Cells of the human vein

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Cells of the human vein

Post by d9esco » Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:44 am

I had a question about the cells of a human vein. When I google search images I get nothing. I was hoping to get diagrams or an article but nothing comes up on google.

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Re: Cells of the human vein

Post by claudepa » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:18 pm

Did you look for endothelial cells ?

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Post by leesajohnson » Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:22 am

Veins and arteries comprise the body's circulatory system, with the heart functioning as the pump. Arteries transport blood away from the heart, and veins bring it back toward the heart. The lungs are involved, and their purpose is to add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the blood as it travels through the lungs from the heart. After this gas exchange in the lungs, this freshly oxygenated blood returns to the heart to supply oxygen to the heart itself before being pumped out to all of the body tissues with this fresh supply of oxygen.
1.Arteries carry blood away from the heart.
2.Veins carry blood towards the heart.

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Post by fluciano » Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:10 pm

I didn't understand if you are looking for a morphological / hystological description of the veins,in that case this could be helpful


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