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Scholarly article help

Post by tri4thlete » Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:08 am

Hello all,

Our assignment is to understand two articles in this scholarly article. I have figure 2C and figure 5. I understand what the article is about, but am having a difficult time understanding my figures :(. Any clarification would be much apprectiated!

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Post by canalon » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:16 pm

Figure 2C:
What is a western blot? What is it supposed to show?
They are quite clear what is in what lane in the legend:
Western blot analysis showing the presence and absence of CdhA expression in the whole lysates of mutant, wild-type, and complemented strains using anti-CdhA IgG (lane 1), recombinant CdhA protein, and whole cell lysates of wild type M1-SF370 (lane 2), M1ΔCdhA (lane 3), M1CdhAΔC55 (lane 4), M1ΔCdhA::cdhA (lane 5), M1-WT::cdhA (lane 6), M1ΔSTK (lane 7), and M1ΔSTK::cdhA (lane 8)

ΔYFG means that your favorite gene (YFG) has been deleted
::YFG means that it has been reinserted in the strain

Figure 5:
Read the section named ''Human IgG-binding Assay'' in the methods. Do you understand what they were doing and why?
p<0.0001 means that the difference between the isolated low curve and all the others are different.
What do you conclude?

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)

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