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Post by RANDY » Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:19 pm

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you

The fibers have a lot to do with this in my opinion. It really worries me when someone says not to pay attention to them. It really does. It is leading us astray..Cilla..that worries me.

And so far Tam..what has he done? We have no cause, nor do we have a cure..nor do we have a medical protocol. I can not see what he has done except make a video that everyone thinks is incomplete and bogus. I am sorry for saying this but it is true. He has sent us on a wild goose chase...tell me how we are closer to the truth? We are not..we are just wrapped up in speculation and abstract theories. Sorry. That is just how I feel. I know nothing more than I did 5 years ago.

Personal Update: Mom is recovering and we will know the final results when the node biopsy from the lumpectomy comes back from the lab. No secondary lymph nodes where affected as far as they can see. That is a positive thing but we are not out of the woods as of yet.

I am going next week for my yearly CT scan(along with a full blood work-up which I had today), as everyone should be getting to keep an eye on your levels. If you have not you are not being responsible.

How many here have gotten their C-reactive protein test done???? We can jabba,jabba about global warming and research the internet for things that will send us in circles but having this test will give you are starting point on this yet recognized or diagnosed new condition we all have. (I will not call it a disease.)

INTERESTING: CRACKING THE BIBLE CODE tidbits of controversial knowledge.

In 1492 the day that Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue, Spain had set a deadline for the JEWS of Spain to get out or be killed.....same ole same many believe that the Morranos..I think they are called..people who sympathized with the Jewish people (Columbus being one of them) were on these boats and that massive amounts of Jews made that voyage, cuz the day they left NO Jews were left in the town.

So when the next Blue Blood,WASP asks me where my ancestors came from ..I can say they came with Columbus. (Since we are all related...hehe.) I also researched the LOGS OF COLUMBUS' voyage and found a passage that he felt like MOSES leading the Jewish people out of Egypt.

Look it up in the Voyage records of COLUMBUS.. This CRACKING THE BIBLE CODE is just an amazing book. It really is..Physics and codes and great info. A great read. The two books of teh Bible code speak of China becoming with fear and see if that happens.


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Post by Skytroll » Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:29 pm


I cannot get a doctor here to even discuss any of the things I have.

When we are in an areas where the plan is to let us die, then we will never get any kind of test.

We are not allowed here to tell our doctors what kind of test, they will not do it, period.

So, I have to pretend I have symptoms of some other disease to even get any anitbiotics or anything.

So, You can say all you want, and tell us we are not being responsible.

This state is headed for he.l in a handbasket, they simply do not care, or will only treat symptoms.

No further discusssion here.

Dead in the water! My nerves are already tearing apart, so not much here, an oldtimer doing her last hurrah!

So, I guess things can be done by remote control too!



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Post by RANDY » Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:34 pm

Where are you China? You can get any test you want as long as you pay for it. That is the truth. If you tell a doctor it is because of Morgellons you have lost your battle. FInd another doctor in another town if you can.

There si no plan to let you die. There is you and your health. Go to a Doc- in-the-box (First Med etc.) if your regular docs all know one another.

If you tell a doctor that you want a C-reactive protein because you need to get that level to see if you should be taking Provachol for your heart cuz you have heart pains and palpitations..he HAS to give it to you.

If your insurance will not pay for it get it done with cash and when you get a bad reading submit it to your insurance company. It is a start.

If you mention Morgellons and you do not get help..I understand all of that but why mention it????? You are only hurting yourself.

Sorry...that is the truth. You are in control of you life, not your doctor.
If you mention Morgellons you will never get any help. The CDC has put out a warning to doctors that we are crazy. I told you my cousin told me that. (He threw out that notice.) So NEVER mention Morgellons if you want help. NEVER!

I am not calling anyone any please do not take it that way.

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:51 pm

Thanks Randy,

I needed that kick in the a..

Much obliged. Let ya know what happens.


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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 12:07 am

I just want us to get a base line..that is all...some fun stuff about Columbus.then I will leave this subject alone. (HEHE)

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Post by ukguy » Thu Apr 27, 2006 1:08 am

Cilla wrote:Hi UK Guy,

The fibers should not be the main focus of our concern, as Tam tam has said this, and I am sure that he knows what he is talking about. Actually, I think he is the only one who really does know what he is talking about, and I would like to say 'thank you' once again to him, for his sincerity, his helpfulness and sheer steadfastness in explaining what is what with this strange condition.

That is not to say we should give no attention to the fibers, and Tam tam did provide some tips on how to apply certain substances to the lesions, which would allow the fibers to be removed, thus effecting lesion healing and normal skin immunity reasserting itself.

I think that Helen said more than you are recounting about the feathers. It could well be that what Randy says is right, in that the feathers have their origin in sleeping on feather pillows. If that is so, there is no real point in even photographing them. It is true that anything, including feathers, will adhere to a sticky scalp, or lesions elsewhere on the body.

I would like to know what Tam tam might say about this.

Hi Cilla

I certainly don't doubt what TamTam says about the fibres but they
are extremely important nonetheless since they are the only visible
indication that a highly unusual process is going on within our bodies.
Even those with lesions have been told that they are causing them
themselevs. Dr Wymore mentioned that a doctor actually suggested
that a patient was injecting the fibres into their body themselves.
That is ridiculous of course. There are many other symptoms
associated with this disease but these can again be explained by
a doctor and not identified as being part of a more complex condition.

I may be asking for too much in my imminent attempt to persuade
my Dermatologist that the fibres are indeed produced inside my body.
However, trying to persuade a doctor that this is a symptom produced
by a man-made organism that took (TamTam) a year to isolate is a
a much harder task.

Please don't think I'm knocking TamTam here since these are very
different issues: on one hand we're trying to gain recognition with
doctors for personal treatment, on the other we're trying to raise
general awareness in the hope that research budgets will perhaps
be allocated.

Maybe it can only be top-down. I hope not, since there are doctors
treating now in the US and of course we have several here in the UK.
But with the NHS being so restricted budget-wise it's looking like we're
going to have to dig deep for quite a while.

I will have my experiences to report next week!

Take care all

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Post by London » Thu Apr 27, 2006 2:17 am


Here is a snippet of this weirdo Document I'm is long too; real long. Will shout at you all tomorrow....

Today, Tom Ray has trouble convincing his colleagues that the evolution he
has synthesized in his lab is identical in essence to the evolution shaping
the animals and plants in nature.
The difference in time scale between the
few hours his world has evolved and the billions of years wild nature has
evolved is only part of the problem. Primarily, skeptics find it unnatural
that Ray can re-create such an intangible and natural process as he claims.

Two hundred years after Franklin, artificially generated lightning-tamed,
measured, and piped through wires into buildings and tools-is the primary
organizing force in our society, particularly our digital society. Two
hundred years from now, artificial adaptation-tamed, measured and piped into
every type of mechanical apparatus we have-will become the central
organizing force in our society.

No computer scientist has yet synthesized an artificial intelligence-as
desirable and immensely powerful and life-changing as that would be. Nor has
any biochemist created an artificial life. But evolution captured, as Ray
and others have done, and re-created on demand, is now seen by many
technicians as the subtle spark that can create both our dreams of
artificial life and artificial intelligence, unleashing their awesome
potential. We can grow rather than make them.

We have built machines as complicated as is possible with unassisted
engineering. The kind of projects we now have on the drawing boards-software
programs reckoned in tens of millions of lines of code, communication
systems spanning the planet, factories that must adapt to rapidly shifting
global buying habits and retool in days, cheap Robbie the Robots-all demand
a degree of complexity that only evolution can coordinate.

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ACE Pigments

Post by MTBear » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:36 am

Hi All,

This is my first post on the board, but I have been reading for a while. I do not suffer from this fiber disease myself, but I work in the medical field and am quite interested in what is going on here.

I was just curious if anyone was familiar with alternative cellular energy (ACE) pigments? A friend showed me this article today, and I thought I would pass it on...unfortunately, I know that some of you would be better qualified than I to say if this sounds like it could be related to this disorder:

I don't remember seeing this mentioned before, but I'm sorry if I have overlooked it!

Take care, everyone.

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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:56 am

Is there a test for this ABSTRACT thing he states he has found?
The only ACE I know is Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene (ACE).

Some think he is a quack although what he states sounds just like what we have..but how does one test for it?

If he knows what it is then there is a test to find out if what we have is it. I looked and looked and I can not find one.

Super find...very interesting...but it would be great if you could check this out a bit more and get back to us.

Thank you for your input. HOnest.


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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:03 am

I have been looking through stuff and I can not find anything that he hass not put out himself about this.
I remember checking up on him a while back and he was a translator and interpreter fo medical journals.

What does anyone make of what he states these ACE pigments are and how do we test for them.

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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:09 am

He has a web site he created but you can not find the guys CV anywhere. Before I believe waht he states as fact I need to see a CV.

Anybody good at finding where he went to school or what he has a PHD in?
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Post by RANDY » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:14 am

Found it. Now how do we test for this? He sound legit. He died in 1996. So I need to check if any of the articels are written by him AFTER this date.

Biographical Note

John Martin (1904 -- 1996) was born in Keithsburg, Illinois, the youngest of six children. Martin received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Lewis Institute of Chicago in 1930. He then attended Northwestern University Medical School earning his M.S. in 1934 and his M.D. the following year. Continuing his education, Dr. Martin went on to study neurophysiology and his Ph.D. was granted in 1941.

Dr. Martin began his professional career at his alma mater, Northwestern University Medical School. He rose through the ranks to the position of associate professor of surgery. His tenure at Northwestern was interrupted by World War II. He entered the military in 1942 and served in hospitals in North Africa and Italy. He was awarded a bronze star and retired from the armed forces as a colonel. After the war, Martin returned to Northwestern where he remained until 1952. Returning to the Army Medical Corps, Dr. Martin was instrumental in the establishment of a neurosurgical residency program at Walter Reed Hospital. He was chief of the neurosurgical service there from 1952 to 1955. After retiring from the military with a disability, Dr. Martin moved to the small Iowa town of Clarinda, where he had a limited hospital consulting practice in neurology. He was appointed clinical professor of surgery at the University of Iowa's College of Medicine in 1978. He published some fifty scientific papers and between 1935 and 1978, gave over seventy-five presentations on subjects ranging from anatomy to clinical neurology and neurosurgery.

Dr. Martin began collecting rare and valuable medical books in 1947. His first purchase was a first edition of Andreas Vesalius' De Humanis Corporis Fabrica Libra Septum, published in 1543. He continued to collect these books whenever he could afford to do so, and often when he could not, for the rest of his life. When his house in Clarinda was broken into in 1971, Dr. Martin began to be concerned about the safety of his collection. This led him to give his collection to the University of Iowa College of Medicine in Iowa City to form the John Martin Rare Book Room in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. The collection numbered over 3000 entries at the time of his death. He considered this collection as the work for which he would be remembered as making a difference. Dr. Martin died in Iowa City, Iowa at the age of ninety-one.

Scope and Contents
The papers of John Martin consist of one linear foot of manuscripts dating from 1940 -- 1997. Arranged alphabetically by folder title the collection primarily concerns Dr. Martin's association with the University of Iowa. The establishment of the John Martin Rare Book Room with the donation of his outstanding collection of rare medical books, his sponsorship of essay contests for medical students, his participation in the History of Medicine Society, and his other generous donations to the University of Iowa Foundation are well documented. However, the papers also contain more personal materials, such as his military records, curriculum vitae, and autobiographical sketches.

Carol A. Bowman Creative Writing Contest for Medical Students, 1994 -- 1996.

The Chicago Literary Club Year Book, 1995 -- 1996.


1945 -- 1977.
1978 -- 1989.

1990 -- 1996.

Dale Bentz, 1974 -- 1996.

Curriculum vitae for Dr. Martin.

"Girolamo, Germs, and the Shepherd Boy" by John Martin. Iowa Medical Society, vol. 70, no. 1 (Jan. 1980). Published copy of article with correspondence, 1979 -- 1980.

Graduation address given by Dr. Martin at Iowa Western Community College.

Heirs of Hippocrates. Correspondence, clippings, publicity, etc., 1974 -- 1994

History of Medicine Society at the University of Iowa. Correspondence, clippings, brochures, pamphlets, publicity, lectures, etc., 1978 -- 1996.

History of Medicine Society at the University of Iowa. Audio tape of lecture, 1982.

John Martin History of Medicine Essay Contest at the University of Iowa. Correspondence, submissions, publicity, etc., 1984 -- 1996.

John Martin Rare Book Room in the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Iowa. Correspondence, brochures, clippings, etc., 1974 -- 1995.

The Life and Times of John Martin, M.D., Ph.D. Autobiographical sketches. (2 folders)

Military service records, 1940 -- 1946.

Obituaries, memorial tributes, letters of condolence, etc., 1996 -- 1997.



"Recent Trends in Neurosurgery" by John Martin. Journal of Neurosurgery, vol. 15, no. 6 (1958). Reprint of published article.

"The Syndrome of Thrombosis of the Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (Wallenberg Syndrome)" by John Martin. Typescript draft of an article.

Videotape. "The birth, care and feeding of a rare book collection" speech by John Martin.

"Vignettes Méditerranéennes" by John Martin.

Watercolor painting.
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