Structure of flower


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Structure of flower

Post by zodesujit » Sun May 19, 2013 5:46 am

Structure of flower

flower is an most amazing part of angiospermic plant.
Defnation of flower:- it is highly evolved shoot specially designed for sexual reproduction.
a typical flower contain four floral whorls viz.

1. calyx:-
it is outermost whorl of flower.
the individual members of calyx is called sepals.
when sepals are free called polysepalous & when united it is called gamosepalous.

it is second whorl of flower.
individual members of corolla called petals.
when petals are free called polypetalous & when united called gamopetalous.

it is male reproductive whorl.
unit of androecium is called stamen.
when stamens are free called polyandrous & when united called epiandrous.
filament & anter are two parts of androceium.

it is female reproductive whorl.
unit of gynoecium is called carpel.
carpel consist of three parts viz. stigma, style & ovary.

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Re: Structure of flower

Post by Rettajean » Wed May 29, 2013 6:28 am

Thanks the information...but can anyone explain how this cycle works???and its functions???

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Post by JackBean » Thu May 30, 2013 11:04 am

what exactly do you want to explain about that?

Cis or trans? That's what matters.

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Post by snowfall » Thu May 30, 2013 5:29 pm

Structure of Flower:
Form Function

Peduncle Flower stalk.
Receptacle Part of flower stalk bearing the floral organs, at base of flower.
Sepal Leaf-like structures at flower base, protects young flower bud.
Calyx All the sepals together form the calyx.
Petal Located in and above the sepals, often large and colourful, sometimes scented, sometimes producing nectar. Often serve to attract pollinators to the plant.
Corolla All the petals together form the corolla.
Stamen Male part of the flower, consisting of the anther and filament, makes pollen grains.
Filament The stalk of the stamen which bears the anther.
Anther The pollen bearing portion of a stamen.
Pollen Grains containing the male gametes. Immature male gametophyte with a protective outer covering.
Carpel\Pistil Female part of the flower. Consisting of the stigma, style and ovary.
Stigma Often sticky top of carpel, serves as a receptive surface for pollen grains.
Style The stalk of a carpel, between the stigma and the ovary, through which the pollen tube grows.
Ovary Enlarged base of the carpel containing the ovule or ovules. The ovary matures to become a fruit.
Ovule Located in the ovaries. Carries female gametes. Ovules become seeds on fertilization.

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