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help match biology

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Frontal Lobe


Medulla Oblongata


Parietal Lobe

Temporal Lobe

Corpus Callosum


Occipital Lobe

Relay centre; directs impulses from the senses to the correct brain region

Of the cerebrum; auditory interpretation; impulses are from the organ Corti

Of the cerebrum; visual interpretation; impulses are from rods and cones

Involuntary control of heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and swallowing

Conscious control; thinking, creative thought, emotions, interpretation of sense receptors impulses (eyes, ears, skin)

Of the cerebrum conscious thought, intelligent, memory, personality; controls voluntary motor muscle action (such as to throw a ball)

Unconscious control of the muscle co-ordination and balance

Sends messages from tone cerebral hemisphere to the other. Connects right and left hemispheres

Direct link to the pituitary gland of the endocrine system, plays a major role in homeostasis regulating HR, BR, temperature and drives (hunger, thirst, rage, and sexual desire)

Of the cerebrum; taste, sense receptors from the body/skin are interpreted (such as Tabasco sauce on the lips)

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Am i the only one who reads the threads at the top? i could have sworn there was one that said something along the lines of "we won't do your homework".

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