how to write a lab report

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how to write a lab report

Post by Aj1987 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:31 pm

i have to conduct a experiment for bio class
and write a laboratory report.
i dont know how to. the experiment is "does sugar dissolve quicker in hot or cold water"?
the hypothesis is yes.

what do i have to do after all of that?


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Post by canalon » Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:28 am

In general:
1/Introduction: your hypothesis and what make you think it so.
2/Describe your experimental setup so that it can be replicated by someone else just from the note
3/Record and describe the results of the experiment, and present any statistical analysis of the results
4/(In short report it can be mixed with 3) concludes if your hypothesis was confirmed or not and why it is (or could) be so.

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Post by adihutama » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:08 am

My style:
1. Objective: the main point of your experiment (e.g: decide in which temperature sugar dissolve best in water)
2. Background: describe why you did the experiment
2. Hypothesis: write what the theory say about your experiment. You may do it just briefly.
3. Experiment: list all your materials and tools, and also describe your method. Try some flow chart to write your methode
4. Result: contain your result. You may add some necessary calculation
5. Discussion: discuss about your result. Write why your experiment give you such result, and where will it lead you
6. Conclusion: make sure it answer your objective

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Re: how to write a lab report

Post by elizabeth35 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:37 am

A good lab report has a format that includes five main sections. They are the introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion and conclusion, and citation. You can find many examples of how to write a biology lab report on web. Remember that lab reports are individual assignments. You may have a lab partner, but the work that you do and report on should be your own. When you are writing about methods and results, be sure to use past tense because you have completed the experiments by the time you begin writing.
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