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Post by Skytroll » Fri Sep 29, 2006 3:52 am


We do have proof. These are not wild. This was planned, right from the horse's mouth. This info is out there. We report our news, because the news media doesn't.
Take a look at this:
this is a current article:

Treason Abounds ~ Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU)
By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
September 4, 2006

...."To fully understand the truly 'dark side' of a monopoly, how about using "food as a weapon" as was once declared by Henry Kissinger. It is strongly suggested that you to read the this article on the future of genetically (read patentable and monopolized) engineered seeds. All food starts with seeds and there is now a patent by Delta & Pine Land, which is about to be acquired by Monsanto, because they engineered a 'Terminator' seed which cannot be used for the next year's crop because it automatically self-destructs at the end of the growing season. How sick is that?
Follow the twisted devious financial and political connections to its conclusion where in the final three paragraphs you will find that: "The key scientific member of the Delta & Pine Land board since 1993 has been Dr. Nam-Hai Chua. Chua, 62, is also head of the Rockefeller University Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory in New York, and has been for over 25 years, the labs which are at the heart of the Rockefeller Foundation's decades-long development, and spending of more than $100 millions of its own research grants to create their Gene Revolution. Until 1995, Chua was also a scientific consultant to Monsanto Corporation, as well as to DuPont's Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Chua is at the heart of Rockefeller's Gene Revolution. And, clearly, Delta & Pine Land and their research on Terminator have been in the center of that work."(10) "

911? Right here, the plan. The best way to do it.

....."As For Why Most Americans are Unaware of the CFR Organization . . .
David Rockefeller chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for 15 years (1970-1985), also founded and is the honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission. His father John D. and brother Nelson purchased and then donated the land beneath the UN for $8.5 million dollars, then claimed it as a charitable deduction.(1)
As for how the machinations of the CFR have remained unnoticed . . . in 1991 in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller gloatingly said: "We're grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.."(2)
In other words, Americans are to be treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed plenty of you know what!
CFR member Richard N. Gardner, who in a 1974 Foreign Affairs article titled: "The Hard Road to World Order" wrote: In short, the "house of world order" will have to be built from the bottom up rather than the top down. It will look like a great "booming, buzzing confusion" [like the chaos of an overwhelming illegal alien invasion combined with the uncertainty of 'the war on terror' which will provide cover for] . . . an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, [which] will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.(3) "

But, the problem we face is in the food we eat, the drugs we take, the overall submission to government authorities, when the answers are within ourselves. We must expose those who are planning to control with fewer people through control off all resources, all monies, all human beings on the face of the earth.

More here..........We need to UNITE AS A COUNTRY and then wipe them away in 2008. Independence, folks. DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER>>>>>>>>>neocons and neodemocrats belong in the rat pile. ... fault.aspx

try to pick out the political affiliation of your professors. It might be fun.

Remember, the NOW slogan "Political is Personal"
Well, back at em. Women have moved into the Bilderbergs. Hill was there, and the Queen of NL.

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Sep 29, 2006 3:56 am

MAF, Systemic, UKguy, Sabrina, Corbo,

Let's keep em on the run..........stakes are big. FREEDOM FROM THE NWO!


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Post by Skytroll » Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:09 am

For those who cannot get this.......

....."And What Does a World Controlled by the United Nations Look Like?

Written in 1962 and prepared by the Institute for Defense Analyses submitted to the Department of State: "A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which "world government" [One World Government (OWO)]would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions [such as the UN], characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization [i.e. the United Nations] rather than in individual national units [like the United States], and would assume the effective operation of a general disarmament agreement. While this supranational organization -- the United Nations -- would not necessarily be the organization as it now exists, the present UN Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisaged, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world."(9)

Are we there yet? Think UNESCO, LOST, Earth Charter, Agenda 21, Areas Foundations, CANAMEX, 'Global Warming' and the Kyoto Treaty, the World Court, The Hague, WTO, GATT, NASCO, NAFTA, CAFTA and all the rest of the alphabet entities granted external control over the sovereign nation of the United States of America.

Coming up . . . the FTAA (Free Trade Areas of the Americas), the final nail in America's coffin. The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) is an attempt to expand the failed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to every country in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, except Cuba. Negotiations began right after the completion of NAFTA in 1994 and were supposed to have been completed by January 1, 2005. Sovereignty? For how much longer?"....... ... fault.aspx

Paul Revere........riding against the wind........

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Post by maf » Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:51 am

skytroll... the terminator gene is/can be controlled by agrobacterium mediation... depending on the crop or seed type, different innoculation techniques are used...

my favorite... silicon carbide fibers...

in some species of plants, agrobacterium is only infective if the plant suffers a wound... hence the scf's to achieve mediation...


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Post by RANDY » Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:34 am


Where are you?? We miss you.....................Please come back!!

We'll be good................I promise!!!!!!!!!


Oh dear how sad...this is what I am talking about. How sad to beg a phney and promise to be good...Oh my dear...that is so sad. I feel so bad for you to sink this low. How old are you ? 12?

Anyway..the docs that would not tell me were at UVA hospital not Wymore. I have never met him one to one. I am just working on getting the national sites set up so we can keep an eye on the CDC and keep them truthful so we have places peopel can go to in each stateso we have a unified system for recording this disease and its symptoms.

So far all of you conspiracy theorists have not volunteered to do a single thing. No calls to me to organize your state.......lots talk ..lotsa real action. YOu just say it will do no good without trying....just keep on searching for useless articles that can not be proven. Sad. I am sorry to say but that is what I am seeing on this site.

Those that know who you are but I have not gotten any phone calls yet.

This is why they know, whoever the are that did this, that nothing will ever get organized enough for them to fear anyone. You all talk but no one does a single thing but sit at home and search the internet and then make false accusations with no proof and balme everyone from Santa to a Saint. If I was one of them I would be laughing at you all. No one will ever get organzied enough to do anything and you keep begging a phoney baloney , who knows he has been found out 100% for advice. It is so sad if it was not funny it would hurt.

I have a plan and no one has called and it is the only plan that can actually be placed into action to prove what we have and then find out who did it..which is the proper procedure..not find out who did it and then find out what we have...that is just plain ole silly and dumb.

So,.,lots of talk..including calling Wymore someone who is not going to help us..that is really funny. Really ..if you knew this man you would be laughing you head off at the statement.

Here is my number 434-974-7128

If I do not call you back e-mail me with yoru number my phone ,..during black outs..which we have been having...erases my messages.

So go on with your massive theories which you can not prove to anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt becuase what you have has not been figured are all working backasswards.

[email protected]

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by Systemic » Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:45 am

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Post by Marcos » Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:31 am


:shock: :shock: :shock:

Soliciting help out of them & yelling an independence declaration simultaneously? WTF are you talking about here?

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Post by Sabrina » Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:13 am

gwentass wrote:Listen, whoever you are, I came to this forum because of my Anatomy and Physiology studying the Integumentary System, and was searching around for skin diseases to describe as one of our assignments.

Dear GwentASS,

Welcome to biology online.

I really hate to be the one to inform you but I have something to tell you that could prevent much unnecessary work, possibly even save your GPA, and spare you much embarrassment. :oops:

The Fiber disease is not a skin disease. Every Dermatologist I have been to about this condition refers me to an Infectious Disease doctor. Perhaps you should consider some other recognized skin affliction that you can obtain solid references for your school assignment.

Sorry if you are disappointed but look on the bright side, you do not have to waist anymore of your time here! :D 8) :P

Dear Sarah,

Please answer my questions in my previous post if you wish to have me address your questions and comments any further. Why do you refuse to answer so many of my questions?

About the video, it was certainly not produced for your viewing pleasure and since you are not in any position to help anybody who displays these physical symptoms what would be the point of me doing this for you? Are you offering me any money for this service? Got any Septra? Are you offering anything at all in return or is selfishness one of your family values as well? :wink:


The pamphlet 8) . Where are we at?

I have searched for the page that this was posted on and have been unsuccessful. Can you help me find it or was it deleted already? I do see the John was back on Sept. 8th to edit his posts. :?: If it was deleted then it should still not be a problem, we just reformat and type the info from the printouts. Please let me know before I begin this project. Thanks

UK Guy,

Thanks for your support and for posting your photos. Have you heard anything from Helen? Can you help to resurrect the pamphlet, please? :D

Dear Marcos,

Welcome to biology online! Don't mind Skytroll, sometimes she gets upset and rightly so. We just let her vent when she needs to that's all.

To All,

Perhaps it is time. :idea:

Ever wonder why all of the media stories never once had any interviewee show them how this exits the skin, and get it on tape? If anyone did then they sure did not air it. I really wonder why!

Think really hard here. If you were a reporter covering this issue, what would you ask from the people who make such wild claims as ours? I know my first question would be, “can you show me what this is, what it does, and exactly what it looks like?”

Why wasn’t this done? :? Could it be due to the fact that DP could NEVER be included if this was put out there for all to see the actual physical manifestations we all experience?

Do you think that the reporters thought that nobody wanted to see? Sarah wants to see and that is at least one person. Perhaps there are some others with sick hobbies like the one Sarah lays claim to :shock: that would intently watch such video footage. I would bet money that there would be hundreds of thousands more people that would want to see it also.

Last question. What type of reaction could we expect if a news story broke that showed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the actual horrifying manifestation of the fibers, black debris, and any other bizarre matter coming directly out of our skin? I know how the doctors reacted so I bet this would blow the rest of the general population away as well.


It sure would be nice to start to receive medical care from some of these doctors that keep refusing to treat these physical manifestations. What else is it going to take to get this accomplished? :(


The jig is up honey; your cover has been blown wide open!!!

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Getting the doctors to take note

Post by Foxy Lady » Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:27 pm

I don't have Morgellons. I'm in Canada. But I did have a skin condition that caused me to google, and I ended up on the website.

Anyway I went to see my GP about my skin condition (it's nothing important but a bit itchy) and I asked him if he'd heard of Morgellons. He looked mystified but did go to and have a look whilst I was there.

So here am I, not with any morgellons signs/symptoms, and my GP is willing to have a look at Morgellons.

And there are you, the real sufferers, with GP's who don't want to know because it doesn't fit into their lexicon.

I've been an advocate, usually poverty, worker's compensation etc, for a long time. I know I can't cure the world but I know I can nudge people's thinking. Who knows, this same GP might encounter a Morgellons sufferer and a light go on in his head.

Best wishes to all. I still think it's a biotech thing.


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Post by London » Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:29 pm

I have been offline for exactly one week now, as I turned my computer back on, I noticed I still have problems. This is unfortunate for those that are hiding the GD disease. I'm sorry too for posting before I have had a chance to read this past weeks postings, but here goes: Oh, No London, it's not the parasitoid wasp.???....whatever, you post what you want and I will do the same frankly.

This is too about the WASP more than you can even imagine. We have the parasitoid wasp, the N-WASP (willford A. Syndrome)>which is not a pretty illness and we have WASP (work place analysis Scheme) >that is where they count the fibres. You know, it's the asbestos frikkin poisioning those A-holes gave us.... and we have other things as well.

Anyway, once again, I'm only giving out free knowledge and researched information- take it or leave it, I don;t really give a damn.

This is exactly about how the biotech boys use chemicals to create illnesses. This, once again is transpired thru the parasitoid wasp and the virulent plants.....especially the ones with smell. (also, hint, hint, the ROSe scent is a good example to give you.)

This is also about computers and silicate. This is all from me for now, but hey, I must go ahead and post this article just incase some of our lil communtity here wants to come back and once again state that London is crazy. ( I will show you crazy when I see your friggin face B! and I hope to God it's behind bars where you need to be.) I said a helluva long time ago, that I don't play and that I'm sick and f-ing tired of the GD bullshit. Now heed this F-sticks: This is only the beginning of it, got it? I want my compouter fixed tonight. Suit yourself.

here's the article.......(one of hundreds)

In Situ Modification of Herbivore-Induced Plant Odors: A Novel Approach to Study the Attractiveness of Volatile Organic Compounds to Parasitic Wasps :idea: :idea: :?:

Correspondence to be sent to: Ted C.J. Turlings, Laboratory of Evolutionary Entomology, Institute of Zoology, University of Neuchâtel, Case Postale 2, CH-2007 Neuchâtel, Switzerland. e-mail: [email protected]

Many parasitic wasps (parasitoids) exploit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by herbivore-infested plants in order to locate their hosts, but it remains largely unknown which specific compounds within the volatile blends elicit the attractiveness to parasitoids. One way of studying the importance of specific VOCs is to test the attractiveness of odor blends from which certain compounds have been emitted. We used this approach by testing the attraction of naive and experienced females of the two parasitoids Cotesia marginiventris and Microplitis rufiventris to partially altered volatile blends of maize seedlings (Zea mays var. Delprim) infested with Spodoptera littoralis larvae. Adsorbing filter tubes containing carbotrap-C or silica were installed in a four-arm olfactometer between the odor source vessels and the arms of the olfactometer. The blends breaking through were tested for chemical composition and attractiveness to the wasps. Carbotrap-C adsorbed most of the sesquiterpenes, but the breakthrough blend remained attractive to naive C. marginiventris females. Silica adsorbed only some of the more polar VOCs, but this essentially eliminated all attractiveness to naive C. marginiventris, implying that among the adsorbed compounds there are some that play key roles in the attraction. Unlike C. marginiventris, M. rufiventris was still attracted to the latter blend, showing that parasitoids with a comparable biology may employ different strategies in their use of plant-provided cues to locate hosts. Results from similar experiments with modified odor blends of caterpillar-infested cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) indicate that key VOCs in different plant species vary greatly in quality and/or quantity. Finally, experienced wasps were more strongly attracted to a specific blend after they perceived the blend while ovipositing in a host. Considering the high number of distinct adsorbing materials available today, this in situ modification of complex volatile blends provides a new and promising approach pinpointing on key attractants within these blends. Advantages and disadvantages compared to other approaches are discussed.

Key words: host location, indirect plant defense, induced plant odors, olfactometer, parasitoids, tritrophic interactions

hey, PS: I forgot to throw in the fact that the dust and the FIBRES were cpmpliments of the wasp too....... :lol: :roll:

PSS: If you read the above article, here is a hint: those VOC's they were talking about, well, yep, that includes the Silica......

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:03 am

Virology. 2005 Dec 24;: [Pubmed] [Scholar] [Select] [Drop] [Hide] [Show]

Polydnavirus genomes reflect their dual roles as mutualists and pathogens.

Bruce A Webb, Michael R Strand, Stephanie E Dickey, Markus H Beck, Roland S Hilgarth, Walter E Barney, Kristy Kadash, Jeremy A Kroemer, Karl G Lindstrom, Walaikorn Rattanadechakul, Kent S Shelby, Honglada Thoetkiattikul, Matthew W Turnbull, R Andrews Witherell
Symbionts often exhibit significant reductions in genome complexity while pathogens often exhibit increased complexity through acquisition and diversification of virulence determinants. A few organisms have evolved complex life cycles in which they interact as symbionts with one host and pathogens with another. How the predicted and opposing influences of symbiosis and pathogenesis affect genome evolution in such instances, however, is unclear. The Polydnaviridae is a family of double-stranded (ds) DNA viruses associated with parasitoid wasps that parasitize other insects. Polydnaviruses (PDVs) only replicate in wasps but infect and cause severe disease in parasitized hosts. This disease is essential for survival of the parasitoid's offspring. Thus, a true mutualism exists between PDVs and wasps as viral transmission depends on parasitoid survival and parasitoid survival depends on viral infection of the wasp's host. To investigate how life cycle and ancestry affect PDVs, we compared the genomes of Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus (CsIV) and Microplitis demolitor bracovirus (MdBV). CsIV and MdBV have no direct common ancestor, yet their encapsidated genomes share several features including segmentation, diversification of virulence genes into families, and the absence of genes required for replication. In contrast, CsIV and MdBV share few genes expressed in parasitized hosts. We conclude that the similar organizational features of PDV genomes reflect their shared life cycle but that PDVs associated with ichneumonid and braconid wasps have likely evolved different strategies to cause disease in the wasp's host and promote parasitoid survival

Ever heard of hyperparasitic fungi (mycoparasites) well, this goes with the wasp too. Look F-sticks, I only asked for my computer that you hacked to be returned to it's original place. I did not mention the fact of the sooo many names including personal ones, Gov't entities, the Univesities, nor all the countries involved did I? But, I can.

oh, forgot to tell some people this also has to do with the f-ing satellites.
yep, it does.....and as soon as anyone comes back on to throw some name calling around at me, well f-ing Ditto! Right back at cha.....

and yes, they do have these microbes hid, in places one would never imagine.

and don't forget, this is chemical has no idea the genocide the stupid -arse biotech industry has caused.....
there was this famous scientist that passed in 2004 and most of the biotech idolized him.....what they fail to have not gotten was when he wrote that paper they think is their mantra, well, I'm sorry to tell you but he was high on LSD.

They have caused this illness and they are now blaming it on Lyme I stated before.....protein kinases, endoplasmic reticulum,
all of these can be found with the lil parasitoid wasp that they released in the states of cali, texas, and Florida.................your gov';t was the one that released them too.

Remember that thing they call Tree of Life? Well, these A-holes joke about it ....they call it exactly what it really is.....The tree of Lies !!!! Now, class action or privaTE? yOU SEE, i HAD SIMPLIFIED IT AND SAID JUST FIX MY COMPUTER, BUT NO, COULD NOT BE THAT SIMPLE, EH? aM i CRAZY? mAYBE/ OR MAYBE THE SM,ARTEST OF ALL. bUSTED YOUR COVER, DID I NOT?

Look, it's got that thing that Tam talked about, T. Cruzi, in the following sentences...(taken straight off a cloning procedure)

For example, Dorn et al. [16] successfully preserved and amplified the DNA of Trypanosoma cruzi from human blood samples.
Irrespective of which tissues are selected, they should be used, frozen or preserved immediately, before they begin to degrade. Fresh tissue is preferable if purified mtDNA is required, as freezing may break mitochondrial membranes, reducing yield at the step in a protocol where mitochondria are pelleted. However, if genomic DNA or total cellular DNA with a mtDNA fraction is desired, frozen tissue can provide high yield and quality.

Now, do I need to mention Oklahoma and the 2 fungis?
Maybe Dr. Wymore needs a Mac computer?? :?: :!: :idea:


Lennart Lundgren*, Sten Lundström, Ildiko Laszlo* and Birgitta Westling*
*Aerosol Division S-l7184 Solna, Sweden
Ventilation Division, National Institute of Occupational Health S-l7184 Solna, sweden

A modern technique for counting airborne fibres on membrane filter is described. The evaluation is done on-line to a Macintosh computer from a phase-contrast microscope. The Macintosh computer has special video display cards and software, which enable the microscopist to perform on-line determination of fibres on the display. Each fibre is marked by the microscopist with a mouse and data are saved in the program. The void counting technique (empty fields are counted instead) can also be used. The number of all fibres in a field or void fields, the total number of all fibres or void fields, the number of fields and comments on each field are saved. It is also possible to measure the length and the width of fibres while counting. All this is done in an easy programmable multi media application program. The technique is suitable for asbestos fibres as well as all other kinds of synthetic fibres. The method is very easy to use and the microscope as well as the computer hardware and software are common and inexpensive. Data for several types of fibre have shown good agreement between counts by the conventional and new technique.

Now, the fibers, I have posted about got the glass fibers (some of us) and as I have said before (only to be called crazy) it's fiber Lord, we are dealing with the communications industry.....

but here, this is what "they" say they cannot identify....>ALL LIES, ALL GD LIES.......THIS IS NOTHING BUT COVER.......



Fix my GD computer!

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Post by RANDY » Sat Sep 30, 2006 4:52 am


Grow up. There is no"jig" to be up. I will be at the MoreFest in Oklahoma giving my speech on how we have ot protect the USA from bioterrorism and how we have to have State labs checking on the work fo the CDC and how we have to be responsible for our own health and figuring out what we have by establishing states sites. Will you be there heling out or just typing on here. Be real girl!

What are you afraid of????... ..that we may get some real answers and that this site full of dis-information will be disolved? OH dear..then how would we spend out countless hours of being bored and going in circles?

I have no clue to what JIG you are talking about. If you are saying I am not real it just tells me that you are the one who is not real..since I am spending every working moment doing something REAL and just not posting garbage that has nothing to do with anything at all..which comprises 75% of this site. Anyone with brains can see that. What have you done for this cause in the last 48 hours?

Also please be mature enough to understand the this NWO you are all freaking out about is not part of the NMO ( New Morgellons Order) on the site. No connection at all dear conspiracy theorists.

It is just a group of very smart, dedicated people who decided that Mary was not doing her job or honestly handling the finances of MRF so that the money would go to research.

The MOREFEST ( October 7th and 8th) is a fund raiser to get money for Wymore to get a full time person working on this disease.

If you had your minds about you..he needs about $36,000.00 for a full time lab person..if you did have your minds about you , you would be fundraising so we would have a full time person working on this. But NO...just keep searching the internet for nothing..that makes so much more sense..doesn't it?

Now all you guys can be part of this a massive internet search for every disease under the sun and trying to get a lawyer to defend you when you have no clue what you have or you can be part of some level headed people that are doing the right thing and getting the states on board to double check the CDC.

But I already know what you guys do..blalhbalhbalh and accuse those of us who are actually doing something of being part of a JIG. How silly!

This choice is yours.

[email protected]
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?


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