........Each agency following the sickening paradigm.

"Behold a Pale Horse" - The Green One - Chlorophyll.

This is what makes EVOLUTION work doesn't it? Cannot accept the NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS........Must clade it into new taxonomy with the newly created microbes and organisms that fit the evolutionary paradigm.

Linneas wasn't good enough!

And the CDC has no idea what this is, so DOP will be the answer we get from them from all the neurological gems they are coming up with, even saying that neuromuscular disease is neurological. Not brain related, is muscle related(CYTOSKELETON) Nerves in our skin is not a neurological disease, is a nerve disease of the SENSORY SYSTEM, CONNECTIVE TISSUE, C-Terminal and N-Terminal. Not in brain. Vibrissa, hair.....cilia....and so on........STEM CELLS......

This schema is big and it is world wide.

Might Microbacterium Leprosy be cause of Muscular Dystrophy? Did that construct have the power to alter the dystroglygan? cross the actin and the Terminals?

You top notch scientists are jokes, you are heartless, and you are
liars, big time. You never challenged Koch's postulates for over 100 years.

And just how gene specific is this?

Did melanin have anything to do with it?

Did you pay the Russian scientists enough?

Alright.........I will calm down, but, when I am close to falling down, and have to use that wheelchair, you will be hearing from me. If I have to protest on every corner, in every city, I will do it, ALONE, if I have to.

Right in my own backyard...........

The top ten schools........or is it those 400 labs?

This would be reverse transcriptase. Put human genes in other organisms. Not building from bottom up bacteria....amoeba......flagellates.......etc. to humans to ........2 chromosomes away. So, put the human gene in the plant, in the animal in the fungi, in the spores, in stem cell form?

No wonder there were not enough stem cells, you are reprogramming the whole environment.

EXCELLENT..........You ought to be commended and awarded the NOBEL

Somehow the flagella had to hook to the bacteria, didn't it?


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King Cobra
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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:15 am

The Bird Flu epidemic.

So far, all members in the order Dermocystida have
been pathogens either of fish (Dermocystidium spp. and the rosette agent) or of mammals
and birds (Rhinosporidium seeberi), and most produce uniflagellated zoospores.

They produce the Uniflagellated zoospores

That would be those clear little suckers that cause the pain on the nerves and form the rosette, that blooming SOB that eats away at the nerves and the very stems. Looks like a protist, could be comparable to the Chagas Disease, now couldn't it, but not quite, just enough to not let anyone figure it out.

Evolution in Reverse. Great try........ Can't get past that individual mold each and every unique organism was made from, can you, only by cheating nature itself.

The Garden will rise again, and Sustainability will not do it!

This that is killing the fish in the Great Lakes, the frogs, being called VHS, viral hemorrhagic septicemia. They say it does not harm humans, but causes fish to internally bleed to death.

But, there is no proof it cannot hurt humans, no test were done, after all approved to stop ban that was posted Oct 24, not deadly fish will be sent all over. We owe this to.......The U>S> Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Boy, I put a lot of trust in them. Don't you?


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King Cobra
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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:34 am

Being classified as a fungus here at the lovely, London favorite university. ... s=10827117

Are we having a little trouble labeling this?......seems a hole has been found.
Even the dates are important..........So this the BASE TT?
Rhinosporidiosis is a complex phenotype with perhaps no parallel in medical science. This report erases 99 years (1892-1991) of controversies regarding 'causal organism' of rhinosporidiosis. ... t=Abstract

Add to that L. Loboli........

" Lesion progression is slow, with new lesions arising by contiguity with other lesions or through the lymphatic route (6,7). Clinically, lacaziosis manifests as keloidal lesions of solid consistency and variable size that contain small scales and crusts (6). The lesions are most frequently located in the auricle and on the upper and lower limbs. Cutaneous dissemination of the disease is observed in a relatively small number of cases. We describe a patient with Jorge Lobo disease.

The patient was a 59-year-old man, a storeroom employee, who was seen at the Tropical Medical Center in Belem, Brazil, in April 2004. A papula had developed near his right knee in 1992 after a wood splinter had penetrated the skin. The lesion increased in size, and a histopathologic diagnosis of Jorge Lobo disease was made. The lesion was then surgically removed. Approximately 2 years later, the lesion recurred. The patient then went to a dermatology service and was treated with clofazimine, after which the lesion disappeared. However, the lesion reappeared 1 year later.
Abundant round parasitic elements in skin tissue of the patient surrounded by a double membrane...

HIV serologic analysis was performed in 2002, and the results were positive. The patient then began treatment for HIV infection. He is currently being monitored at the specialized referral unit in Belem. He does not have any opportunistic infections and is not taking any antiretroviral drugs. The patient came to the dermatology service of the Tropical Medical Center, where dermatologic and histopathologic examinations were conducted and CD cell counts and HIV viral load were measured. Dermatologic aspects of the lesion included an erythematous-infiltrated, hypertrophic plaque with a verrucous surface ≈4 cm long in the distal third of the medical aspect of the right thigh (Figure). A punch biopsy specimen of brown smooth skin 0.35 cm in diameter in an epidermal disk was fixed in formalin. Microscopy of skin sections containing epidermis showed compact keratinization, parakeratotic foci, and irregular hyperplasia with a pseudoepitheliomatous area. A highly dense, nodular, diffuse inflammatory infiltrate was observed at all levels of the dermis. It consisted of macrophages and numerous multinucleated cells, most of them of the foreign body type. Fibroplasia was also noted. Abundant, round parasitic elements surrounded by a double membrane and containing a basophilic nucleus were found in tissues, as well as other anucleated, intracellular, and free parasites that formed chains of >2 cells (Appendix Figure). Jorge Lobo disease was diagnosed. Laboratory results showed 146 CD4 cells/μL, 251 CD8 cells/μL, a CD4:CD8 ratio of 0.42, and 60,000 copies of HIV viral RNA/mL.
Since a cytotoxic response is observed in Jorge Lobo disease (7), HIV infection may increase the susceptibility to infection with L. loboi. Patients with AIDS show a predisposition to diverse fungal infections that classically affect different organs and systems. An association between Jorge Lobo disease and AIDS has not been reported. However, since Jorge Lobo disease is restricted to specific areas of the world and the number of AIDS cases is increasing, especially in Latin America, a possible correlation between HIV infection and Jorge Lobo disease should be considered because of the associated cellular immunodeficiency.

The patient showed no signs of other opportunistic infections classically associated with AIDS, and he was not taking any antiretroviral drugs. His initial infection manifested as cutaneous lesions that occur in Jorge Lobo disease. Despite the cellular immunodeficiency, we did not observe atypical dissemination of the lesions. Further studies should be conducted to evaluate the relationship between the cellular immunosuppression of AIDS and secondary infection with L. loboi. In addition, epidemiologic studies are needed to determine the association of AIDS with Jorge Lobo disease.

AND AGAIN......THE Central Death Committee (CDC) is doing what they do Controlling disease, who gets it, where it is spead, and then they count us.

Wonder how much they get paid?

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My Daily Progress with NutraSilver

Post by marlene greger » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:54 am

Hi all Morgellon sufferers,

If you would like to follow my daily report on the use of NutraSilver, you can go to and go to the Morgellon forum.

It is reallly purging these things out of my body!!

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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:56 am

Is this why we are putting the HIV gene into plants?

To say vaccinate the world in a way that no one will notice? Through our food.

They all link together,

Will find the grand plan again.............


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Post by msc » Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:19 am

I would like to thank NADAS for your help. We have printed out those
documents. we desparately need help in finding someone who can do
a culture for this bacterial infections to prove that all of us all suffering
from this bacteriorhodopsin. Not one physician ever treated my friend
with an antibiotic, as they allowed this to become a new infectious disease.
Other research shows that when bacteriorhodopsin becomes illuminated it ejects more photons acting like a pump. My friend described this in many
of her letters to physicians, the cruelest game was trying to have her declared insane, which was to scare her and shut her up by threatening to take away her children, who are almost grown men. she described that
when this mask illuminates she can see these horrible organisms and that
they are swimming in some type of solution and that they interlock and
form faces of animal like and people like faces that connect like a puzzle.
They meet at the mouths and then pull away pulling a film over face and
eyes. We can visibly see these objects when they fall off onto her clothes
and floor. they are like a bundle of wires and have various colors. they
have two bug like creatures facing in opposite directions. She had brought
an exterminator to her home last year. He said in twenty five years he never seen anthying like it, he could see the plastic like webbs it spins on
walls and ceilings, and how it is attracted to lights and electrical appliances. he took numerous samples including hair and clothing samples. A month later he called and said he was having trouble getting results from the lab and promised to have the results within in a week,
that was last November 05, they never heard from him again. he refused to respond to letters and phone calls and to return her documents, photos.
someone has scared him away. no one can afford to ignore this anylonger. this thing has mutated out of control and shooting photons
everyway. you can see and feel things in her hair and others as photos
show it because the metals and crytals reflect in the camera. you can look at the cat scans and see see is covered in something that reaches way above her head and down her body. you can pull on her hair take a
photo a the same time and these horrible huge things pop out of the skin
and hair, you can see the points and feel them cluching in her skin. you can't imagine the pain she is in and torutre her and her family have undergone for so long. I watched as they lost their home as she misses so much time from work do to migraines and her children be sick with migraines and respiratory problems. no one shoulb be tortured like this.
i am afraid she won't last much longer. she needs this exposed before she dies for her children's sake and all who have been in contact we her.
please if you can find someone who still ethical and caring about human life please give her a contact. she has health insurance, but has been
financially destroyed and has no money to put out of pocket. she help to have it resolved and would reward anyone who will help. i know she has
a large life ins. policy and will see that anyone who helps will be assured to be paid through her policy and would make legal arrangements for that.
i don't know what laws reguire for proof. we have all the hard documents
showing what these chemicals do, but I feel she would need a physical lab tests proving this. if you could help we would all be greatful, she needs
solace and peace of mind. thank you

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King Cobra
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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:49 am



- Department of Agriculture (USDA)
- Department of Commerce (DOC)
- Department of Defense (DOD)
- Department of Energy (DOE)
- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
- National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
- National Institutes of Health (NIGMS/NIH)
- National Science Foundation (NSF
[/color]2nd 5-year Plan:

"Metabolic Engineering is a new approach to understanding and using metabolic processes. As the name implies, ME is the targeted and purposeful alteration of metabolic pathways found in an organism in order to better understand and use cellular pathways for chemical transformation, energy transduction, and supramolecular assembly. Knowledge acquired from this research will benefit society in a number of ways, including the ability to modify biological pathways to produce biological substitutes for less desirable chemical processes; allowing greater agricultural production, permitting more efficient and safer energy production, and; providing better understanding of the metabolic basis for some medical conditions that could assist in the development of new cures. "






DARPA's metabolic engineering programs are driven by an interest in protecting human assets against biological threats and using biology to maintain human performance. The general concept of this thrust is to understand how nature controls the metabolic rate of cells and organisms (e.g., extremophiles, hibernation) and apply this understanding to problems of interest to DoD. Examples of current investments in metabolic engineering include efforts to develop technologies for engineering cells, tissues and organisms to survive in the battlefield environment so they can be used as sensors. Related basic research on biochemical circuit engineering in laboratory model organisms is also supported. In addition, DARPA is developing technologies that permit the long-term storage of cells including human blood. More complete descriptions of current DARPA programs and solicitations in these areas can be viewed at







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Post by Skytroll » Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:08 am


SAME NUMBER do others.......mmmmmmmmmmm



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Post by reliefseeker » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:22 am

Hello All


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Post by reliefseeker » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:42 am

Nettimo, DON"T clean carpet....get rid of it now...that is how I GOT so severely infested with this parasite that covers my skin with some sort of silicone covering....ALL doctors are fooled by this false skin and now diagnosing me with cellulitis or venous stasis and want to put COTTON (gauze)unna boot on my leg and keep leg elevated for 10 days...these things thrive in cotton....parasites WILL attack when you clean carpet if there are enough and particularly when I used Pura-Clean., a strong disinfectant that hotels use recommended by my heart goes out to you, what can I do to help?...WE do need to unite and march on CDC!!!! Southcity, I wrote to response, why?? I still can not get a doctor to treat me...condition is worsening! Trying to hang in there though...take care all...


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Post by Nadas Moksha » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:30 pm

hey reliefseeker wats up ... your right about the carpet
as it is .. and the PCB feeding nature of this beast "decontamination" has been fruitless...

and MRC .... if i were a qulified geneticest i would be on the front line ..
as it is I endevour in a dark art... Alchemy.. unrecogniized by he laymen .. .. gold not gold.

and Tam could we signal the proper researchers by publishing the outlined chemistry ... . . .you know REAGENTS

What's New!

M2A Antigen (Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Marker)
This antibody recognises the M2A oncofetal antigen expressed on the cell membrane of lymphatic endothelium, fetal gonocytes, and certain germ cell tumor cell lines. No reactivity is seen on cancer cell lines of human breast, prostrate, melanoma, cervix, colon, pharynx, brain, and bone marrow. This antibody has also been shown to be a useful marker for cells of mesothelial origin, including malignant mesothelioma. This antibody will be helpful in identifying tissues expressing the M2A antigen.

Biotinylated Anti-polyHistidine

This antibody is raised against a synthetic peptide containing a 6xHistidine sequence, and binds to N- and C- terminal polyHistidine tags equally well. The biotinylated antibody is to be used in western blot detection of fusion proteins tagged with 6xHsitidine at either terminus. This product has been optimized for use with the VECTASTAIN ABC-AmP Kit (Cat. No. AK-6000). The recommended dilution for use is 1:1000 in 1x casein solution (10x Casein Solution, Cat. No. SP-5020).

Peroxidase Labeled Anti-GFP

The Peroxidase labeled anti-GFP antibody utilizes the new ImmPRESS™ technology to attach a polymer of peroxidase to affinity-purified goat anti-GFP antibody for maximum sensitivity. The ImmPRESS™ anti-GFP antibody is designed for direct detection of GFP fusion proteins on western blots using chromogenic or chemiluminescent peroxidase substrates. The 100 µl concentrate contains 0.5 mg of labeled antibody and is sufficient to produce at least 100 ml of working solution. ... asp?DocID={6F3D0E29-AB35-11D4-8C74-009027DE0829}&VNETCOOKIE=NO
Beta-Amyloid Precursor Protein Antibody

Product Description:
Zymed® b-Amyloid Precursor Protein Antibody (PAD: CT695, Catalog # 51-2700)
b-Amyloid Precursor Protein b-APP) exists in the brain as three major isoforms (b-AAP695, b-APP751, and b-APP750). These isoforms are integral membrane proteins with a single large N-terminal extracellular domain, a single transmembrane domain, and a small cytoplasmic C-terminal tail. Mutations in the beta-Amyloid precursor protein are contributory factors


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Post by Dustfinger » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:32 pm

Hi to all, could you tell me in three sentences what this whole thread is about ?


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