2 Cell Bio Questions

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2 Cell Bio Questions

Post by Jeyradan » Wed Sep 20, 2006 2:29 am

Stuck on these on my latest assignment...

1. In Figure 14, why are there two protein G bands in the third lane? What general experimental analysis would be necessary to determine how the protein in band labeled G1-delta-C is different from the protein in the band labeled G0?

2. Why are results of the reconstitution experiment shown in Figure 24 important to understanding how protein translocation in the ER works? (Think about what the results show.)

These 2 questions refer to the Gunter Blobel's Nobel Prize lecture, although it's not necessary to have the lecture to answer it.
Figure 14.JPG
The figure for the first question.
Figure 24.JPG
The figure for the second question.

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