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Post by RANDY » Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:41 pm


I was told by Marc that you had a link on your site and for every preson that bought the cream via your site that you would get money. He told me that you discussed with him all the financial details.

When he asked me to do the same, I told him that the money would go to research and he begged me to place it on my sites and I did. He said you did the same but had a long winded discussion on how much you would make. If he lied..I apologize.

Now if you do not have a link on your site that makes a person able to get Marcs cream then I apologize. I was misinformed by Marc about your partnership. But this is not a big it? Come on! How big a deal is that?

If you do have that link then you owe me an apology for not telling the truth.

The only thing I siad about you other than the MaryKay comment which may actually get you business (you are welcome) is that you sold his cream. I never said you sold MaryKay on your site.(please review)

I must be such a horrible person to say such a horrible thing as you sell his cream and you also sell Mary Kay. I don't know what I was thinking to say such a bad, bad thing about you.

Come on.. how sensative can a person be when one is only telling the truth.

It seems there are many here who live in a lie and when the truth is told they freak out. Weird!

If you go back to Londons attack and then Karens attack for NO REASON AT ALL.. you will see who over reacted and why I said what I did.

But it is easier to hate me then see the truth people. Really weird! Really weird!

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Post by RANDY » Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:47 pm

BTW; Joanne did you see Karens horrible comments about you or did you miss that? Guess you did!

Check back a few pages hon..she ripped you into shreds..did you miss that too Sabrina?....guess you welcomed a person who ripped Joanne into shreads....good move!

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:54 pm

4. Randy, I RECEIVED the email that included all of the addresses that you did not blind cc, and I for one, not being a supporter of this or any other war, did not appreciate it's content. This opened my computer to vulnerability of MANY to utilize this list and as I said, I am STILL dealing with the fallout. Sabrina was irresponsible in re-posting the list, leading to the same results. PLEASE do not email me, anyone, with 'inspirationals' that support war or the military in any form.

About Sabrina:
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Doc44 » Thu Nov 30, 2006 11:36 pm



Maybe this should be promoted in Madison Square Garden with proceeds going to research.

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Post by msc » Thu Nov 30, 2006 11:41 pm

from msc

i think two people are deliberately trying to keep others from seeing important posts that might help in uniting us. the ridculous comments
going back forth have nothing to do with this diesease and the pain
and suffering it has caused so many. we have a pathologist report on
two victims right now. it gives us a lead where to go and to find something in common that we all might have used or be in contact with
someone who was infected with these agents. Silicosis is a miners disease, and now we are finding two women who nevee worked in
a nano tech industry or mining industry have silicone, silica and
high density polyethyelene and optic fibers. we now know my friend
used a fda prescription cream that have all these agents in it. we now
know that microrganisms such lecitins and we know bacteriorhodopsin
was used and that they are biofilms and biofilms are bacteria and very
strong bacteria agents and we know they are used as memory chips in
the nano technology world and in our medicines. polyethylene is light weight and we know it was used and we know that it can be blown by the
wind and exhaust systems of cars, trains, planes, our own heating systems. if these silicone microchips and the agents they carry in them
are being transported by these various vehicles and they are encoded with viruses and other harmful agents, then we must all be tested for
these agents and link back to the sources and industries that produced them, such as pharmaceutical corp. they were once nano size and now they have mutated from oxygen from the air and are able to land on other people as photos all show. we know the medical professions shows
us photos and xrays we they want us to believe their diagnosis, but when
we show photos they call it match box. if you notice out there the one
profession of physicans that are so anxiously trying to call it delusional are
dermatologists. dermatologists are the ones who advertise and dispense
creams such as my friend used. it would be very interesting to have
an open forum right on tv with physicians and patients on the same stage
side by side. i would like them to show how an examination is suppose
to be conducted and how they determine their diagnosis. had any tests
been performed and what were the results? back in the day a physician and a school nurse used to take two swabs and look into the hair, nap of the neck and at the scalp for infestations, i have not seen that done at all by the dermatologists that i have taken my friend to. they don't touch her, they don't look in the nose or mouth and take any samples, they
are knew the medication she used and they all knew what tests could be performed for toxicty of those chemicals and drugs. they knew retinoids
came from bacteriorhodopsin and they knew they are used as memory chips, they knew chemo agents were used, they knew radio active agents were used, they knew lecithin induces bacteria and they knew prednilone mutates bacteria. they deliberately allowed my friend to suffer, they
knew the pulmonary test came back silicosis, isn't that what dr. staninger's pathologist report states? the allergist stated out right he did not want to be a witness in a lawsuit. my friend did not ask for the pulmonary function test nor did she state she wanted to sue anyone, she
went for skin patch tests to see if she was allergic to chemicals in renova.
she took his report and she took the pulmonary tube that she breathed into. he refused to do anymore tests, he refused to sign the report and refused to help her son who has been suffering the same symptoms.
he allowed a sixteen years old child to suffer and who had been suffering since he was ten years old. if you know anything about abestos, you
would know that people who were infected with that their familes were also, as the dust comes home on their clothes and when washed with
other family clothes it gets on them. silica is ceramic dust and it is life threatening and life shortening. there is no excuse for these physicians
to have put this women and her family in danger for so long and to live
her living in the horrific world that photos show she is living in. now are we going to unite and fight back or are people going to continue to write useless posts bickering back and forth on issues that no one cares about..
if you are adults and have a personal issue take it emailing back and forth, not on a foroum where people are trying and hoping that someone
hears there pleads for help and will contact them on this blogs. but no
one is going to help when there are pages of useless and stupid insults
going back and forth and it is defeating the purpose.

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Post by Sabrina » Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:15 am

msc wrote: they are now enabling me from posting, i haven't posted since last night and now they say it is too soon to post. what is going on on this forum?

Dear msc,

To whom are you refering to? Who told you it is too soon to post? Who is "they" and how and when were you told this? :?

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Post by London » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:11 am

WHo owns CNN? MSNBC? ABC? click the link! Also for those big fans of Rense, like I used to be.....keep reading down farther on the link. ... omment.php

Dear National Science Foundation,

Just wanted you to know that over the course of 1 month -From Oct. 30 2006 to November 30, 2006 myself and my legal representaion
have perused your site and have found no evidence stated by your organization that you do indeed perform nonconsensual human experimentation' projects.
Now why is this? Are you hiding this fact or is the fact indeed true. Masny of us would like to know.
One last thing......I do believe that audiotory path reversal and brain reversal techniques are inhumane and I for one was certainly not notified that I am a participant in such a cruel and barbaric
experiment. Not from your fine organization, nor from the US airforce or from the DOE. Since this realization, one would automatically begin to think that they were involved in some
nonconsensual human experimentation' project. Once again, for the last 30 days I have perused your archives and found nothing on this matter. I find it very much comforting that your oranization certainly
has not participated in any event such as this.



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Post by Ridgewalker » Fri Dec 01, 2006 3:09 am

Whoa guys, I haven't been around to be in a catfight. I think one cat fighting might be a cat chasing it's tail! I've been talking with two newbies and one suicidal patient. That's all I ever said I do is patient support. Would never begin to pretend to have the scientific brainpower of some of you folks, Sky (my hero), London, Tam, South, Sabrina and msc....yeah, London was right....great stuff! I told y'all I'd handle this off forum and that's exactly what I've done. I just want to see everyone united as I originally stated and get back to the science please. I do believe that's why we come here but all I see anymore are giant smiley faces.
So please, let's get back to 'the way it was', the old days when one could come here and just rely on learning or contributing something.


ps. Joanne, I DID get you confused with someone else and I do apologize. I was being hounded by an individual or group that was selling another quickfix and thought it was finding1cure. After checking my emails, it is another person altogether, just another snakeoil salesperson. That was what I meant by dealing with the 'fallout' when your email is published on a public forum. Slimeballs trying to make a quick buck seem to climb out from under every rock! Joanne, I tried to call you earlier but was given the wrong number. I'd still like to chat if that's possible. And I do apologize to all for the wasted time and space that was used today, although I do not regret defending my integrity. And what a frightening display this must have been for the newbies. I am pleading that from this day forward, personal differences be handled in a private manner. Anything other than that is simply a display, a selfish waste of other people's time and an embarassment to the whole community here.

Peace to all and restoration of peace to this board, please.

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Post by RANDY » Fri Dec 01, 2006 3:51 am friends........;)

Maybe now we can get down to actually figuring out what this is without long posts that can be corrected with a link and a short discription of what the link actually means ot you. How You understood what it said and how it applies to our disease?

Maybe we can figure out how to get more researchers or how to do fundraising or how to actually figure this out from the bottom up and not the massive universe down.

That would be nice. No more skitz paranoid talk. No more telling untruths about me so I have to go on and on defending myself and no more long rants of craziness about little men stuck in the phones listening to conversations.

Maybe we can FOCUS on one thing and follow it through like professionals instead of getting 1/8 of each theory and then setting it free and getting another one and not following that one through.

That would be nice to see. Betya the next post will be a massive non-sensical one.

Gotta bury this one...right?.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by DS » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:10 am

Please, go and stay away. go be with your "people". could you do this for us? pretty please?

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Post by msc » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:48 am

from msc

I thought you might find this interesting, since polyethylene and fiber optics and silicates was found in two women by dr. staninger. a nurse gave me a copy of a page out of the pdr book on renova 0.05%. EDGMA was used in this product it is a copolymer used in renova and was positive
for chromosal aberrations in mammalian cells. it is ethylene glycol dimethacrylate. used in microgels and cause swelling. look into website ... 1/ABSTRACT
Synthesis and characterization of hollow polymer latex particles.
latex particles with a multihollow structure were prepared by seeded
emulsion polymerization. They use seeds in making plastic. haven't patients stated they feel granules and seeds? ... ACT?CRETRY interscience article
Nanoencapsulation of a hydrophobic compound by a miniemulsion polyer-
ization process. using minidroplets dispersed in aqueous phase. it goes on to say homogenous nucleation could compete with encapsulation,
and this resulted in a pure polymer particle and a half-moon morphology.
we have so much proof that they created something using plastic and
fiber optics to polymerize it. dr. staninger's report stated something about a viron smaller than a virus in her pathologist report. does anyone
know what that means. i found and interesting and, also, disturbing document on pubmed website ... .1996.html

PMID 12320666 Violence against the silent most.
Human population dynamics revisited with the logistic model:how much can be modeled and predicted? Marchetti C, Meyer PS, Ausubel JH>

"We revive the logistic model, which was tested and found wanting in early
20th-century studies of aggregate human populations, and apply it instead
to life expectancy (death) and fertility (brain)...For death...the logistic portrays the situation crisply. Human life expectancy is reaching the
culmination of a two-hundred year-process that forestalls death until
80 for men and the mid 80;s for women. No breakthroughs in longevity
are in sight unless genetic engineering comes to help. For birth, the logistic covers quantitatively its actual morphology. however, because we
have not been ablt to model this essential parameter in a predictive way over long periods, we cannot say whether the future of human population
is runaway growth or slow implosion...From a niche point of view,
resources are the limits to numbers, and access to resources depends on
technologies. The logistic makes clear that for homo faber, the limits to
numbers keep shifting. These moving edges may most confound forecasting the long-run size of humanity." excerpt.
Does anyone know what they are saying here? it is like they know there
is too many people on earth and they need to find a way either to get rid of people or make more resources to accomodate, I am not sure if I like
what I am reading here. i truly in my heart and mind feel they created
something truly horrific and life threatening in this cream that has been
purchased by millions since 1996, and prisoners from holmesburg prison have had long term side effects from kligman's experiments on them for
decades. many of them complain about not having upper muscle strength
as this thing wraps around bones, skin eyes, nose and mouths. we now
know that it is computer operated by programmed or encoded bacteriorhopsin, we know silica, slilcone, fiber optics and polyethylene were used. we know physicians have pdr books to find out these things and chemical books for toxic poisoning. why would they allow all of us to suffer. why won't they do any of the tests my friend has asked for. i have seen her medical records and been to many of her visits. they
have on their notes black and white canthus threads, threads coming out of the eye lids, bacteriorhodopsin settles in the opsin. we ow know
sol gel branches out, like a tree like fungus, we know it gelation and tangles, we have lipids that swell, silicone that swell and now edgma
and microgels used at nano scale, and eventually oxygen mutates it and
it becomes macro. what are the head groups and tail groups, what is their function. we know crystal structures and that they move towards
light, we know rubber polymerization was done in this product, as ligands
spin it is pulling the rubber and pulling the muscles and the double bonding
and adhesives used in this product, is no wonder this is such horrific pain
and swelling in the joints. can;t we all get together and make the fda
and johnson and johnson addressed these issues and all pharmaceutical
corp. who have used these same chemicals and microbial organisms to
answer. we under the FOI ACT are to be informed of these things. putting chemo agents and radio active agents in prescribed medication
to a healthy patient with no warnings of this and their side effects. the
pdr book states choromosone abberations, these physicians and the
attorneys she sought help from knew this. they advertise medical malpractice and pharmaceutical defects and errors. they allowed her
to be infected for seven years and infecting all who came near her
no one can tell me she is the only person that had an adverse reaction to
this product.

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Post by browncircles » Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:49 am

I suggest you maybe could start to define what constitutes the idea and action; "to unite" said tamtam.

Am I the only one who listens to tamtam?

Randy and Karen I like you both, don't take this personally.

How could we unite? I see lots of Morgellons boards and I think if we were all one organization we would have enough numbers to maybe have a little power. I think we need a professional organizer or something. Is there such a thing? I'm just an Ozark hillbilly but I really want to see this thing licked.


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