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Post by msc » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:53 am

from msc

please note how my sentences are misconstructed.
all my emails are like this to. can't find out why.
i am not sure who sent the message that i can't post yet that it was too soon since last post. it came on when i pushed submit button and then i typed the message right next to my post that they
won't let me post and that part of the message came up separately with someone else stating msc states blah blah. don't know who wrote.

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:39 am


Hi, you keep mentioning dr staninger. Maybe I missed a few post, dunno nor understand why you bring this name up. In your opinion a good doc or not? The lil bit I read on this person they do certainly seem very aware of the many dangers going on with the chemicals but yet at the same time I find them to be in question simply because 1. they have recieved various medals from our gov't and alsoi has written for Jeff Rense. TWO MAJOR RED FLAGS IN MY BOOK.

I'm not knocking the doc. just wanted your opinion.

Do you think your friend got sick just by using the retinol medicines?

I do believe it is a combination of things. Mainly that we are in some kind of fibr study and the way to induce is thru adaptive optics and photonic fusion and thru the CABLES!!!!!!

I beleive most is microwave radiation from computer and cell phones
and I believe but do not know why I got chosen is from my school district passing a bond program and using mccarthy engineering.,.....(who also built the cdc's new building) contact person for this is the quint Kevin kruntz,. Please write to the NSF. They know, oh boy, do the friggin know
You are in my thoughts.
PS loved your comment on a post back a few ginger savely wrote to this certain person.......shows the guilt, does it not?

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Post by msc » Fri Dec 01, 2006 7:08 am

from msc

i don't know anything about dr. staninger, until her report that was released two weeks ago. i think her reports were honest as she mentioned fiber optics, and polyethylene and silica. i don't think it is
coincidentally either. if you look up the national fiber corp. and the
various ways and methods of spinning fiber, it can be done by gases,
room temperature, nano scale they have nano spinnerttes. i know there
is a huge competition to create an abundance of tensile tough silk and
that the us army nano soldier tech is funding mit and i am sure other
institutions. they say they want it for bullet proof vests, medical needs
and parachuttes. they have been trying to replicate spider's silk, but
they can't farm raise spiders because they are territory and cannalbolistic.
we found this out a few years ago and we wrote to johnson and johnson
and asked if they used spider and silk worms in this product to produce synthetic silk. they never responded. if you didn't do something would you reply and say no. we know that the exterminator keith hilley took
samples from my friends home, we watched as well as the neighbor.
he could see them moving with his eyes and never saw anything like it
and said how small they were, he thought the white casing like ones might
be a cocoon of some type. he called a month later to say he was waiting for results and we never heard from him again. then in january my friend received a phone from rutgers, saying mr hilley brought samples in baggies to her and wanted it tested for silk worms. she said they were to old and decomposed and that the white substance in the bag looked like hand lotion. the patent for 4877805 is a cream, so it would like hand cream, it is what chemicals make up that cream we needed identified and
what lives in that cream. as anthrax was a white powder being mailed in nj and what the fbi thought was an irate biologist they never found that person. it seems very easy to put a living organism in a cream and it obvious took years for it to developed and surface to be visible to the naked eye as it started at nano scale. we took fresh sample as she informed us how to take hair clippings and put in a pill container or specimen container and add 70% alcohol and mail it to mr. buckley
at rutgers in news brunswyck that they could analyze it. we delivered it in person as you can't mail anything with alcohol. a week later he mailed it back through regular mail saying he doesn't do that kind of test there.
we have letters from people saying they have brought all kinds of things to rutgers to be analyzed from whiskey to pesticdes to forensic evidence.
he even mailed it back through the mail which is illegal. now we find out
that many of the chemicals in drugs listed in the patent were biologically hazardous and radioactive and you can't send that in the mail either,
that makes he breaking several laws don't you think? it would be nice
if people would start writing and emailing those whose names have been given that have had knowledge of a criminal act and physical evidence
that could have been and should have tested and did nothing. it could have prevented alot of heartached and suffering and prevented others from being infected. all they did was prolong what will eventually come out. the truth always does. it would be nice for johnson and johnson to admit that a wrong doing was done and to accept responsibility and rectify it. since hydrophobic are fungus proteins and retinoids are bacteriorhodopsin and they are used as memory chips like a computer
as stated in all research by major universities, and that biolfilms are
bacteria and they bind to the helix of the dna and edgma cause chromosone problems and polyethylene is nylon and a person is being strangled to depth , and ligands spin causing the pulling sensation she
has and others and they have claws that open and shut pinching and bruising the skin, isn't time for johnson and johnson to act responsibly and
help this person whose life they destroyed by using her in some sick research and putting horrible things in her body without her knowledge and authorization and no warnings of side effects. they knew and were
allowing her to be humiliated by dyfs and three physicians who never examined her and who never did any tests to her declared insane and
threatening to take her children away and then suddenly morgellons surface on the media and the case is suddenly dismissed. she promises before she dies and before her mother dies and anybody else whol has been sickened to release her name and every person who has caused her pain and heartache and her children pain and heartache. a decade is a long time to live in pain and to write and to beg and to research and to copy and to mail and get nowhere. a country she loved and a govt she
believed in has allowed her to lose everything, cost her children their childhoods and allowed them to be chronically ill and lose time at school and be lost in learning and dx with odd and adhd, but no physicial and nuerological tests done to find out why or if toxic chemicals are causing their problems. just alot of useless medical bills and should this family
be responsible for paying them when they never received services that they were paying for. what is this new generation of physicians who just keep passing the buck sending you to their friends so every body gets a piece of the insurance co. and patients out of pocket expenses, but the patient never gets better just worst. somewhere and somehow the scam has to stop. i think the time has come. it they created some type of transluscent plastic carrying parasite that is becoming an epidemic they will have to answer for the crime. the more that know the more will band together. this is our world, it doesn't belong to biologists, to gov't officials to the rich, it belongs to all of us and no one has the right to take away
a person's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, no one.

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Getting your kicks from labeling/taunting/teasing sick people, and your promotion of self-importance, is really sick and calloused.

7. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning or straight off ban.



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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:09 am

no fiber here but shedin light...... . ..

“Fbi Confirms ‘magic Lantern’ Is Being Lit”

“Guide to the Report to Congress” at
(accessed 22 May 2003), DARPA suggests that the original
name gave the impression that the TIA was to be used to
develop dossiers on US citizens, rather than its real purpose
better reflected in the new name.
Brother Are Up and Running” The New York Times December
23, 2002, Section C; Page 1; Column 2.
"DCS1000: The Device Formerly Known as Carnivore” ... ivore.html
E. Luening, “Don’t be fooled: DCS1000 still a ‘Carnivore’ at
heart”ZDNet News (9 February 2001), online: ZD Net ... 86,00.html
DCS1000, supra note 42.
See also, Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and
Safe Streets Act of 1968 (Title III), 18 USC. §§ 2510 - 2522
49 Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act
of 1968 (Title III), 18 USC. §§ 2510–2522
Centre for Democracy and Technology, The Carnivore
Controversy: Electronic Surveillance and Privacy in the Digital
Age,(Testimony of James X. Dempsey before the United States
Senate - Senate Judiciary Committee) Robert X Cringely “Meet Eater: The FBI’s Plan for Digital
Wiretaps Raises More Questions Than It Answers PBS Pulpit 13
July 2000
59 S.P. Smith et al., Independent Review of the Carnivore
System – Final Report, Illinois Institute of Technology Research
Institute (8 December 2000) online: US Department of Justice:
62 Michelle Delio “Snooping Isn’t Email Delay Cause” Wired
News, 25 September 2001,,1284,47092,00.html
63 Although it is likely that systems like Echelon, discussed
below, are occasionally employed in this way.
Surveillance systems
However, this was the software of choice for the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in their investigations of the
MafiaBoy denial of service attacks. In conversations with
officers at the ‘In Search of Security” conference in Montreal in
2003, it would seem that Carnivore was not used in this
investigation in Canada (though of course it may have been
used in the US side of the inquiry).
68 T.C. Greene, “Carnivore substitute keeps Feds honest” The
Register(2 October2001), online: The Register
“Air Snort”, online: Personal Telco Project (
See “Stop Carnivore NOW!” website online:
C. Oakes, “Will Crypto Feast on Carnivore? ”Wired News
(4 August 4 2000), online: Wired News,1294,37915,00.html

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:21 am

aghhhhh ... .. . . ......
... . .....hell with it... .
Going for the Throat: Techniques in Crime Control or Denial of
Thanks to Michael McLaren, Rob Kitto, and Pam Krauss for
their research assistance, funded in part by the Law
Foundation of Ontario.
Although the FBI’s Carnivore surveillance system is now
officially called DCS1000, given the fact that the surveillance
system is more commonly referred to as “Carnivore”, this
paper will use the term “Carnivore” when discussing the FBI’s
DCS1000 surveillance system.
and the Electronic Privacy Information Center
For example, “John Schwartz, “Armey to Press Opposition
to Net Wiretaps” The New York Times, June 14, 2001 Section
C; Page 10; Column 6.
B.N. Meeks, “FBI’s Carnivore Hunts in a Pack”
J. Tyson, “How Carnivore Works” Marshall Brain’s How
Stuff Works 2001 online: How Stuff Works
I. Hands, “Carnivore – A Brief History & Synopsis”11
BlackBox 2001, online: Black Box
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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:45 am

If we look beyond the results observed for elementary
gene circuits, it is clear that genome-wide approaches
will allow the detection of higher-order patterns,such as
those already seen in the genetic regulatory network of
E. coli.For example,statistical analysis of the transcrip-
tional regulatory networks of E. coli and Saccharomyces
cerevisiae have shown
that involve two or
more transcription factors and that occur more often
than would be expected by chance
.In vivo fluorescent plasmid reporters have already been used to deter-
mine the combined effect of two input signals on gene
expression(a two-dimensional expression characteristic).
This reporter system and other technologies

"like dcs1000 perhaps".....??????

will allow the assembly of genome-wide transcriptional reg-
ulatory networks that include detailed information
about signals,and that will motivate studies of increas-
ingly complicated gene circuits,which might show even
richer patterns of gene circuit design.
Analysis of more complex models that include local
and global TFs will be needed to discover the design
principles that underlie these more complicated gene
circuits. ... NRG_04.pdf.


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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:56 am

Nadas, You be damn funny! :)

MSC, THANKS. I have not finished your post yet but plan on doing so first thing in the morning.

You said " they say they want it for bullet proof vests, medical needs
and parachuttes." oh, yeah, and I know just which one does this., even have a pyche hospital, spaceship, and much more with the name. Those honeycomb fibers are getting tougher and tougher and if I get just one friggin gd one more I WILL EXPOSE THEM. i'M SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING BETTER. funny, just in the last week I have 5 new places on my chin, w/3 coming on the same damn day.

The gases are from the air conditioners that blow out cold ac air followed with a burst of humidity....funny that texas cali and florida are all humid states. The ac laws changed in 2001.

Also, they make a gas chip/wafer for the computer. Homemade ones can be done as well...

ALSO, MSC this relates to steel. TRUST me, it does. That is a fact.

okay, goodnight.....will finish your post in a.m.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Dec 01, 2006 9:44 am

of interest from diddledillity??

GM Viruses as Biopesticides Being Sprayed on Food in U.S.

Use this link on GOOGLE to find recent research papers on:
Computational Studies of Viral Protein Nano-Actuators ... ch+the+Web

Phonon Confinement Effects in Hybrid Virus-Inorganic Nanotubes for Nanoelectronic Applications ... 1245i.html

Virus Replication

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:22 pm


Seems in silico is just the thing they use now,,,,,i.e., like in vitro, now in silico. Nice , eh?

as I have prev. stated, the bubble disease is happening to us. Just like the sonar from the ships kill the whales, the sonar sounds are also making us deaf.

What's up with this? Nadas or anyone that can help out?

Identification of an infectious progenitor for the multiple-copy HERV-K human endogenous retroelements.
Human Endogenous Retroviruses are expected to be the remnants of ancestral infections of primates by active retroviruses that have thereafter been transmitted in a Mendelian fashion. Here, we derived in silico the sequence of the putative ancestral "progenitor" element of one of the most recently amplified family-the HERV-K family-and constructed it. This element, Phoenix, produces viral particles that disclose all of the structural and functional properties of a bona-fide retrovirus, can infect mammalian, including human, cells, and integrate with the exact signature of the presently found endogenous HERV-K progeny. We also show that this element amplifies via an extracellular pathway involving reinfection, at variance with the non-LTR-retrotransposons (LINEs SINEs) or LTR-retrotransposons, thus recapitulating ex vivo the molecular events responsible for its dissemination in the host genomes. We also show that in vitro recombinations among present-day human HERV-K loci can similarly generate functional HERV-K elements, indicating that human cells still have the potential to produce infectious retroviruses.

then.....cloning of it? WHY,. WHY the FUDGE do the idiots clone it?
Molecular cloning and phylogenetic analysis of the human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K long terminal repeat elements in various cancer cells.

Long terminal repeats (LTRs) of the human endogenous retroviruses K family (HERV-K) have been found to affect expression of genes located nearby. It has been suggested that the HERV-K LTR elements contributed to the structural change in the genome and genetic variation connected to various diseases. We examined the HERV-K LTR elements in human cancer cells. Using genomic DNA from various cancer cells, we performed PCR amplification and identified forty-nine HERV-K LTR elements. Those LTR elements showed a high degree of sequence similarity with human-specific HERV-K LTR elements. A phylogenetic tree, obtained by the neighbor-joining method, revealed that twelve HERV-K LTR elements were closely related to human-specific HERV-K LTR elements. These elements proliferated recently and were detectable in many human cancer cell lines. These results suggest that HERV-K LTR could be implicated in a pathogenic role, although this phenomenon may not directly lead to human cancers. Further studies on the biological function and expression of HERV-K LTR elements in cancer cells are indicated.


You mentioned something about tunneling in your ears.....dunno for sure but have a gut pun intended....that it is something to do with this sonar sound waves they are pelting usd with. have you not noticed the increase in sirens by your home....all part of their bullshit.

Here you go, check out "CONDUCIVE HEARING"

so very sorry you are so sick. Nice friends we have, eh?

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:38 pm


Quantum confinement effects in silicon nanocrystals produced by laser-induced etching and cw laser annealing

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Post by J Jill » Fri Dec 01, 2006 5:07 pm

Several thoughts came together for me- the posting about the Retin-A, etc and msc's friend that is so ill as a result and the "new" poster- Joanne- the Mary Kay woman.

Years ago, I was roped in by a neighbor into the Mary Kay company. I was working full time back then as well as part time on evenings and week ends- so I didn't have much spare time to give facials to my friends and relatives.

I did, however, get the Mary Kay book. The story of how she started out along with a lot of other info.

It is quite a story- but what relates to US in the here and now is the products and how they came to be.

Mary Kay had retired from a life of sales when she met a "Tanner". An older gentleman that tanned animal hides. She noticed that his hands were like that of a young man. Smooth - no wrinkles. His face, on the other hand, was not. He was very wrinkled from age and the sun.

Point is- she found the process of tanning hides and the ingredients used and incorporated the same into her products and Mary Kay cosmetics was born.

From memory, because I can't find the darn book, I believe it was TANNIN that was the secret ingredient in the moisture cream that kick started her business. I will double check on that.

Whatever it was/is- there are millions of women that have used the stuff. I used it for years.

Tannin- on a WIKI search:



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tannins are astringent, bitter-tasting plant polyphenols that bind and precipitate proteins. The term tannin refers to the source of tannins used in tanning animal hides into leather; however, the term is applied to any large polyphenolic compound containing sufficient hydroxyls and other suitable groups (such as carboxyls) to form strong complexes with proteins and other macromolecules. Tannins have molecular weights ranging from 500 to over 20,000.

Tannins are usually divided into hydrolyzable tannins and condensed tannins (proanthocyanidins). At the center of a hydrolyzable tannin molecule, there is a polyol carbohydrate (usually D-glucose). The hydroxyl groups of the carbohydrate are partially or totally esterified with phenolic groups such as gallic acid (in gallotannins) or ellagic acid (in ellagitannins). Hydrolyzable tannins are hydrolyzed by weak acids or weak bases to produce carbohydrate and phenolic acids. Condensed tannins, also known as proanthocyanidins, are polymers of 2 to 50 (or more) flavonoid units that are joined by carbon-carbon bonds, which are not susceptible to being cleaved by hydrolysis. While hydrolyzable tannins and most condensed tannins are water soluble, some very large condensed tannins are insoluble.

Tannins may be employed medicinally in antidiarrheal, hemostatic, and antihemorrhoidal compounds. Also, they produce different colors with ferric chloride (either blue, blue black, or green to greenish black) according to the type of tannin.

Examples of gallotannins are the esters of tannic acid (C76H52O46) with glucose, found in the leaves and bark of many plant species.

End excerpt
Fair use

This explains a lot.

As an aside, Mary Kay cosmetics a/o 2001 when Mary Kay died- had 800,000 reps in 37 countries and annual sales in excess of 2 BILLION $

Aside #2, her company was/is active in cancer research. Is there a connection?

Also, to be mulled, is the process of application of the cosmetics. I'd have to dig out the manual- but I recall there were 4 basic steps (read products) in the facial.

I wonder if those 4 steps were like that of the tanning process - that Mary Kay based her concept/product line on?

Google- tanning animal hides- Wiki

To the above, add the newer products that are all the rage now- Retin-A, as msc posts about.

- For a jump start on other thoughts on the above- Google animal GLUE



The action of the tannin is to preserve, driving out the pelt's water content which makes up 70% of the pelt's weight, and coating each and every one of the collagen fibres with tannin. Tannin helps the leather to resist the effects of heat, decomposition by water and attack by all manner of organisms.

Fair use

To the "tanning process" think about this-

Glue- animal glue- is a bi-product of the tanning of animal hides.

Add the tanning process that could be done via some cosmetic application - unknowingly- to the glue that is produced as a result and
what have you got?

That sticky stuff that many talk about- the globs on the skin- that harden and create a BOND** to the skin of sufferers of the fiber disease.


Animal glue
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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An animal glue is an adhesive that is created by prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue. These protein colloid glues are formed through hydrolysis of the collagen from skins, bones, tendons, and other tissues, similar to gelatin. The word "collagen" itself derives from Greek kolla, glue. These proteins form a molecular bond with the glued object. **

Stereotypically, the animal in question is a horse, and horses that are euthanized are often said to have been sent to the "glue factory." In fact, animal glue is produced from a variety of different animal species besides horses.

Animal glue found in:

Books- book binding

Carpeting (backing)


Cabinet- kitchen, bath

Clothing- leather coats- belts, handbags, shoes (dont' most people complain about their feet??), and much more....

More later....
"When you dine with the devil, bring a long spoon."


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