Global Environmental Change

Discussion of the distribution and abundance of living organisms and how these properties are affected by interactions between the organisms and their environment

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Re: Let's Save A Little For Them!

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Main Cause of Environmental Change

Post by togepi1416 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:17 am

The environment, including the workplace, has an important impact on a person's health. The main cause of our environmental change is climate. Climate change is real, and it is affecting our environment and health. The causes of climate change and its impact on the environment and human health are becoming increasingly understood, and increasingly problematic. That is why the government is taking action at home and abroad to reduce pollutions.

There is growing evidence that our climate is changing and that these changes are affecting the health and well-being of citizens in countries throughout the world. Climate change is affecting health, and will continue to pose challenges in the future and wide range of impacts which will vary from one region to another. The extent of these effects depends on how quickly our climate changes, and on how well we adapt to the new environmental conditions and risks to health. A changing climate can increase the frequency, intensity or duration of extreme weather conditions which increases risks for vulnerable populations and communities in areas exposed to natural hazards. Severe weather events can result in loss of income and productivity, relocation of people, increased stress for families, and higher costs for health care and social services. Some communities could experience benefits from global warming. For example, some regions may enjoy a longer growing season, and milder winters which could result in fewer injuries and deaths associated with cold weather.

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I still remember the first time you saw me...You were amazed of my beauty and misty. At first, you showed me your concern and care for me. It came to the point that as if I were you God. I was glad and touched of everything you did for me. Who won't be able to love you for being that? I admit, I love you.
I still remember you told me that you needed me and those special words you said,"be forever".. Those sweet words melted my heart and so I gave you everything I have and love you more each day.
As time goes by, I became happier with you... I was so glad every time I gave you something and you used it for your needs and you were satisfied with that. You said, "I need you..You are my air, my water, my shelter.. I can't live without you.."
I know that and I love you, too. That is why I want to give you everything you needed and love me more. Those moments..I really missed them..
And for years, you became better and smarter. You grew like a baby to adult. Then, everything changes.
You started to hurt me. You became selfish. But you were still there... I realized that today, you don't need me because you love me, but you love me because you need me... As you had just said, "I am you air, I am your water, and I am your shelter..."
I felt that you are just using me up today. You don't even care for me anymore. And I think you don't love me. Yet, I still love you. That's why I still give you everything your needs and wants even it hurts. Today, on everything you do, tears fall from my eyes...You're too blind to see.
I love you still. Sometimes, I can't control myself and I become angry to you and you were so scared. I apologized for those times. Somehow, I feel you are still affected of my feelings and emotions. That's why I stopped whenever I cry like a typhoon, shiver like an earthquake, and shout like a volcanic eruption. I saw you were scared to me on those times...I am so sorry.
I love you and I never regretted it. You are my happiness.. You are my sadness... You are my madness... Yet, I know, everything will change again. Someday, we will be apart and never be together again. You may go away and find another because you don't need me anymore. But don't worry because I will never do the same thing to you. I will always be here for you giving you things that you needed. I may be a martyr or a naive. And so? You know I love you. I had said that for a million of times...It is just that someday we will not be together because I will not live for so long. I could feel that I am weak already. I apologize because I will go away for that reason. Still, I want to say to you again that I became happy being with you even though there were times I cried and hurt because of you. I'm sorry... I think I can't go with the words you said - "be forever".
This is my last letter to you, my love... I hope it is never too late for you to realized that you needed to save me before I die... Before me, your Mother Earth, fall apart and NEVER be your "FOREVER"...

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Post by jhayvixen » Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:12 am

wahehe .. pede pede .. hehekz .. god bless..

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nice one pu .. hehekz.. god bless..

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The Environment: It's Ours, We Should Take Care of It

Post by jhayvixen » Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:15 am

upon hearing the word "environment", what are the things comes first into your mind?

It comes from the french word "Environner", which means to surround or encircle. In general, environment refers to the surroundings of an object. The natural environment, commonly referred to simply as the environment, is a term that encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth or some region thereof. Environment is anything that affects every living things such as plants and animals as well as human being.
everything you see as you roam your eyes is your environment. right? :D

It is the common understanding of natural environment that underlies environmentalism — a broad political, social, and philosophical movement that advocates various actions and policies in the interest of protecting what nature remains in the natural environment, or restoring or expanding the role of nature in this environment. While true wilderness is increasingly rare, wild nature (e.g., unmanaged forests, uncultivated grasslands, wildlife, wildflowers) can be found in many locations previously inhabited by humans.

Yet, "everything in this world is only temporary". as the quotation explains itself, nothing in this world remains permanent. It just mean that as well as our environment,we are living in, would not stay the same as it was before. every passing day, there are changes that we barely recognized. And often times, the reason of that changes are we, people abusing our nature(environment) because of course of our abusive acts in a way. The possibilities that our environment will change as a result of our own actions, and we, as part of it, will be facing conditions to which we were not well adapted. and of course, as expected this changes in environmental conditions affect the organisms living in that environment,including us. every changes that will occur in our environment, be it good or bad will always affect us no matter what.

Global environmental changes constitute a major new category of health hazard, arising predominantly from human-induced systemic changes to the natural systems and processes that underpin health and life.

the following are Goals commonly expressed by environmental scientists in order to conserve our environment from destruction and that we should also give consideration as simple individual :

* Reduction and clean up of pollution, with future goals of zero pollution; ( let's support the programs helping to reduce pollution, e.g "tree planting program", "clean and green", etc.)
* Cleanly converting non-recyclable materials into energy through direct combustion or after conversion into secondary fuels; ( we can also help in minimizing the increasing number of garbage by doing so.. It would be great if motorists here in Philippines would be familiarize of the other alternative fuels that can be used instead of using harmful gases, that won't harm our environment and also be danger to our health. )
* Reducing societal consumption of non-renewable fuels;
* Development of alternative, green, low-carbon or renewable energy sources;
* Conservation and sustainable use of scarce resources such as water, land, and air;
* Protection of representative or unique or pristine ecosystems;
* Preservation of threatened and endangered species extinction;
* The establishment of nature and biosphere reserves under various types of protection; and, most generally, the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems upon which all human and other life on earth depends.

everything we see, that surrounds us is a beauty given to us by God. It is a precious gift that we should treasure and conserve for the next generation to enjoy and witness its wellness. it is our very responsibility to take care of our own home. we should respect it the way we respect others, ourselves and most of all our beloved God.

Reference :


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Environmet Changes and Effects

Post by anareyes » Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:29 am

Our environment today was so different compared from before. There was many animals, fresh air and clean water. The living condition of the people was simple. They planted trees, domesticated animals and preserved the nature. As years goes by, we can see a big change. Our climate really changes. Before, we do not encounter severe calamities. Our ozone layer was damaged that now causes global warming. This will affect living things like in humans, acquiring skin diseases. Now, pollutions arises in water, land and air.This problem was not fully solved. The effects of these pollutions are the following: contamination of water and air, cardiovascular and nervous system diseases, smothered habitats(where aquatic animals fed and lived), erosion, siltation and flooding.These are the evidences that our environment was destroyed and damaged by man. If we take care and love our nature, it will be preserve for the next generation. Do not harm our nature because we never know what it will bring to us.

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One LIFE...One HOME...

Post by ladydonato » Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:55 am

The question of which is more important,environmental protection or technological progress,is of great concern to mankind.Upon man's creation,he was given the gifts of intelligence and free will.He was told to have dominion over the earth and all other creations.Over the years,man was able to conquer his environment.He learned to use his environment to his advantage,to make his way of life more comfortable.Greater accumulation of knowledge led to the development of science and scientific knowledge was put into application.Thus,technology,which is the result of science put into action,came about.
Environmental protection is more important than technological progress.Technological progress came about not only because of man's knowledge,but because there was the eeenvironment which supported man's existence.Man harnessed nature and he developed his environment to make living easier and life work faster.With only man's knowledge but no life sustaining environment,there can be no technological progress.
The environment has supported man's existence.Man harnessed the environments potentials.Both man and his environment gained benifits. Technological progress gave both man and environment benifits and development.But anything which is taken or used in excess will result in malevolent effects and danger will be at hand.The level of technology achieved by man rose to a great extent that this technology which has brought great benifits for man,is now posing a great danger to the environment.
The environment,its protection and preservation should be given more important than technological progress.It is the environment which nourishes man.It is the environment which supports man and offers man a home.Man has to treasure life because he has only one life.Man has to treasure his environment the way he should treasure life,because he has only one home - his environment,the Mother Earth.Without this environment,there could no progress of whatever kind and there would no life of whatever form.

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Re: One LIFE...One HOME...

Post by JackBean » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:07 am

STOP THE SPAM!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Cis or trans? That's what matters.

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Post by napster » Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:41 pm


Typhoon Uring in 1991, brought 5,101 deaths while Typhoon Nitang in 1984 have 1,363 deaths, and let’s not forget the 2006 Typhoon Reming which brought 754 deaths. And now Ondoy. Really, why do we experience such disastrous typhoons?

The Philippines lies along the western rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire (a belt of active volcanoes and major earthquake faults) and also the Pacific typhoon belt. It is one of the world’s most natural disaster-prone countries due to a combination of disastrous typhoons, floods, landslides, drought, volcanoes, and earthquake.

But though being a natural disaster-prone country, still what’s happening in the Philippines is not what others even the experts are expecting.

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa), Ondoy brought Metro Manila its highest amount of rainfall in the last 42 years.

“In 1967, a typhoon brought Metro Manila 334 mm of rain in 24 hours, Ondoy’ brought us a total of 453 mm of rain in 24 hours.”

Experts says, it’s already a manifestation of climate change. I say, climate change is not just a manifestation it’s already happening in the Philippines and around the globe.

Who’s to blame?. People, it is. It is we, who are living in this Earth and it is we who have not took good care of the Earth.

The Philippines, for example, has experienced temperature spikes brought about by climate change. It has been observed that warming is experienced most in the northern and southern regions of the country, while Metro Manila has warmed less than most parts. In addition, the regions that have warmed the most (northern Luzon, Mindanao) have also dried the most. Largest precipitation trends are about 10 percent during the 20th century.

Hot days and hot nights have become more frequent. Extreme weather events have also occurred more frequently since 1980. These include deadly and damaging typhoons, floods, landslides, severe El Niño and La Niña events, drought, and forest fires. Adversely affected sectors include agriculture, fresh water, coastal and marine resources and health.

These scenarios can prove itself that indeed climate change already occurred. But, what really caused this climate change?

A lot of things may contribute to this, air pollution is one of those. Though, not all air pollutants can be blamed for the cause, still it contributes.

Air pollution includes greenhouse gases. One of these is carbon dioxide, a common part of the exhaust from cars and trucks. Greenhouse gases cause global warming by trapping heat from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are a natural part of Earth’s atmosphere, but in the last 150 years or so, the amount in our atmosphere has increased. The increase comes from car exhaust and pollutants released from smokestacks at factories and power plants. The increase in greenhouses gases is the cause of most of the global warming that happened over the past century.

During the 20th century, the average global temperature went up by about 0.74°C, with the warming affecting land more than ocean areas. In addition, average rate of warming over the last 50 years is nearly twice that for the last 100 years.

Further warming and changes in the global climate system during the 21st century could occur if greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equal to or higher than current levels will persist.

With climate change will come water shortages and decreases in agricultural productivity and food security. Our health will be threatened by heat stress and increased chances of exposure to infectious diseases. Those living in low-lying coastal areas may become climate refugees as their homes are destroyed. And tourism, an important source of income for many, will decline.

Terrifying isn’t it. Is the lesson from Ondoy, haven’t yet sink in our minds?. Are we still going to wait for another Ondoy?. We could still stop these global warming. It’s still not too late if we really put our minds and hearts into it.

The Philippine government had already started this by having the Philippine Clear Air Act of 1999. The energy sector is now promoting more friendly gases. One of which is Coco-Biodiesel.

But even if these are all been laid in front us, still we need to act with it not against it to be able to fight climate change. Support the biodiesel campaign, ensure maximum energy efficiency in the home (over 25% of CO2 emissions are from domestic energy use) through good heat insulation and through the use of high efficiency appliances (eg low energy light bulbs, Grade A or B appliances), ensure maximum energy saving - do not overheat rooms and turn off lights when not required, walk and cycle where possible, and use a fuel-efficient car (over 25% of CO2 emissions come from transport), consider the environment when shopping; eg buy goods produced with low energy use and products that originate from renewable sources.

Let’s not forget that the initial effects of the climate change brought about by air pollution (as one) had already been proven and experienced by many of us. Are we still going to wait for the worst? Or should I say, are we going to wait for our children to experience it.

Allow me to show this real photos of the consequence we may experience again if we continue to give this issue of air pollution a cold shoulder.
This are real photos of the effects of air pollution

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Environment Changes and Effects

Post by mike00217 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:36 am

In our early times,we enjoy the nature gifts.Where we can get foods,raw materials that we need to build our houses,and where we can harvest fruits and vegetables that we use to earn for a living.
We forget that the nature have a big role for animals and especially to the mankind it serve a shelter,produce food,give all things we needed,our number one armor for natural disaster,like typhoon,earthquake,flooding etc.The trees are the shield for typhoon it prevent the wind,holds the lands by its roots that make the land compact,also prevent the flooding by sipping the water by its roots.Unfortunately we over used the nature we abused it,we cut trees,just do the cutting and cutting until we left the mountain bald.We don't bother to plant small trees for exchange to those trees we cut.And the life living there is don't know where to hide they lost their habitat because of people selfishness.
The time pass by we didn't notice the changes in environment.We embrace the technology,new inventions,the gadgets that help us to lessen our work help us to communicate easier travel fast not knowing the effect to our environment that will reflected into our living.Like Global Warming,sudden climate change.If we don't stop those act,we the mankind will suffer the consequences that the nature would give us.So let us do change,let us take good care the nature open our eyes be RESPONSIBLE.

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Environmental Change

Post by ridyinastar » Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:38 am

Although the carrying capacity of the planet is unknown, one
thing is certain: There will never be one more person on the
planet than the planet can support. Think about that! Obviously,
with the aid of technology and energy subsidies the planet can
support many more people today than it could have supported
500 or 1,000 years ago. We are, however, dependent upon
maintaining or increasing the present levels of technology and
massive energy subsidies to support the present and future levels
of population.
A potential problem, unfortunately, is that population is
continuing to increase rapidly while many vital resources
such as energy, soil, and clean, safe water are diminishing.
Every year large amounts of agriculturally productive land
deteriorate to a state of nonproductivity or the land is
allocated to nonagricultural uses such as subdivisions and
interstate highways. Attempts to compensate for this loss of
soil by increasing agricultural intensity, often accompanied by
increased subsidies of energy, are accelerating soil erosion and
compounding the problem by reducing yields even further in
some of the poorer regions of the world. Forests are being cut
down and deserts are expanding at alarming rates, either directly
because of hunger or indirectly because of ill-fated attempts to
service debt and/or develop the economies of poorer countries.
At the same time, other vital resources such as water supplies
are being depleted or polluted. Not only is the atmosphere
being poisoned, but chemical modification threatens to alter
the existing climatic distributions of the planet, which could
dramatically reduce the food-producing capability of the Earth.

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