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Post by gwentass » Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:02 pm

Skytroll wrote:I would suggest you read HR 6164. This is the problem, no one reads these bills.

Read HR 6164? Where do I do that? I can't exactly drop everything and head to DC, barge into Congress, and demand to be allowed to read it. (I apologize if that sounds like I'm irritated - I actually would like to know if there's a way anyone can read what bills are before Congress)

Skytroll wrote:If there is no conspiracy, then, why are the reports from these agencies, not FULL public knowledge?

1) I can understand that the government can't or doesn't disclose every little tiny detail about what's going on. Do you have any idea how boring that could be?
2) Has anyone asked for the reports to be released? I honestly don't know if anyone has or not, and I am asking in the hope that you would be able to tell me.

Skytroll wrote:And, where are you coming from?

What is your agenda.

I explained where I'm coming from, what my 'agenda' is, in my post. When you read the whole thing, you can see where I mention my concerns about paranoia, and the sympathy I have for those who suffer a disease that isn't widely recognized.

Skytroll wrote:I have none.

I am reporting info that is buried because the govt. new reports do not include pertinent information that the people should know about.

Hidden agendas are everywhere.

Then you do have an agenda - to report info that you consider 'buried'. I can honestly commend those kind of investigative skills. Yes, there are hidden agendas everywhere, and sometimes they DO need to be exposed.

Skytroll wrote:Why? National Security? Or WTO and NWO actually forming a connection, now.

Ok, I'm a little confused here. Why what? And what are WTO and NWO?

What is Nesting Doll Syndrome?

Nesting Doll Syndrome: Also known as 'nesting doll principle'. Conspiracy-within-a-conspiracy. What seems at first to be simple ends up, as you go deeper in the investigation, to be a lot more complicated. The movie “The Pelican Brief” had a storyline that was something like this.
Relevant link (look down the page, to "Matryoshka metaphor"):

Oh, I found a poem that you might or might not find interesting.
You can also find it here, on a government agency's website.
Skytroll wrote:Gwentass,

I would say genetics are involved when the other X, the recessed X is activated in females. Mutations have a way of interfering.

I'm confused by this post, too. What point are you responding to? And last time I checked, females have 2 X chromosomes, males have an X and a Y. That means that even if one of a female's chromosomes has a recessive gene, the other X chromosome overrules it. In males, however, if the X chromosome contains a recessive gene, there isn't another X chromosome to overrule it, and the condition, whatever it is, will manifest.

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To Sabrina

Post by gwentass » Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:41 pm

I realized I hadn't posted this yet, and I apologize.

I am glad to see you are fighting for the medical community and government to acknowledge what you are suffering. I would like to offer my encouragement. I have been fortunate in that my 'illness' was publicly recognized without my having to be so active. Keep that persistence youv'e shown going! It's an incredibly important asset.

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Possible historical reference

Post by gwentass » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:39 pm

Barz wrote:....please show me where in history....balls of fibers coming OUT of the dermis is a symptom of ANYTHING. Then I will shut up.

Well, I found an article that mentions someone else found a historical reference.

Undaunted, Leitao began poring through the medical literature looking for clues. What she discovered was a 17th-century reference to a strange disease with "harsh hairs" called "Morgellons."

Here's the link to read the whole story, if you want.

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:14 pm

For instance, ms. or mr. tass,

I have two x chromosomes, one carries the disease muscular dystrophy, the other does not.

However, the disease is recessive, I do not get it, but, I carrry it. Now, if a way can be found to activate that X that is not dominant in me and make it dominant, then you see, one can make the disease active. And, do not tell me this has not been attempted.

You do not know what a fiber is, so I do not see what you are trying to do here.

This administration and the previous and even more so the one previous to the previous has done a lot of damage to young people. However, today these young people can think clearly out of either box. They hold their own. I am grateful for them.

They will have to live in this world that has been created for them, and they are strong, and they are thinkers, and they are independent. That is all we have left. I am ashamed that the real truth did not come out in the 60s.

But, you wouldn't remember that.

Anyway, we are still looking at the fibers here, and the little critter that seems to work with it.

Did you know the Trichinella can destroy muscle fibers? Might actually be the cause of the protein, or fiber that leaves the muscle, Dystrophin that leaves the body when the worm nests inside it.

See if you can figure that one out?


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they see it, they believe it but they still won't treat it

Post by Sabrina » Thu Sep 28, 2006 12:36 am

I have way more to say to Sarah than I ever had to say to Randy. :D I still love you Randy so don’t get jealous but Sarah wants a bit of my attention right now. I am happy to oblige.

SarahBione wrote:
Sabrina wrote:Sarah, have you ever in your history of researching the fiber disease EVER sat down with a real live victim in person and watched this stuff expel from anyone’s skin?

Sabrina, I don't study the fiber disease. I never have. I studied bugs.

Dear Sarah,
You still did not answer my question. I ask again, have you ever interviewed a victim in person and watched this expel directly from their skin? Yes or no?

You actively sought out information of a personal and medical nature which also included physical specimens from a group of people who were, and are actively seeking medical treatment for a condition that displays evidence of symptoms of the Fiber Disease. Have you not realized yet that by doing this you have in fact studied the Fiber Disease?

If not, then please tell me exactly why you intentionally targeted and gathered such information from this specific group? :idea:

SarahBione wrote:
Sabrina wrote:



That is a very passionate expression. What on earth makes you think I study "morgellons"?

When you targeted the Morgellons community to solicit information for your “study” what was your intention? To study bugs, DP, or Morgellons?

Because of the way in which you presented yourself to this group it lead the Morgellons community to believe that you were going to hopefully at least attempt to try to solve at least some of this medical mystery. Shame on you!

It seems that you have only taken information from victims of this clinical condition and incorporated it to be able to associate it with a delusional disorder among many other non related mental conditions. Your refusal and inability to distinguish between these conditions has caused damage and harm to people on a very personal level whether you realize it or not.

Many people, including myself find this extremely cruel and very unprofessional which is why you have people calling you such names as b_i_c_t_h. You have no doubt earned that title.

My question to you is this, if you did not rule out this clinical condition with the participants of your study, then what kind of study did you perform in reality? :? Would you even know?

Since you do not yet show any ability to compliantly be able to distinguish a legitimate case of this clinical condition and a case of somebody having true delusions and other possible mental issues, how do you intend to defend any of your work with your study? :?

SarahBione wrote:If there is "stuff" expelling from anyone's skin, it won't be hard to catch on video with a size reference such as a penny next to the emerging object, and send to a physician.

I have done way better than that Sarah! Do you take me for some kind of idiot? I have video footage of the fibers being pulled directly out of the epidermis. I have personally shown many health care professionals, including physicians, that are responsible for my care this very footage. They don’t deny it either because so far everyone who has viewed this footage can see it too. How do you think I have been able to avoid the DP diagnosis for this long? EVIDENCE such as this has not helped me recieve proper medical care.

So it is true that it is not that hard to capture on video. I have video, Tam has video, South has video, UK Guy has video, TONS of people have video! Please make a point.

OMG! :idea: (Sarah wants more movies to supplement her sick hobby! :shock: Don’t forget the pop corn, make mine organic and with out any Starlink, I mean butter please.)

SarahBione wrote:Or that I am in any position to do anything about it?

Perhaps I have in deed overestimated your status, influence, and any assumed obligatory considerations for any morality and values you are obviously lacking in. Sorry, that won’t happen again. :oops:

SarahBione wrote:I touched hundreds of samples of "morgellons" over the past year, and have yet to see a single "symptom."

Foxy Lady (welcome to biology on-line Foxy :D ) summed this one up nicely when she said,

Foxy Lady wrote:I see Sarah saying to Sabrina:

"That is a very passionate expression. What on earth makes you think I study "morgellons"? Or that I am in any position to do anything about it? I touched hundreds of samples of "morgellons" over the past year, and have yet to see a single "symptom."

Well sorry, Sarah - nobody sees symptoms. Signs are what a professional sees. Symptoms are what a patient describes.

In my opinion, the operative word here is, “yet.”

We have not studied this enough to know for certain, but many people including some doctors, have good reason to speculate that this has a long latency period. Please take good notice of any skin symptoms that may develop, yours may turn out to be the first case that we can document that may be able to provide some real insight to this area. 8) 8) 8)

SarahBione wrote:Your demand is not particularly compelling.

I never demanded anything; I merely extended a proposed “challenge.” You can except this challenge, or decline it. Which will it be?

Please keep in mind that I would never ask or expect any victim of this clinical condition to expend one once of energy to agree to this if you are unwilling or not in any kind of position to help this situation. This would be unproductive to achieving our goals and I have no wish to supplement anyone’s sick hobby :shock: . We are not here to entertain you.

SarahBione wrote:If direct contact, ten minutes, will give someone else "morgellons," then Dr. Wymore and Dr. Schwartz and Ms. Savely will be describing their symptoms any day now.

What gives you the impression that ten minutes, “will give someone else ‘morgellons’ “? Do you know something we don’t? :?

If you are referring to the speculated contagious aspect of this clinical condition then I do believe it best that we all leave this up to research professionals, medical practioners and the agencies that are set in place to find this information out. We just watch this spread to others Sarah, we do not know why or how this happens.

If you are referring to the ten minutes that I spoke about, well, please let me clarify this for you. Ten minutes is all that it would take for me to be able to show you with your own two eyes the fibrous matter and black debris that extrudes through my epidermis. I have done this for numerous doctors, nurses, family members, and my very own health department. You may prefer it over the video even!

Is there a disorder named for people who get thrills and enjoyment from seeing, knowing, and even contributing to the fact that people are suffering and dying?

This may not even be a hobby at all for you Sarah but some kind of mental condition. :? What type of satisfaction do you receive out of your so called “hobby?

Please get a life for Christ sake, and get yourself some help for your sadistic and antisocial tendencies!

SarahBione wrote:
Sabrina wrote:I want to believe that you are a compassionate person. And, I also want to believe that you would do anything with in your power to prevent yourself from causing more harm and devastating your professional career within the process.

This is particularly vague. Explain what I have done or what has happened that has harmed of devastated my professional career.

And you get completely to the point don’t you? :wink: This comment explains very much. You do not even mention my obvious doubt that you are a compassionate individual yet you perk right up about how you are harming your own professional career. This tells me exactly what is important to you and what you could careless about.

First of all Sarah, we as human beings do have more in life to consider than just mundane things such as our careers. :roll: A career is only one part of a persons life, there is many more things to consider that make up a whole person. It is very apparent to me right now that not everyone has had an upbringing that installed such values as compassion for others or the importance of truth and things like that. They say the apple does not fall very far from the tree, ya know? You may not have been able to help it since we only know what we are, or in your case, not taught.

If you choose to give no merit to and/or lack these type virtues then there is nothing I can say that would matter to you anyhow. Perhaps you are happy being opportunistic and egotistical. :D However, when it’s all done and over, just like the rest of us, have no doubt that you will be held accountable for your actions.

Whether or not this will play out in a court of law for you will remain to be seen for now, however, it is impossible to evade the universal law of balance that inevitably confronts us all. Take heed, this is your last wake up call!


To All,

I see we have some new visitors. This is good! Please do not fall into the trap but press on, it is working again! :wink:

Dear Skytroll,

You mentioned the pamphlet last week :D 8) :wink: ; we are we at with that?



Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:46 am

Hi all :)

Sabrina...very well said (with regards to Ms Bione). The same can be said
of the Mwatch crew with Marg and his two henchmen. I find it highly
suspicious that people like this would have such curiosity in this
condition without ever showing compassion. Surely people of such
intellect would have more fulfilling or challenging pursuits than arguing
with a bunch of 'delusional' people? ;)

Anyway, very well put Sabrina. Ms Bione's hobby appears to be quite a
challenge for her ;) All the PHD's in the world don't help you when you
need compassion to tackle a problem.

Ok, now many people have mentioned worms.

Not sure if anyone remembers but I posted a few videos a while back
of the fibres 'swimming' in alcohol and in one video there was a
clear worm being moved around by the fibres. This worm was I'd say
around 3-5mm long, tapered at both ends and curled around itself.
Very definitely a worm! My dermatologist had it analysed and the report
came back calling it 'amorphous organic material'. BS. It was a worm.

Moving on. Many people have described small white worms coming
from their skin. I've noticed this myself alot more recently along with
other forms that I just have no reference for. In my case these
forms (very different to the worm I mention above) do not seem
to be worms at all when viewed under a scope.

On many occasions when these thing emerge from my skin (after
spraying tea tree oil or a clear antibiotic soluton) they leave an exit
'wound' which looks like a red pin prick. These don't heal and I have
lots of them on my upper arms especially, hands and wrist. Many of
these samples have fibres inside them and what appear to be
clear fibres/structures protruding from them.

I thought I'd share some photos with you guys. Especially as 'Speculatin'
over at Lymebusters posted something practically identical to the things
exiting my skin.

NOTE: the blue tinged 'critter' was stained this colour by the antibiotic
liquid I sprayed on my sking prior to this thing exiting from the underside
of my wrist.

Also: I don't have exczema. I don't have dry skin at all. There are no
visible signs on the skin of anything lying beneath before these things
appear. They always apppear from the point which is itching most

The images are predominantly at 60X, some at 200x.
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Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:49 am

More examples.....................


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:50 am

more examples...............


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:53 am

These look like 'Speculatin''s examples from Lymebusters....


Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:53 am



Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:56 am

Samples stained blue with antibiotic solution which caused this to
exit from the underside of my wrist leaving a tiny red puncture mark which is still there after 1 month.
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Post by ukguy » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:58 am

And more........................


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