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Post by befour » Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:55 am

Dear Randy,

My post was to Tam.....not to you.....and I did not ask for your commentary, nor do I care what you think. My post was intended to be a bit humorous....and I'm sure that everyone else "got it." You need to're taking your JOB way too seriously!

By the way....I've been meaning to ask "how does someone who has dyslexia become a translator of foreign languages?" It seems to be an odd career choice, since spelling and proof reading are not your strong points. I believe that it is called an "oxymoron."

I know who you are.....leave me alone!!


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Post by RANDY » Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:39 am

Translation answer:

When you are dyslexic and you get very good grades in school you do this by teaching yourself to read words as graphics and once you see them you remember them...forever. Once I have seen a word, and make it through sounding it out I memorize it as a graphic. I can then pronounce it and sometimes even spell it again but if it is wrong in a sentence I can usually pick it out. This disability has worked in my favor since I turned it into a benefit at a very young age. (Typing is still very difficult and I still exchange characters quite often.)

Therefore when I see a "graphic" or word that does not look correct I can immediately pick it out. This skill which I could have said is a disability actually works well when reading languages that I do not know like Japanese, Russian and Chinese. I compare the Englsih version and memorize what certain repetative words should look like and when I see them incorrectly I can point that out to my translator. This amazes any new translators I use. It is actually a gift.

I am the agency owner darling..not the translator. I have been the agency owner since 1989.

You do not know who or what I am becuase your eyes are clouded in fear and are pointed in the incorrect direction of phoney baloneys who are making fun of you at your expense. I am not one of them but I know this to be a fact.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by befour » Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:08 am

Randy darling,

Head games....that's your agenda.....and it won't work on me!!

It's so easy to see through you and figure out what you are up to...and I have already wasted enough time on you. It's like trying to talk to a mud stump.


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Post by RANDY » Sat Sep 30, 2006 10:12 am

Oh there are none so blind as those that will not see. I feel sorry for you. You are confused. I wish you clarity in your day. Honest I do. You are so miguided. You can only help yourself see truth. You have not done that yet.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by London » Sat Sep 30, 2006 4:08 pm


Just wanted to FYI you....Doc Wymore whom recieved around 50 of my researched articles in back in June said they were really good articles....and no, he did not say this to me. I only tell you this incase you were referring to my post as BS.

By the way, that Damn University knows what this is......They call it....."Horizontal Gene Transfer" wanna see the paper(S) they have published on this and the wasp , and the stored wheat grains, and the prairie grasses......etc., >there is a lot more too.....just let me know if you do not think I'm being serious.

I hope to God Randy that you are just naieve(sp?) and really were not aware of all of the above that University has studied and published.


Maybe the translation service is like The one she says of Tam Tam's, a computer translation service?? Translating computer software maybe?


Well, goodness me, not only did they not fix my computer bac, they decided to take some more as of just this, here I go....
NOTE***** this is mild will get a lot heavier if anything of mine is tampered with.....but this time it will name names......

Again., it's up to you......

No, it's not about computers....jeeze!
Integrated Optical Computing for Chemical Sensing

This paper presents a photodetection system for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing that integrates optical computing with each pixel, thus enabling optical regression processing for sensing biological and chemical agents. The focus of this effort has been to upgrade a previous, low resolution, proof-of-concept approach to system-on-chip refractive index detection by SPR based systems. The next generation chip presented here contains five more pixels and seven more bits of resolution than the original proof of concept system. A refractive index resolution of 0.0002 RI is possible with the system presented here, as opposed to 0.0010 RI for the previous hardware and 0.0005 RI for previous software-level processing of SPR data.

Still not sure about the lil wasp? Here you go....

look at the last two paragraphs on polydnaviruses and iriduviruses ... index.html

Now here is what our Gov't science organization has been up to (note* this is only the tip of the iceburg) No, I'm not saying they are guilty, just showing you what they do......oh, by the way, as of a month ago, they now have the wasp and bees on their website.

Chemical engineers at North Carolina State University have developed a technique to group molecules so tightly that they form a slick surface. The material may have a variety of applications, including non-stick cookware, COMPUTER DISC-DRIVES, airplane surface coatings, and medical implants. NSF Award 9875256

Researchers Developing Novel Method to Synthesize Semiconductor Nanowires
A multidisciplinary team from Pennsylvania State University is developing a method to synthesize nanowires comprised of a single crystal semiconductor sandwiched between metal contacts. In addition to engineering the devices, the study will explore how changes in nanowire dimensions affect fundamental electrical properties. The project also incorporates an extensive educational sandwiched between metal contacts. In addition to engineering the devices, the study will explore how changes in nanowire dimensions affect fundamental electrical properties. The project also incorporates an extensive educational component, including the development of K-12 education and outreach activities. NSF Award 0103068
Green leaves inspire solar cells
IS THIS WHY MY EYES HAVE BEEN HURTING AND POURING OUT TEARS????? Hmmm, why I think so! ... 45003.html
Why Look!!!! It's TOXIC LAPTOPS EXPOSED.....People, wake up, they are not recalling them b/c of the fear of fire.......get real!
Still don't think the GM foods are bad? Scroll 1/2 way down for best look: ... -01-01.txt
Would not want you to doubt the use of those fiber optics.....
fiber optics

fiber optics, transmission of digitized messages or information by light pulses along hair-thin glass fibers. Each fiber is surrounded by a cladding having a high index of refractance so that the light is internally reflected and travels the length of the fiber without escaping. Cables of optical fibers can be made smaller and lighter than conventional cables using copper wires or coaxial tubes, yet they can carry much more information, making them useful for transmitting large amounts of data between computers and for carrying data-intensive television pictures or many simultaneous phone conversations. Optical fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference (from lightning, nearby electric motors, and similar sources) and to crosstalk from adjoining wires, and tapping into them is more easily detected. To keep a signal from deteriorating, optical fibers require fewer repeaters over a given distance than does copper wire. In addition to communications, optical fibers are beginning to be used in medical procedures, automobiles, and aircraft and are expected to have many other applications
Chemicals involved in the mating process of the almond seed wasp
Why it's the rife plant with the parasitoid: ... 3/375/1793

Like I said, it's not just the wasp and bees, we have some seriously warped biotech scientist and a less than stellar gov't! Pollution is v. bad, but most of the damage is coming from the dumped computers.....the old technology is piling high with garbage....and if you only knew what all is in those damn computers, you know it's bad.
The silicate fibers are also transported in the water system and is very bad when it mixes w/ the chlorine....

Have a great day......If you are interested, Ok state did quite a few studies on horizontal should look into know, it's amazing how that University is playing the dumb god, I have learned a lot of what I know from reading studies/research publications of theirs! Now, still don't think they know? Just say when and I will show you the plethora of documents generated from and by them. No problem

PS: I have not had a chance to read the last 10 pages yet, but I saw above where Mafer said "agrobacterium" and yes, he is right on! Now, here the clencher on it with the transgenic tobacco and you will really see how bad.

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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:15 pm


First of all, I would like to thank my higher power whom I chose to call God for this site and all its' all are multi-faceted and extremely intelligent indivduals :D . Thank you Nettimo for your suggestion of using oregano oil and the alcohol based gel like santizers while I'm working, for the biting and crawling. I also like (antiparasitics) tea tree, peppermint, lemongrass, hyssop and garlic oils, so I can change up because these parasites adapt so fast it seems, to any and all products that I use against them. The garlic oil was awesome in pulling out the "threaders" (my nickname for them), the ones that cause the "swimmer's itch". They were white, slender, and thread-like about 1/2 inch long, and perhaps they even lay the eggs that seems to keep coming out of my legs and feet. Another one of the member suggested that I stop wearing cotton especially the cotton socks that I wear with my scrubs and clogs (will NOT wear tennis shoes, parasites love them, so many places to hide!). On this past Wednesday night , those damn things had white specks and small miniature cottony balls all over my body and inside my car. Now I realize that they live in cotton even when you wash the cotton, I remember 2 months, I was wearing the scrunchies that are cloth with elastic enclosed to hold my pony tails when I washed my hair every day (still do). Well, pretty soon something was eating the back of my head up. The damn parasites will not wash out of elastic enclosed in cloth. Needless to say, I threw them all away, but now I realize that most of my clothes are cotton and they have elastic enclosed waist lines especially my night wear. So...hmmm...what's a person to do?? On Thursday, I wore satin socks and had a marvelous night at work with minimal biting and crawling, but a rather tiring one because I have not been sleeping well at all. I have a great fear that my legs will be "taken" over by them while I'm sleeping plus I have to do so much, as we all do, I'm sure to keep the parasites down like washing clothes everyday, changing sheets and towels every day, sanitizing our bodies, soaking our bodies, sanitizing and cleaning our homes. I'm always doing something that concerns these parasites or spending money to rid myself of them...these parasites are "pimping" me big time :lol: ! Sorry, but I have to laugh to keep from crying, and I no longer have thoughts of suicide. Thank you all for your suggestions on how to live with this and your scientific information on what it is... take care all...

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Post by reliefseeker » Sat Sep 30, 2006 6:17 pm

HI AGAIN, a fter careful consideration, I don't know if these parasites can thrive in cotton after being washed in hot water...I have had this insidious disease for over thirty years BUT I have never been this infested until this past May. I was always able to change my bedding, bathe with scabies shampoo for hair and body, and continue with my life until I was re-infested again...but now these things are large in numbers "on" me...and they "morph" soooo who knows what they are capable of now?

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Post by London » Sat Sep 30, 2006 6:48 pm

releif seeker,

most are not real; they are silicate.....compliments of biotech industry.


TO ALL: Here is what you might want to's the wasp and woolbachia from : YOUR LOCAL SCIENCE aGENCY> THE NSF!

TOLDYA..... :lol:


Post by ukguy » Sun Oct 01, 2006 12:17 am

gwentass wrote:
ukguy wrote:Sabrina...very well said (with regards to Ms Bione). The same can be said of the Mwatch crew with Marg and his two henchmen. I find it highly suspicious that people like this would have such curiosity in this condition without ever showing compassion. Surely people of such intellect would have more fulfilling or challenging pursuits than arguing with a bunch of 'delusional' people? :wink:

I'm starting to figure out that this "mwatch" thing must be a group of people that posted in the pages I haven't read...

Oh, as for the arguing with 'delusional' people.... what makes you think they (the 'people of such intellect') aren't actually delusional themselves? :lol:


The Mwatch site is

The site is run (apparently) by someone with a vested interest in
debunking this disease and making us look like hypochondriac
OCD crazies.

Marg (Margellons) runs the site. He has two henchmen: TallCotton
and Smileykins. These two were apperently once sufferers of this
disease and both underwent a period of enlightenment where they
realised they were imagining their symptom. They have took it
upon themselves to help other sufferers by insulting, debunking,
googling like crazy and generally dredging every last bit of shite
they can find to prove we are indeed delusional. They do it very well
but I found it very easy to beat 'em down. Just don't have the time
to continue. They seem to have devoted their lives to this.
How [email protected] sad is that?

Again it brings me back to COMPASSION. If you were 'cured' and
believed this had all been in your head would devote your life to
insulting people that suffer from this 'fake' disease?

Intriguing. But let's not give them any more time than they deserve.
Without us they're nothing. They NEED an argument to exist.

Sabrina: Hi :) Haven't heard from Helen in a long while but I'd
be very surprised if whe wasn't reading this. As for the pamphlets...
i have to be honest here..I'm working flat out to keep things rolling:
work and family. I have precious little free time and I know that
sounds like a cop-out but it's the truth. If I ever get free time then
I would like nothing better than to get involved and contribute.
I know my limits and don't like to disappoint. If I can, I will.

On Randy:

I don't get it guys. Randy can be brash and confrontational.
She has had issues with Tam in the past and I've defended
his research to Randy through posts and PM's. I felt like she
never get Tam a chance and just looked for ways to attack
his findings. That's good in way since you need people to
question the information that goes out there. Tam can certainly
hold his corner as has been shown.

Right now?

I see Randy trying to make a difference in a good way.
Unless I got Dr Wymore wrong, he is the best hope we
have right now and the guy needs money. I'd sooner money
headed his way rather than towrds MRF or Dr S.....FFS people.

I'm not going to get into it but how much research was done
by MRF with the considerable donations they received?

What will get things done ultimately?

Randy and Sabrina need to bury the hatchet and start talking.
You both have the same goal. Chill out, think about what you
want and call each other....can you do that?

Bury the egos and think about it.

Read above line and think again.

What's most important to both of you?

I think you're both closer than you think...


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Post by Barz » Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:14 am

Enough you guys!!!! Uk guy is right. Bury the hatchet.

OKay now, skytroll, who is going to contact Citovsky at Stonybrook. If you all have been seriously looking into this agrobacterium T, you will find that it fits easily into what we have been searching for. Second, Citovsky is the prof. who was quoted on the CNN report stating that morg sufferers have been found to have plant genes incorporated in them. SO. ... why the silence from him? Why has no one from MFA or even NMO brought this issue up? Wouldnt this be your FIRST question? WHY are we non scientific people left to fend for ourselves. To try to figure out the friggin lingo and bs. that should be directly told to us by the people who are supposedly helping us. This seems like a Giant black hole. I want to know, WHO HAS SPOKEN TO VITAL CITOVSKY? Have you all read his papers.

I have not one ounce of scientific knowledge nor aspiration. This is what is called science by desperation. We need to AT THE VERY LEAST open up some sort of communication line with Mr. Citovsky. I would appreciate your help in this matter. I would also appreciate if it were someone here who has some sort of scientific knowledge. Please let me know what you think.

Best regards,


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Post by Barz » Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:19 am

Tam, Have you any contact with Citovsky? What do you think of his findings on the Agrobacterium transferring into human DNA?

Would love to hear a reply.



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Post by Skytroll » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:52 am

I do believe that the New Morgellon Order has some contact with Citovsky. And possibly Dr. Wymore. Here is an article referenced by others credit to LB board, Cliff Mick and Skeeter.

I do not know for sure who has any contact with him, but, there are others who we know are creating such novel entities, like the plant-ant. etc.
More on that one later.

I have seen strange things in my celery. Has anyone noticed that the groove in the celery is disappearing? I cut through the small slit now and there are black things inside and the leaves on celery tips are now squeazing out as new shoots inside what used to be the groove in the celery.

I study crops seriously now. Seems viruses are growing inside potatoes, radishes, any root products.

Not kidding.

Will see if I can find out who is in contact with him. Joe Cummins and Ho have done a lot of articles on these agro crops and the insecticides.
Both can cause damage to us. Parasitoid is used as insecticide, however, the bugs it infects do not always die, and when they do the Wolbachia is inside of them. Wolbachia is black dots, like what I saw on the celery inside the groove. I think this is closer and Londons Parasitoid, there are 5 species that carry this W disease, Wolbachia. Hymenoptera, and it is wicked. Wolbachia is horizontally transferred from the bees to other insects, kills insects, but leaves the Wolbachia. The W is on the food we eat.

If you wash in hot water, all veges, then wash in vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide, seem to clean veges well. Lime and Lemon in a spray or soak will work, also. Follow with a cold wash.

I remember years ago, we used to soak spinach, lettuce in salt water, might even work better. We rarely got sick.

The ARSA knows about all these things.



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