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from msc

yes I know about lewis base, and flash paper, and carbon electronic paper and yes it is magnusson he and kligman have a guniea pig test they do that has become a national standard test. funny they know how to create all of these genetic altered organism and use our bodies to deliver them and no one with their naked eyes can see but the one trapped in the maze of ligands toxic gases, globs of gue gels comings out of their skin, but no one knows what tests to do for us, isn't that amazing?
they think because they have a degree that gives them a license to destroy our lives and manipulate our atoms and used mind altering drugs on us and if that doesn't work they say you dop and send you to a pysch to put you on more mind altering drugs. you might want to look up tetrahydro and cannibinoids. tetrahydro is used in renova and in retinoids.
as accutane causes people to have psuedo tumors and alters their minds and causes suicide, was used in renova but we can't get an attorney to help us because they say you need a physician to state it and they are busy saying you are dop, when all the chemicals state otherwise. accutane burns the cornea, my friends eyes are fried and these physicians left her like this for seven years, forcing her to drive with a disability where she could kill herself or someone else in an accident. her medical records state dry eyes, dry mouth, dry mucous membranes and there are hundreds of test each physician could have done and refused to do to leave her to die and suffocate and be strangled with polyethylene tubes and nano acrylate powders and retinoids with bleached aciids. every chemical in this product causes skin problems, herg, lung problems
removes calicum and minerals from the bones and teeth. this is microwave radiation testing they are doing with their phosphorous ponytail ligangds that were never suppose to leave a lab, and their misuse of using methane and nitrogene with bacteriorhodopsin, all these chemical corps. state this and we written them for help and none respond what happen to human beings what happen to the human race and our government allowing this? there are children suffering because of this crazed act. not a word from johnson and johnson, univer of penn whose physicians stated to my friend it will be out of her system in three months keep it moist that was five years ago and her nightmare just gests worse as there is no end to this monsters that we can visibly see just not physicians, because they are paid not to see them. my friend stated let her go on tv with all the doctors and the unbiased witnesses who can look into the optical equipment, mircroscopes , and take still frame photos and develop them right them. this hasn't been one response from the media to set that up. put morgellon patients on tv where the camera is rolling doesn't show it because these things move and spin so rapidly they are magnetic bands and multilayer films and gases that cover the organism that is doing this. this is no ones imagination let alone thousands across the world, and these are prescriptions that are sold around the world.
i pray for all of us, and i pray for my friends famly, her children have been pushed too far, and it will be another sad Christmas for a
Christian family while the monster who did this get to celebrate a holdiay they don't even believe in because they thought they were a god and could create something so vile, so invasive and so cruel. next election remember all of those in congress and senate in state and federal who turned their backs on you when you asked for help. there is a senator who does know the horrors of accutane as his son killed himself and i hope he will help expose this cruel act once and for all, he might find comfort in knowing his son will never know the true horror of accutane and what it covers you entire body in head to toe as joe butch in fla. knows and why he is trying to have it recalled, where is hoffman and roche at in trying to help all those victims that are suffering from this drug they created? I am sory but i am getting very angry and need to get off,
i am truly amazed that such a cruel act could be done in this country and where there are so many people that could and should have stopped this didn't, i am amazed at the heartlessness and it is unforgiveable.

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graphics! But at least scan all of it b/c the copperheaded man is in the middle to end of the document.

Have fun.... ... denum.html

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thank you for everything! I just now read your sweet post.

Here goes.......

Look people; you have apparently won.

nah....... I have faith
God will protect me. I just need to get off this stupid,

but wonderful computer. For good! Like I said, if I go down, I'm taking you with me. So, since you already started and continue to keep on then, guess what? That's right, it's my turn.

Don't worry, I will be gentle. very.

Okay, let's start shall we?

People, did you not find it funny when your spokesperson, Mr. Cliff Mikelson pronounced Morgellons as if there was a "J" inplace of the "G" in sounding the MaJellons?

HUH? Was the wonderful writer but not so good of a person,per-
erhaps mispronouncing it?

No way, the man is a genius.....too wise to make such a mistake. he?

Let's just put it this way.....I knew something was up with that. Especially when I heard others pronounce it like that.

Ms Leito and her faked website the Morgellons Researches you Foundation taught us all that the word Morgellons was to be pronounced with a hard "g".

Point??? No, Cliff and the others were not pronouncing it wrong when they used the J sound. For you see my friends that is what it is called.........

"Magellons" and here, here is the whole name of it.....Magellon Systems International.

And guess who their lil sister company is: Magellon Behavioral Health!!!!! I kid you not....Sounds like they have been giving people dementia for a long time does it not?

OKAY, Part 2

Take a guess what the Magellon Systems International makes? Why it is the M5 Fibre or Fiber or Fibre.......

and yes, it is based in Virginia. The fiber was first developed by a Dr in the Netherlands....Boy, this is getting better all along.

But wait.......there's more.....

Remember the boy in the bubble? I have said for over 2 or 3 months now to look up the bubble disease in man. The Navy ships Sonar waves is what is killing the whales in the ocean. so I figured it was some kind of waves killing us.....makes sense right? Well it is....Microwaves and Ultrasound waves.....okay, back to the boy in the bubble......his last name was Vetter.....

Guess who owns the Magellon Co? Gene Vetter!!! I kid you not.

Now, here is another great twist to the story ( a true story) now guess who else is owner and equal parnters in this pretty venture??

You got it; the Duponts.

NOW I EXPECTED I WOULD BE DEAD BY THE END OF THE WEEK AND I Had this all down and the names of key persons when I go, they will know who did it to me but like I said, I think they plan on getting to me before the end of the week and that is not so far off is it?

So,. I love and care for all of you sick people out there, I thought you should know the above information and hope you find it useful.

TamTam, why are you hiding? I see that you brought one of your key characters out today, did you not?

Everyone, I thought TamTam cared for us, until I found out who he was....
I think
he is the person that is also in cahoots with the NSF and his

ever so smooth writings. Yes, he is a writer.
I think he is Joss Whedon. He is the writer of Fighfly (did'nt you see one of his characters named serenity write today??) and Mr Whedon is also

the writer of the infamous "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER"

yOU ALL GET IT NOW????? PORPHYRIA IS A NAME THEY ALSO USE IN FOLKLORE.....FOR THE VAMPIRES.....B/c it messes up our red blood cell count and also we are now allergic to light.

Sorry Tam Tam, but you were rude to me the other day in your pm telling me computers had nothing to do with this. Oh, I love the character River Tam too!

And for all: Joss is big time involved with these internet games that make fun of us.
How many buds you got at stanford? They have teams that keep points, do you? I saw you in a photo after the end of one of your gaming sessions. But I wont post it. I'm not that cruel like you all. Voyers! (sp?)

Yep, Nanotechnolgy.....the other night Billy Graham said he once thought that technology would help save the human race but now thinks it will be the end of us.

Thanks Joss, thanks good buddy.

Here is some links for you: ... episode%29


Yes, I know about porphyrins and the porphyrin rings and the porphyrin Ligands and so does my Doctors., and get I even aware of the METALPORHYRINS. tHIS IS AS FOR AS IT GOES WITH ME SAYING ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT IT. SO CUT THE GD GALLIUM SEMICONDUCTORS OFF.


PS: Now people you get my pun about the BMW M5 series? Have any been following you lately?

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Mouths are for speaking

Ears are for listening

Hands are for helping


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Proof for above commission on education and workforce.

Might wake some up....


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fibers......fibres......fibrs.........fickle fins....

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is Simultaneous Spark Plasma Synthesis what they call chemtrails?

Al 5083
here are the parts of the process...................................
Smart Core-Shell Nanowire filled with titania-based sol-gel inks for Multifunctional refractive index materials, such as silicon and germanium, in the hollow-woodpile architecture for dispersion via space based fiber laser , guided by atmospheric grid to biochemically regulate metabolic processes .

a major breakthrough by permitting atomic-resolution
3D-imaging of molecules and affording surface and subsurface
atomic mapping of the structure and composition of virtually
any material. A prototype unit (probe portion is shown in the
figure to the left) was delivered this past spring to the Army
Research Laboratory, which will act as a beta testing site for
the system. The technology should have a revolutionary impact
on research in nanotechnology and in the biological sciences,
where atomic-resolution mapping of systems will afford new
insights on the respective processes that operate at the
nanoscale and in living systems
, respectively.[color=blue]WHAAAT?

. Multi-beam ceramic holography as a route to 3-D nano- and microscale periodic ceramics;
. Ceramic/liquid crystal composite optical switches;
. UV and multiphoton patterning of sol-gel ceramic precursors as a route to sub micron engineered ceramic structures; and
. Robotically controlled deposition of ceramic nanoparticle-polymer
composites. Superatoms as building block of new materials
Flexible Membranes for Active Transport of HCl
The objective of this MURI is to produce synthetic flexible membranes containing biological transport proteins that can utilize energy for the selective uptake, concentration and release of ions and molecules in an organized manner. The effort includes production of both macroscopic membranes and nanostructures containing transport proteins with vectorial transport function. The research combines both experimental and theoretical studies utilizing a very promising membrane transport system; the fundamental concepts

developed from this effort are expected to provide significant insight into many other transport systems. The MURI program may enable novel materials for: fuel cell membranes, reverse osmosis and active filter membranes, drug delivery systems, moisture-removing fabrics, and chemical and biological defense. The research program includes:
. Reconstitution of the gastric HCl secretory apparatus into synthetic flexible membranes in functional form. Investigation of the structural determinants of regulatory regions in native and specifically modified or engineered proteins. Application of control mechanisms such as pH, ionic conditions, membrane voltage, and intracellular second messengers. Identification and engineering, using guidance from computational modeling, of transport systems with the capability to transport other substances; and . Design of macroscopic and nanoscopic planar and three-dimensional membrane support structures. Self-Assembly of 3-D Multifunctional Ceramic Composites for Photonics and Sensors

Synthesizing the materials during processing offers the ability to produce components from these materials with greatly reduced costs."like the condensate of two chemtrails running parallel" This group has been studying the effect of ball milling pre-treatment of the starting Ti, B4C and C powders mixture on the synthesis of dense TiC/TiB2 composites through the combined use of a SPEX mill and the spark plasma sintering (SPS) apparatus. Without the pre-treatment, amorphous carbon reacted to form TiC through combustion with elemental titanium, with completion achieved through a relatively slow reaction between the residual Ti and B4C. In contrast, powders ball milled for 24 h reacted completely under combustion regime. The group observed that the SPS product density increased from about 97% to 100% of the theoretical value after milling the original powder for 6 h. The latter one also allowed for the formation of a material with relatively finer microstructure and more homogeneous phase distribution.
(1)Human Signature Phenomenology Study to include many different types of signatures, such as: acoustic; seismic; radar (RF to millimeter wave) and passive electromagnetic; active and passive EO/IR (electro-optic and infrared); hyperspectral, etc.
(2) Sensor Fusion and Networking Study to decrease the probability of false alarms and increase the effective range of a sensor system.
(3) A New Sensor Concept Study which will exploit the results of the phenomenology study and may include a different modality, and (4)Multi-Sensor Data Collection. During this year seismic, acoustic, RF, and super-low-resolution (e.g., 16x16 pixels) visible-band video signals have been successfully analyzed for indicators of human presence through gait signatures and related signal information. Fusion of signal information of different modalities was investigated using a new Bayesian-algorithm-based approach. The MURI program on Standoff Inverse Analysis and Manipulation of Electronic Systems, started in FY05, is making rapid progress developing phenomenology and transferring the research output to DoD and government activities. High Power Fiber Laser Arrays involves mathematical modeling of the nonlinear self organization of fiber laser output beams.
Such laser systems will also produce improved remote sensing, ranging, and designation. In the first year of this program the most significant findings were four-fold: (i) new fiberizable germanate-based glasses which permit high rare-earth doping levels, (ii) fiber coatings based on flouropolymers exhibiting thermal stabilities which double those of present materials, (iii) a robust simulation tool to model arbitrary fiber cross sections and index/gain profiles, (iv) a monolithic fiber laser module operating at 2049.5 nm with a linewidth of less than 1.5 nm and an output power of 20 W, and (e) the first experimental indication of gain guiding in an optical fiber laser where an output approximating the lowest order mode was observed in a fiber with a 100 micron core diameter. Research within the area of fluid dynamics over the last decade has resulted in the conception, development, and validation of a wide array of powerful new tools. In the experimental arena, the development of nonintrusive flow diagnostic methods, such as particle imaging velocimetry (PIV), holographic interferometry, and luminescent paints, is revolutionizing the study of fluid mechanics. Computationally, developments such as unstructured and Chimera grids, direct and large eddy simulation (LES), and high-speed parallel computers, have provided the capability to analyze complex fluid dynamics problems which previously were not amenable to analysis. Advances in smart materials, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), fuzzy logic, and neural networks offer the possibility of fluid mechanics control for a wide variety of Army systems.Professor Bertozzi developed a “fractional bandwidth reacquisition algorithm” for coordination of swarms of autonomous vehicles. The intent of this algorithm is to optimize performance between the two extremes of central control of all vehicles and completely independent behavior of each vehicle. Three versions (greedy, fast-greedy and divide-and-conquer) of the algorithm have been developed. These versions all balance independent behavior of each vehicle with coordination (communication) with other vehicles in a way that is advantageous for swarms in harsh environments with high vehicle attrition rates and unreliable communication. The RF Sensor Systems Development Lab of Raytheon is implementing these algorithms in software for path planning for multiple UAVs with multiple sensor modalities, including Global Hawk.
Controlling domain structures in ferroelectric materials is key to many practical uses of this class of materials. Although ferroelectrics such as LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 are critical components in a wide range of current and future technological applications, such as wavelength converters, laser scanners, all optical switches, and non-linear photonic band-gap devices, current understanding is quite limited, especially concerning the role of defects in domain reversals and their dramatic influence on coercive fields. The goal of the research is to develop real time diagnostic tools to monitor the creation of fine (submicron size) domain patterns and to advance fundamental understanding of the static and dynamic interaction between atomic size defects and the interface between domains of opposite orientations. For that purpose, a new method that uses the atomic–scale sensitivity of intentionally doped probe ions, such as rare earth ions has been developed. Real-time diagnostic tools to monitor the creation of fine (submicron size) domain patterns in ferroelectrics such as lithium niobate and tantalate are being developed to advance fundamental understanding of the static and dynamic interaction between atomic size defects and the interface between domains of opposite orientations. The spatial resolution of the rare earth based imaging technique has been reduced to the nanoscale (100nm).

The largest problem with transparent ceramics is the dispersion problem. Unless the crystal structure is cubic, the variation of refractive index with crystallographic direction leads to light refraction at grain boundaries in polycrystalline ceramics, making the materials translucent. The cubic materials
available, such as spinel, have inadequate
mechanical performance for many
applications. Designers must use harder and
stronger materials, like sapphire, as single
crystals, which are very expensive to
produce in large sizes and net shapes.
Another approach is to make the grain size
so much smaller than the wavelength of
light that the material forms an effective
continuum and appears transparent to light.
The group at the University of California –
Davis has successfully produced dense
zirconia and ceria ceramics with grain sizes
SEM micrograph of a fully-stabilized zirconia
(8% YO) densified at 85023ºC and 530 MPa
with a hold time of 5 min.

New colloidal self-assembly routes that combine nanoparticle- and DNA- mediated colloidal assembly with colloidal epitaxy to create colloidal crystals with exact orientation with respect to a substrate and defined crystal symmetries;The creation of inks that flow through these fine deposition nozzles as continuous filaments, and then rapidly solidify to maintain their shape even as they span gaps in the underlying layer(s). To date, this research group has developed concentrated polyelectrolyte and sol-gel inks for DIW. Polymeric scaffolds have been created by DIW of polyelectrolyte inks in the form of face-centered tetragonal woodpile structures ohhh thats the scaley reason with feature sizes of ~1 µm and recently converted to high refractive index materials, such as silicon and germanium, in the hollow-woodpile architecture for photonic applications.

Using titania-based sol-gel inks, face-centered tetragonal woodpile structures with feature sizes of ~1 µm have been patterned and directly converted to anatase by thermal annealing. The resultant structures have been explored as potential photonic crystals due to the high refractive index of titania (n(anatase) ~ 2.5) and its transparency in the visible and infrared spectral regimes. The annealed woodpile structures exhibit a partial photonic band gap with a reflectance of up to 85% in the near IR. Ongoing efforts are now focused on extending the DIW to finer features sizes, with the ultimate goal being the creation of 3D periodic structures with 100 nm features. Additionally, a novel hydrogel based ink has been developed that has tunable extrusion properties and the necessary structural integrity for three-dimensional feature generation. In addition to being humidity-responsive, the final structure is also elastic which may open up additional applications.The research team has developed a novel experimental method for dynamic testing of MEMS materials and devices. In this method, a high power pulse Nd:YAG laser (peak power 1 J, pulse duration 15 ns) is used to launch a stress wave in the Si substrate of the MEMS. Upon reflection from the free surface the stress wave produces large tensile loads (up to 2 GPa) in sufficiently short times (accelerations up to 108 g) to fail the MEMS dynamically. The substrate stress is measured by monitoring the free surface displacement using a Michelson interferometer. ........."ahhhhh scalar driven biomems"........
the device has been used extensively for the dynamic loading of polysilicon based MEMS obtained from Sandia National Labs. These experiments have pointed out an important new phenomena in the dynamic failure of MEMS. Tests have been performed on a single pad made up of layers of polySi and SiO2. The figure below shows the evolution of damage for increasing amplitude of the applied stress pulse from 400 MPa to 1.2 GPa (15 ns duration for each), for a 9 micron tall pad made up of 3 layers of Si and 2 layers of SiO2. The failure starts at the corners and progresses, with increasing load, to the scalloped feature, and finally to the pyramidal failure made up of material fracture and delamination. The failure evolution for a 2 micron tall pad at the same loading rates shows that failure is also a function of geometry and if the MEMS structures are smaller it is more difficult to cause failure as a result of the smaller inertial forces. However, a similar failure pattern occurs at a higher stress rate.
Light Filamentation

The PIs have succeeded in producing light filaments. When a pulsed laser beam is launched above a critical intensity, the nonlinear refractive index of air causes a fraction of the beam to undergo self-focusing. As the intensity increases, free electrons produced by multi-photon ionization provide a negative contribution to the refractive index. These two processes balance one another in a white-light filament with intensities over 1013 W/cm2.
White light filamentation

These light filaments may extend over km distances, and can provide the basis for a revolutionary new class of sensors. As the energy propagates, it generates a super continuum, coherent light over the entire visible spectrum, and beyond. This “white laser” radiation can be useful for LIDAR, detection of aerosols, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), as well as a host of other remote spectroscopic applications. As the filament propagates, it breaks up into smaller filament as shown in figure 9, depending on the ellipticity, e, of the beam. The PIs have shown that regular filamentation patterns can be controllably generated by using beams with a specified ellipticity, demonstrating control of the filamentation process using initial beam parameters. Further research will test for range of propagation and spectral development as a function of distance. Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers Mahmoud Fallahi, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona The PI has developed Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs), a technique that produced high power, solid state laser radiation in a single mode. High power, high brightness lasers are the key elements for a wide range of commercial and defense applications. Optically pumped semiconductor VECSELs are very promising to achieve high power, high brightness, unmatched by other semiconductor lasers. They combine the techniques of diode pumped solid-state thin disk lasers and semiconductor quantum-well vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). InGaAs/GaAs VECSELs are attractive sources for 980 nm emission and can be used as the pump source for Er-doped fiber lasers/amplifiers as well as the generation of blue-green lasers by frequency doubling. Fallahi has developed TEM00 VECSELs operating in the 900 nm - 1000 nm wavelength range. In order to achieve stable and largely tunable lasing wavelength they use a birefringent filter in the cavity. To achieve short wavelength they use frequency doubling of the VECSEL using LBO crystals in an intracavity configuration. Text Box: self-focusing of beam Figure 9. Breakup of light filaments into smaller filaments as a function of beam ellipticity e at various beam intensities. As shown in the sketch below, the device uses a DBR (distributed Bragg reflector) near the heat sink, and a quantum well structure near the output. schematic of optical pumping as shown at right. To achieve blue-green emission, an in intracavity SHG will be formed. In this cavity, the antireflection coated VECSEL chip (active mirror) and concaved spherical output coupler serve as folding mand two flat mirrors are arranged as end mirrors. By “unfolding” the Z-shaped cavity about the VECSEL Dmirror, they can interpret the VECSEL active region as a tilted intra-cavity etalon. An LBO crystal will be considered for second harmonic generation to achieve blue green lasing emission.
First Experimental Observation of Bona Fide Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Recurrence in Spin Waves
Mingzhong Wu and Carl E. Patton, Colorado State University
Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) recurrence is the recovery of the initial state in a nonlinear system as it progresses in time. This recurrence was unexpectedly discovered by Fermi, Pasta, and Ulam in a simulation in 1955. This discovery marked the birth of nonlinear science and ushered in the age of computational physics. The recurrence phenomenon remained a mystery until 1965 when Zabusky and Kruskal discovered solitons — waves that are immune to dispersion. With time, a high amplitude periodic wave train can break into a family of solitons with different velocities. When the fast solitons catch up and collide with the slow solitons, the initial wave train is reconstructed. The break-up into solitons and subsequent collisions have been observed in several nonlinear systems including electrical networks, plasma, and deep water waves. However, the periodic recurrence of the initial wave train has not been demonstrated until now.
Smart Core-Shell Nanowire Architectures for Multifunctional Nanoscale Devices

A new process for synthesizing core-shell semiconductor-ferroelectric (CSSF) coaxial nanostructures has been designed and developed. Optimization of the process and device fabrication using a newly developed CMOS-based dielectrophoretic nanowire array assembly platform is underway. The origin of the scaling of ferroelectricity in nanostructures was investigated. Significantly, the experimentally observed stabilization of ferroelectricity in nanostructures and thin films is explained quantitatively by molecular adsorbates using theoretical simulations and phenomenological modeling. These findings have significant implications for fundamental understanding of ferroelectricity in nanostructures, and in “surface engineering” of ferroelectrics with molecular adsorbates
...................................cloudseed anyone?..................................
Controlled synthesis of semiconductor-ferroelectric and metalferroelectric core/shell co-axial nanostructures has been demonstrated. Electron-beam lithographically patterned metal electrodes as fabricated in the lab, onto which semiconductor-ferroelectric coreshell nanowires (upper right inset) have been deposited using dielectrophoresis. self-organizing networks of large numbers of geographically dispersed physics-based sensors of various modalities (optical, IR, acoustic, electromagnetic, etc.) has been under investigation, with considerable success but with many questions still unanswered, for over a decade. Physics-based sensors are important but they can't be in place “everywhere” and, especially in urban conflict, there are often not a lot of them in places where needed. Operations depend not only on information from physics-based sensors but also on signals intelligence (SIGINT-information from intercepted communications, radar, and other forms of electromagnetic transmissions), communications intelligence (COMINT-intercepted messages or voice information), open-source intelligence (OSINT-newspapers, radio and TV programs), human intelligence (HUMINT) and databases, which we will call “soft information”. Extraction and fusion of soft information from text/voice and from databases has been extensively investigated, but not in the context of fusion with “hard information” from physics-based sensors. Full understanding in operational situations is provided by information from all sensors, where “sensor” now has a wider definition of “any source that provides relevant information.” The information produced by the sensors has to be transmitted and fused in a fashion that provides reliable summary information with low error rates while using the minimum amount of network resources. Basic research in network-based fusion of hard information from physics-based sensors with soft information as well as in network-based fusion of hard information and soft information separately is needed. the interface between biological sciences and the physical and engineering sciences and to explore enabling fundamental science underpinning the possible use of vitally supported human immortal cell line-derived “mini-human” hybrid tissue-like collections of mature, differentiated cells. It was anticipated that these cell systems would exhibit sufficient tissue-differentiated function to mimic, at least in rudimentary form, a reproducible composite organotypic range of biochemically characteristic metabolic processes and genetic regulatory pathways, and physiologically normal stimulus-response properties. To the extent possible with any particular cell system, studies were to include issues of microsystems support for viability and stability enabling self-contained organotypic behavior. At the University of Michigan, multipotent immortalized stem cells will be used to create a multi-component bony organ in vitro, by providing appropriate spatial and temporal cues to direct these stem cells to acquire different fates in the forming organ. Hematopoietic stem cells will be subsequently introduced into the multicomponent engineered bony organs to establish functional blood cell forming organs. These engineered bone marrow organs could provide an unusually sensitive physiological biosensor for the presence of various toxic agents, or have other applications of interest to the Army. The technologies developed to create these organs may also provide a template for the engineering of other complex, hybrid organs comprised of multiple cell types (e.g., liver, neural tissues).
microbiology (including microbial signatures), and in general microbial mechanisms with relevance to Army problems. Other areas of research include how to study organisms that cannot be grown in the laboratory, as well as research into methods to enhance the stabilization of military materiel, which would include methods to prevent microbial growth. Signal transduction, cell-to-cell communications and quorum sensing are important fields that can be studied in bacterial cultures especially in biofilms, as well as any research in how organisms can grow in unique (extreme) environmental conditions. [/color]
Molecular Genetics and Genomics (MGG) – Effort in this program emphasizes basic research in molecular genetics and genomics that will enable optimization of soldier cognitive and physical performance, soldier protection, and Army logistics. This includes human performance and protection under both normal conditions, and when affected by a variety of stressors that are likely to be encountered in battlefield situations, such as dehydration, heat, cold, sleep deprivation, fatigue, caloric insufficiency, microbial factors, and psychological stress. Genetic and genomic research areas include identification and characterization of gene function, gene regulation, genetic interactions, gene pathways, gene expression patterns, mitochondrial regulation and biogenesis, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA replication, mutagenesis, oxidative stress, DNA repair, and regeneration. The research work plan also encompasses molecular responses to pathogens, pathogen identification, and pathogen inactivation, as well as host-pathogen interactions, and host components of infection and resistance to infection. This program is also interested in the biotechnology of microarrays, including both genomic- and proteomic-based platforms, for real time detection of pathogens or physiological states that would reduce or interfere with human performance. This program also supports development of new biomaterials and bioproduction methods, and other advances in biotechnology methods and applications.
Researchers participating in the MURI entitled, “Mitigating Stress, Workload, and Fatigue in the Electronic Battlefield” are completing the final pieces of the research program, culminating in a book that should become a standard reference work in the field. In the latest results, they have uncovered experimental evidence which suggests that the two dimensions, which form base axes of the Hancock and Warm (1989) model, may not share common perceptual mechanisms as previously suggested. In addition, initial experiments testing Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory (FSDT) indicate that this novel approach to performance measurement captures elements of performance in complex tasks with high uncertainty and is therefore a critical extension of traditional Signal Detection Theory. The MURI researchers also established potential links between personality traits and performance in automated systems, and have identified avenues of research to examine how an operator’s characteristics influence their performance, workload, and stress associated with automated environments. MURI has also installed a military vehicle simulation for testing hypotheses concerning fatigue and sustained performance. Recent findings indicate that how fatigue influences military driving performance varies as a function of terrain, suggesting adaptive response by drivers over time. The Team Performance Laboratory (TPL) at the University of Central Florida has investigated adaptability of teams under time pressure and high workload, and is currently using a military-based task (Flashpoint) to further investigate the impact of stress on team processes. Further research has tied physiological measures (brain oximetry, eye movement recordings, etc.) into these stress states and should allow diagnostic and adaptive automation methods to aid in mitigation of the effects. The PIs are in the process of constructing a descriptive matrix that will inform current mechanisms for predicting task performance under stress (i.e., IMPRINT) and will evaluate stress-related performance deviations under vibration, noise, and time pressure conditions together with proposed work to examine the moderating effect of situation awareness (SA). Specifically, the ensuing database and meta-analytic reviews will aid in modifying and creating new degradation algorithms for current and future stressors within IMPRINT and mould the existing task taxonomy that is central to the effectiveness of performance shaping functions used within the task-network model.The difficulty has primarily been dissipation which is present in all real systems, whereas the theory is based on a conservative system.
conservative system??????to hell wih their fall-out and drugs ... research your own... the Russian super critical medical oil hexane extraction can be retooled to any scale and butane can used in hexanes place... with this simple technology a 15 hour reflux takes only 30 min.... .very consistant...

works great for any plant extract....
recent nadas extracts: and applied topically ............
oregano oil
clove oil
anis seed oil
pumpkinseed oil
lavender oil
fill a cup with 50% sea salts 50% epsom salt combine all oils
keep in freezer .....
this smelly slush in cold topical relieves the physical and mental during attacks... .. take iron zink copper ang garlic tablets and drink 3cups apple cider vinegar and place colloidal silver in a nasal spray bottle a few coats on all airways a day .......... i make my own because i cant afford the retail products and actually i enjoy the process of taking my life back.......... the silver colloidal is only tricky if you dont have jewellary or real silverware ... sterilize your 2 silver coins grab with allligator clips wired to a 12 volt battery pos and negative with a switch in the pos line ...... dont allow alligator clips to contact your distilled water
much more than this can be done with electrolosys..... but you catch my drift ....

and with canibus , delta 9 every time ,..... little bit on the densefog side so not really the afternoon cup of tea........ but on the other frequency spectrum ....


King Cobra
King Cobra
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Post by Skytroll » Fri Dec 15, 2006 8:46 am

When all else for the hills.......Ha ha

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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Jokes are for telling.........funnies....

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My take on Mad Cow....
Grain mixed with dead cows did not get simultaniously around the world or (allied countries) they did it experimenting on cloning and/or this stem cell ****. Now they have created a reverse protein that destroys and leaves holes. All my clients have Alzheimer's and most of my friends including myself....I can 't tell you how many times I'll go "Ah, ah...." while I try to remember what I was thinking...and the black helicopters, ufo crap in farmer's fields...since the 80's...still occuring, is them taking samples worried how far it's travelled throughout the food chain. God warned us and I ask you - how the hell do you get out of Babylon when it's all Babylon????? I tried, moved to the country, grew my own food, lived in the woods, ate herbs...they still nuked me...
There are two forms of Jacobean ......Mad Cow....brain and systemic....
I am finding it quite odd that my last Christmas home, plane delayed, nice gentleman from UT-Knoxville offered a ride from Atlanta up to Knoxville, just happened to be the main honcho studying prions at coincidences. Pray people, pray people, pray people...for their devices to have no effect on us and that they repent, the rest is up to the Lord. Amen and amen.

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bigger whoa

:? :?
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