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Post by Deena » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:13 pm

Hey SKY, I figured you did. Not so sure I would classify we w/approx. 1200 to 1500 view per day, though.

I was shooting at these guys :evil: Cuz I'm good like that :lol: 8)

And of course, anyone in between, undecided or sold by evolution :wink:
Said I would post that other one, so here it is.

REV 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Said a prayer, London :!:

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Post by mfromcanada » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:43 pm

Pray or put all your psychic energy out to ridgewater, It looks as though she has been chemtrailed.

Ridgewalker wrote:Good job Tam!
Being that I'm not new here, but new to posting and don't even pretend to be a microbiologist but unfortunately have had to learn more than I wished to due to the onset of Morgellons, I have a question that perhaps you or one of the other more educated might answer.
I was doing quite well for many months. Barely on antibiotics, mainly probiotics and nutrition, no lesions, brainfog, etc. Reversal of all neurological symptoms, restoration of vision and coordination.
I was not a chemtrail believer or more accurately simply had not been affected by them or seen evidence of them. I live in a small valley approx. 3 miles in diameter. It has been heavily chemtrailed for two weeks and upon attempting to film and videotape I was burned, blistered, lungs irritated, lymph glands swollen, etc.
The most interesting resultant symptoms however, were what feel systemic. I slept for nearly 3 days, then awoke with extreme sensitivity to light, sound, smell, etc. I felt for approx. 24 hours a heavy vibration throughout my body especially near electronic equipment. My ears/sound was EXTREMELY sensitive with a sound that can only be defined as something like being in a wind tunnel. Embarassingly, I lost complete control of my bowels without even the sensation of an urge for evacuation. Upon administration of valium and IM Rocephin the symptoms have subsided somewhat, however rather than feeling that this has been eliminated, I feel that there is now another, perhaps stronger entity in my body that instead of creating a symbiosis with the existing organism is attempting to eliminate and supercede it. There definitely was heavy fallout in the air which I inhaled and absorbed through the skin. And rather than the quorum sensing of which my own body has been witness to, it seems as if these agents are at odds with one another. Do you think this is a possibility? That a different, stronger strain could be introduced and attempt to anhialate the existing that had taken up residence? This is difficult to describe as it is all sensory related. Can you understand my question and do you have any thoughts on it?
Thank you,

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Post by Deena » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:45 pm


I was looking back, trying to find more in regards to London's request and happened to see a post of yours on pg 436 where you mention hit or miss as to what fungus worked best for a particular reaction...

You guys are all way over my head, I admit and I have not read everything but can say that I am definately familiar in the molds/fungi department because of what had happened to myself, family and house.

In fact, it began in 2000/2001. I was searching for all the info. I could find about it. I also recall very little available information on the internet about it, way back then. All that was available was information on how it was being used for biowarfare. Wish I had the common sense to print some of it. All was lost with my house anyways. I was curious if you were familiar with VOC's?? Like I said, I haven't read everything.

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Post by msc » Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:58 pm

from msc,

hang in there everyone, God has kept us alive this lone, obviouslly the medical profession has no say in how long we live or when we die, they are not God and never will be. They thrive on poor cancer victims putting poisons in their bodes and never telling them what the poisons are and what it does to their bodies. this time they did it healthy people without their knowledge. they take you for every dime you have and pretend they are trying to save you, put you in fear that if you don't have chemo therapy you will die. and this is what chemo does to you. my friend wasn't dying she had recovered two years from melonoma surgery and was doing great. she had her leg reconstructed from the mutilating surgery they did, but she can't get the scars on her face fixed, they keep telling she has to recondition the skin first, her knee never had to be reconditioned before reconstructive surgery. dr. michelle pelle is a liar and horrible actress and believes she is the expert of renova, such an
expert should have known and informed her patient that the reactions she was having were adverse reaction to renova, and by federal law as a physician was to file a form 3500a, these physicians don't even abide by the laws, because their too busy covering up for their colleagues who created a monster that can't be destroyed. as a university of pennsylvania dermatologist and the expert she bragged about being knew
what reintoids were composed of, she knew about the biofilms of bacteriorhodopsin and she knew about dry eyes and dry mucous membreanes, sore tongues, the film covering the skin, the titanium,
the hair loss that none stated was going to happen which happens with cancer patients. dr. greg smith is right no one should ever go to a dermatologist ever in their life time. let them starve to death. for the post above, you are absolutely correct about light and bacterorhodopsin and what my friend has been trying to tell physicians for years and what keith hilley knew when he came to our home. they need light to survive they are bacteria and plankton. they grow tolds the light, our lights and electrical appliances are covered, you can't even get the rubbery film off,
and the acids eat away at the wood and paint etc. and if we don't get
answers soon, the photos that we have on cd will be exposed to the entire world, photos of my friend covered in this sticky membrane, her home
her car, cars in the neighborhood and where she works and the damages that the acids are doing. maybe when those who are not complaining of
health issues but see physically that the acids are what are eating the paints off the cars and all in geometric structures that kligman created.
the triangles that go upward and and downward meeting each other and sealing to each other and how they fold and wrap around the victim and
seal with the glue, did you know they use muscilage from mussels as adhesives in the medical profession. i can remember my friend writing a letter to clayton patterson, attorney at johnson anf johnson, i though it was weired at the time. she stated she was so greatful that he didn't go with animals of the ocean as a setting for this films they created. you can
see the shapes of these creatures, that looked like dogs, cats things like,
but they partial shapes using triangles and squares and they are pieced together and you can see the fine wires going through them, they appear
on the cat scan that way, and now she describes them still, but snake like wirey creatures that mouths open and pull constantly pulling. she described they swimming in a solution how they move feet like projections
criss crossing them and a proellar like object that drills into the skin.
that was all before we knew about the chemicals this June and started researching and it has taken 6 months in all of this reserch to see they
did use animals in the cean to create this her worst fear. think of snails
and octopusses and electric eels and bacteria, and algae, who the hell are these people, who the hell does this and calls it technology? they make you sound crazy when you go to describe it and they already knew what they did. you can hear the gurgling in my friends throat, like she is drowning, her hair is being pulled into her skin and can't be control anymore and it was so thick and so beautiful. her eyes show the pain
she is in every minute, who gives this back to her can they ever replace the seven years they stole and tormented and tortured her? what kin of attorneys allow this to happen. they knew what these do they knew the danger she was the scars she was left with the silica dusts that are choking her and her family. how do they deny her help, we can't figure out who is crueler, the physicians of the attorneys. so many documents proving mal practice failure to dx. failure to test failure to treat all are mal practice suits of negligence. remember when we find what this is all of your physicians will be liable for how they treated you. get your records
every record keep the names of gov't officials and lawyers and physicians
we have posted, because you also want to make sure you never use anyone them for services you need. God Bless, stay calm , keep researching, isn't that what college educated people do, they sit and read and research that's how we will win.

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Post by London » Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:03 pm

thank yall from the bottom of my heart......


This report updates a previous report titled Escherichia coli O157:H7: Issues and Ramifications. This update focuses on E. coli O157:H7 as a continuing source of illness in humans, improvements in diagnosis, testing and reporting, and reports on the prevalence of E. coli O157:H7 in the cattle population as well as post-harvest control measures

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Post by J Jill » Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:08 pm

Hi Deena,

Glad to read some Scripture on this link. Seems oddly out of place somehow- in that it is diametrically opposed to science (as we know it).

The people need to know about Salvation and those who are Christians need to use their gift/s- which vary from person to person.

As to being on fire for the Lord- that is wonderful- all Christians should be- but each will serve in a different way. Has to do with the gifts of the individual.

In quoting the scripture- Rev 3:16- we need to keep in mind that scripture was directed at the Church of Laodicea. The reason for the statement is that the church was rich. The people were arrogant and felt they needed nothing, and looked down on others (hardly Christian).

That was why they were rebuked.

A wake up call.

You stated that you had to be on fire or He would spit you out- just putting this in context so it doesn's scare the bejabbers out of anyone.

IOW- you are either saved or you are not. If you are, then the Spirit will direct your walk and if you are not, none of this would make sense.

EPH 2: 8

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

Faith- the KEY
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"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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Post by msc » Thu Dec 07, 2006 9:08 pm

from msc

again i got side tracked as one thing is leading to another and so much information absorbed in a shortwhile. what is trying to say to the above
post is that this needs light to survive and energy source, her photos show
it travels to other vehicles on the road, especially at night i can even see it on the headlights of other cars, on the street lights the wires of the street lights, buildings etc., and as we learned the carbons and phosphourous objects are attracted to glass, windows, mirrors etc. as also
seen by keith hilley, event he computer gives it strength. she works in a place full of electrical currents. we wonder how long it would survice if there was no electricity anywhere no currents at all. would it die within a
certain time period, before daylight would come?

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Post by Deena » Thu Dec 07, 2006 10:53 pm

Hi JIll and thanks.

The on-fire for the Lord husband and I were talking the other night. My little one, Tristen and oh, just the cutest little thing you ever did see, ( :D whether mine or not) has been the only one keeping God at our table, in the evenings. Actually, in our lives. We quit going to church. I was so tired of the phoney faces and pretty much phoney everything. It was like you had to be a certain kind of person to be there. If we missed a day, we were looked down on. We began to miss alot of days, because my 10 yr old races motocross, has excelled to the point of nationals and magazines, it now has taken precidence.
They hold Sunday services before Sunday races start but being on fire for the Lord, clearly we have not been. Sure hope you are right. It's bad enough now, the Bible describes this and what is to come. I don't want to be here for it now, this I have no choice for. After the rapture, I do.

I understand having God in your life is most important, overall and that church isn't the only way to get this. My husband had a great suggestion though, (1st time for everything :lol: )..O i am bad
He suggested reading a verse from the bible each night, before dinner.

It's better than what we did before. As for me, if I am like Miriam, as the Lord spoke to me, then I must follow through. I am not yet healed.

Was reading some of the above. Electrical and light. Lately, I too have been trying to catch a few pictures here and there. Pretty difficult. They continue to lay these trails directly in front of the sun. Every time. Never fails. I have a routine in the morning and see the same thing when I reach the top of the hill at the same time...every single dang day. What a way to start off each day.


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Post by J Jill » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:01 am


Your little one sounds sweet- sounds like she has the child-like faith and knows the Lord. Sometimes that's what it takes- looking at life as a child does- with that key- Faith.

Anyone thought about this recently? I know Tam Tam seems to be pointing in this direction:


The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and have been identified as cellulose. Since true fungi are not able to synthesize cellulose, the Foundation is currently focused on the 'Oomycetes' class of fungus-like organisms. Apparently 'Pythium insidiosum' is the only Oomycete which has been documented to cause human infections.


Have they ruled out Pythium? Morgellons, that is?

How about Mycoplasma, TamTam- what are your thoughts? Others, thoughts?

"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."

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Post by Marcos » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:05 am

London, we've prayed. Fill us in and update on ridgewalker's condition please. Can we do anything to help?

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Post by tamtam » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:24 am

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Post by London » Fri Dec 08, 2006 2:05 am

Marcos and all.......I will find out more details and get back with you on Ridgewalker.......

She said to me in an email that she is dying and that she fought hard but
"they won" sad, huh? I'm going to be talking to Paul her husband in a lil while and see if I should go there to help or if I can bring her here....\
she is so very weak, can't walk, bones aching and sleeping a lot, a whole lot. Like 3 days in a row.

Basically, she has been poisioned by her own gd piece of **** gov't
while they videoed it.

Barbaric A-holes! Thanks for asking Marcos and thank you for praying everyone.

To all: Look, here is some stuff on surveillance by the CDC

looks like the real cdc and our lovely gov't knows exactly what we have (i'm so shocked)

yeah, they have these surveillance things set up so they can watch and learn while all these gd poisons burn us alive. Nice, yeah?

I think it is called something like (of course they can not just come out and say it) but it is something with these initials: cuscum c1 c2 c3???dunno for sure. Then we have this
in which i have not even looked at yet:

oh yes, here we go-this is on surveillance here:

and yes, here is those initials i was referring to:

the contact people here:

this is a strange one here>

and a lil more inside info of OUR cdc....rembr> we pay their salary...

one of my mystery googles here: ... f8&oe=utf8

more gov't BS:


and for the people in Pennsylvania, an extra bonus.....


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