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Post by msc » Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:48 pm


if any of you ever looked at a lab requistion slip you would see plain and
clear under microbiology they are tests that can be done, even if the
physician is not sure of what mircorganism he is looking for. have any
of your physicians done tests for microorganisms. it is becoming apparant
that they knew this was a biological cream and knew it had microorganisms in it. instead of doing tests, which i am sitting here with
a paid receipt that the very physician who states he doesn't know what test to do gave my friend's son when he went to the office. my friend never gets a receipt like this, and i guess he figure my friend would never
see this paper. she gave he all documents two envelopes full of the toxic chemicals with the break down and their side effects and the tests that could be done, he stills refuses to do those tests she asked for. if this dr. staninger could do a biopsy and find silica silicone and high density polyethylene and fiber optics (all used in this product) why can't my friend get this test done also, she even sent samples to rany wymore at osu and has heard nothing since august? there have so many physicians all refusing to do this test, why? it is very apparant it is a cover up for johnson and johnson. the physicians could visibly see them and still said
i don't know what test to do. isn't the professional and intelligent thing to do is to get on a phone and ask someone in a lab what test can be done.
lab corp wrote to my friend saying they don't do tests for biological mircorganisms, we have the letter or for toxic chemicals, their internet site states otherwise and they are connected with the cdc. they allowed her to suffer for 7 years with these poisons degenerating her bones,
causing ossification of the bones and diffusion and why she has suffered
several broken bones. blood serum shows stereoisomers, retinoids are
stereoisomers, a hair test would show all toxic chemicals. she is being deliberately refused these test, refused legal representation and being
forced to suffer migraines, stomach pains, loss of calcium and iron in
her bones and teeth from the chelating ligands, you can see the film on
her skin and covering her eyes, one eye doctor said it is cob web, funny
anaology uh, and dry eyes from age. the chemicals and drug side effects
state dry eyes, dry mucous, chapped lip look up accutane and isotretinoin
both used in this product. how are chemo agents being used on a healthy person. i am furious for her and we can't get anwers from state and federal representatives this is a person who opens her home to teenagers as a refuge when they get thrown out of their homes. she is
scared for these kids and her own. others have written letters to the doctor and judge stating how sick they have been chronically with eye and
ear infections and respiratory problems. there has got to be an agency out there that could help her and all who have been infected. erin brokervich exposed chemicals corp. in toms river she was just a paralegal. she is no longer in nj. we need someone who is not afraid
and who can wait for payment after the matter is resolved. if we can prove this women suffered from this product as all chemicals toxicologist
reports state cause these systems. if we prove what ever else is in these
particles and that it is contagious it could be a major break for all.

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Post by RANDY » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:05 pm

DS wrote:Please, go and stay away. go be with your "people". could you do this for us? pretty please?

No I will not. It is not just about you four or five people. Lots of people read this site and if you guys start to sound crazy I will step in. I am told by too many people that they come here to see what I have the answer to your narcassistic question is NO.

MY people consists of anyone that really has this disease and wants to really find a cure using logic and setting goals with time frames and understanding what they post and folowing up what they say. I am not sure who YOUR people are.


Anyone can call me if you want to help with the National/State lab program or if you want to talk about what this disease really is about from someone who has been here since day one. (18 years)

Also for those in Virginia 434-980-2757 We hope to have a doctor for intake in January after the holidays in the Commonwealth.
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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:27 pm





THE WAves of sonar and beams best stop at my house today..l.l. don't want to spill the beans on anything, just want to be out of this frigging gd nightmare.

oh, i know it can be done......if you do not want me to explain then please get me her web address today. thank you again!!

here is something for ya:

Fiber-optic true time steering of an ultrawide-band receive array

This paper appears in: Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE


We report the development and demonstration of the first true time-delay (TTD) fiber-optic beamformer for ultrawideband antenna receive operation. The beamformer is based on a dispersive-fiber prism configuration that properly time delays the signals originating at each receiving element for coherent combining in the microwave domain. The time-steered receive antenna consists of eight spiral elements arranged into a one-dimensional (l-D) sparsely populated array. The receive array shows an instantaneous bandwidth of 6-18 GHz, limited by the available matched microwave amplifiers. The array performance is measured in an anechoic chamber and exhibits unprecedented squint-free steering over an azimuth scan of 120° over the full frequency range

and.,.....i wonder who that is that made those Cheap Diode Lasers????????

Hmm.....Maybe I can forget if I get her address
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Post by mfromcanada » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:29 pm

J Jill, Your post made me remember a mask that May Kay had. It was deep pink and I remember that it hard to get off, like it was glued to your face. It was just as difficult to get off as the microorganism is to get off. It certainly makes me wonder?

J Jill wrote:Several thoughts came together for me- the posting about the Retin-A, etc and msc's friend that is so ill as a result and the "new" poster- Joanne- the Mary Kay woman.

Years ago, I was roped in by a neighbor into the Mary Kay company. I was working full time back then as well as part time on evenings and week ends- so I didn't have much spare time to give facials to my friends and relatives.

I did, however, get the Mary Kay book. The story of how she started out along with a lot of other info.

It is quite a story- but what relates to US in the here and now is the products and how they came to be.

Mary Kay had retired from a life of sales when she met a "Tanner". An older gentleman that tanned animal hides. She noticed that his hands were like that of a young man. Smooth - no wrinkles. His face, on the other hand, was not. He was very wrinkled from age and the sun.

Point is- she found the process of tanning hides and the ingredients used and incorporated the same into her products and Mary Kay cosmetics was born.

From memory, because I can't find the darn book, I believe it was TANNIN that was the secret ingredient in the moisture cream that kick started her business. I will double check on that.

Whatever it was/is- there are millions of women that have used the stuff. I used it for years.

Tannin- on a WIKI search:



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tannins are astringent, bitter-tasting plant polyphenols that bind and precipitate proteins. The term tannin refers to the source of tannins used in tanning animal hides into leather; however, the term is applied to any large polyphenolic compound containing sufficient hydroxyls and other suitable groups (such as carboxyls) to form strong complexes with proteins and other macromolecules. Tannins have molecular weights ranging from 500 to over 20,000.

Tannins are usually divided into hydrolyzable tannins and condensed tannins (proanthocyanidins). At the center of a hydrolyzable tannin molecule, there is a polyol carbohydrate (usually D-glucose). The hydroxyl groups of the carbohydrate are partially or totally esterified with phenolic groups such as gallic acid (in gallotannins) or ellagic acid (in ellagitannins). Hydrolyzable tannins are hydrolyzed by weak acids or weak bases to produce carbohydrate and phenolic acids. Condensed tannins, also known as proanthocyanidins, are polymers of 2 to 50 (or more) flavonoid units that are joined by carbon-carbon bonds, which are not susceptible to being cleaved by hydrolysis. While hydrolyzable tannins and most condensed tannins are water soluble, some very large condensed tannins are insoluble.

Tannins may be employed medicinally in antidiarrheal, hemostatic, and antihemorrhoidal compounds. Also, they produce different colors with ferric chloride (either blue, blue black, or green to greenish black) according to the type of tannin.

Examples of gallotannins are the esters of tannic acid (C76H52O46) with glucose, found in the leaves and bark of many plant species.

End excerpt
Fair use

This explains a lot.

As an aside, Mary Kay cosmetics a/o 2001 when Mary Kay died- had 800,000 reps in 37 countries and annual sales in excess of 2 BILLION $

Aside #2, her company was/is active in cancer research. Is there a connection?

Also, to be mulled, is the process of application of the cosmetics. I'd have to dig out the manual- but I recall there were 4 basic steps (read products) in the facial.

I wonder if those 4 steps were like that of the tanning process - that Mary Kay based her concept/product line on?

Google- tanning animal hides- Wiki

To the above, add the newer products that are all the rage now- Retin-A, as msc posts about.

- For a jump start on other thoughts on the above- Google animal GLUE



The action of the tannin is to preserve, driving out the pelt's water content which makes up 70% of the pelt's weight, and coating each and every one of the collagen fibres with tannin. Tannin helps the leather to resist the effects of heat, decomposition by water and attack by all manner of organisms.

Fair use

To the "tanning process" think about this-

Glue- animal glue- is a bi-product of the tanning of animal hides.

Add the tanning process that could be done via some cosmetic application - unknowingly- to the glue that is produced as a result and
what have you got?

That sticky stuff that many talk about- the globs on the skin- that harden and create a BOND** to the skin of sufferers of the fiber disease.


Animal glue
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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An animal glue is an adhesive that is created by prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue. These protein colloid glues are formed through hydrolysis of the collagen from skins, bones, tendons, and other tissues, similar to gelatin. The word "collagen" itself derives from Greek kolla, glue. These proteins form a molecular bond with the glued object. **

Stereotypically, the animal in question is a horse, and horses that are euthanized are often said to have been sent to the "glue factory." In fact, animal glue is produced from a variety of different animal species besides horses.

Animal glue found in:

Books- book binding

Carpeting (backing)


Cabinet- kitchen, bath

Clothing- leather coats- belts, handbags, shoes (dont' most people complain about their feet??), and much more....

More later....

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:32 pm

good job mrcpvis!!!

good job!

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 6:58 pm

For now sits Expectation in the air.

----Shakespeare, Henry V, I. Chorus

The impetus from minus to plus never ends. The urge from below to above never ceases: whatever premises all our philosophers and psychologists dream of--self-preservation, pleasure principle, equalization--all these are but vague representations, attempts to express the great upward drive.

----Göethe, letter to Lavater

If we admit that the person is a totality, we can not hope to reconstruct him by an addition or by an organization of the diverse tendencies which we have empirically discovered in him. On the contrary, in each inclination, in each tendency the person expresses himself completely, although from a different angle.... But if this is so, we should discover in each tendency, in each attitude of the subject, a meaning which transcends it.

----Sartre, Being and Nothingness

There is always a mixing of power with actuality
----Andrew Ushenko, Power and Events

Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long----Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:20 pm

or i could just write to the nist-Metallurgy Division


to skytroll with love...........

Phosphorylation-Dependent Binding of a Signal Molecule to the Flagellar Switch of Bacteria

Regulation of the direction of flagellar rotation is central to the mechanism of bacterial chemotaxis. The transitions between counterclockwise and clockwise rotation are controlled by a "switch complex" composed of three proteins (FliG, FliM, and FliN) and located at the base of the flagellar motor. The mechanism of function of the switch is unknown. Here we demonstrate that the diffusible clockwise-signal molecule, the CheY protein, binds to the switch, that the primary docking site is FliM, that the extent of CheY binding to FliM is dependent upon the phosphorylation level of CheY, and that it is unaffected by the other two switch proteins. This study provides a biochemical demonstration of binding of a signal molecule to the bacterial switch and demonstrates directly that phosphorylation regulates the activity of this molecule.

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Post by J Jill » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:35 pm

Oh yes mrcpvls, the mask. I remember the mask! :o

The fibers, IMO, didn't come from one source only- I believe folks were "set-up", so to speak, and then other factors came into play.

And, I don't believe it was an accident.

The fire -retardant fabric industry comes to mind as another layer of the fiber disease.

Myco set the stage- as did other factors that weakened the immune system.

MCS mentioned Hydrophilics- my current fav to Google.

That stuff is found in everything from fabric, diapers, contact lenses, coatings on various drugs, and more. Google Hydrophilics and Body Builders/ing - more interesting info.


Hydrophilics, by definition, have a strong tendency to bind or absorb water, which results in swelling and formation of reversible gels.

Another Excerpt:
Hydro-Silk™ is a true ionic hydrophilic coating.
... increases lubricity in dry state by as much as 90% ... as much as 400% in a wet state.

Revolutionizing the ophthalmic industry ... producing unbelievable results.
Three different blends available.

Unique blend of our Hydro-Sil™ (a true hydrophobic) and our Hydro-Silk™ (a true hydrophilic) ... provides an excellent balance for multiple applications.
Three different blends available.
Hydro-Slik™ is a unique blend of Hydro-Sil™ , a true hydrophobic coating, and Hydro-Silk™, an all natural, true hydrophilic coating. The result is Hydro-Slik™, a hydrophobic-hydrophilic coating, that increases lubricity when dry, and also provides increased lubricity when introduced into a fluid environment (blood stream, urinary tract, etc.).

End excerpt


Add to the above, the air-borne particles - Chemtrails- and a few other ingredients and you have the makings of a bunch of sick people (and animals).

Reminds me of Fluoride in the drinking water. Combined with aluminum, it becomes ultra toxic. Cancer causing.

For decades, middle class Americans cooked with aluminum pots and pans with the fluoride water.

And we wonder why the cancer rate soars?
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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:37 pm

Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit

MMICs, or Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits, are integrated circuit (IC) devices that operate at microwave frequencies. They typically perform functions such as microwave mixing, power amplification, low noise amplification and high frequency solid state switch. Inputs and outputs on MMIC devices are frequently matched to the standard, 50 ohms; this makes them easy to use, because an external matching network is not always necessary.

MMICs are dimensionally small (from around 1 mm² to 10 mm²) and can be mass produced, which has allowed the proliferation of high radio frequency devices such as the cellular phone. MMICs are most often fabricated using Gallium Arsenide, Indium Phosphide or Silicon Germanium making them generally more expensive than silicon ICs, and so are used in high frequency applications where efficiency, power or noise requirements are out of the reach of other cheaper technologies.

See "RFIC and MMIC Design and Technology" published by the IEE (London) ISBN 0-85296-786-1 Editors I. D. Robertson and S. Lucyszyn

again, can someone please get me rita colwell's address?

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:44 pm

When will the fiber talk?

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:51 pm

Genes.......jeans.......fibres.........put your shirt back on..

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:52 pm

why thank you skygod!!!!!

I just wanna know if I can be released from this study of fibrs and go on and lead my life. I have found out just what I was looking for and it is sickening., people here say eat garlic....hah! that is the worst thing you can do with this illness., also, get this crap.....they recomended is the worst thing after the garlic for this crap.

well if they don;t let me out, i will fill ya in later......i want out!!!

Randy said whomever finds it can name itl; why I call it murder but i don't want to name it.....

i just want ther F away from it and i WANT IT IN WRITING!!!

skytroll, yes, loved your laser link.....go to ther very end of it and check it out!!


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