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Post by Nadas Moksha » Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:33 pm

sorry barz..
invisible college class of 2012
... . this brain hurtz...

... f o c u s . " n a t a s " . ... g-2004.pdf.

" eukaryotic transac-
tivator composed of the ligand- and

domains of the bacterial quorum sensor TraR

(Figure 2).
When transfected in HeLa cells supplemented

-HSL, the system induced expression of the
reporter molecule SEAP (secreted alkaline

The system was three orders of magnitude

less sensitive
than the TraR system in its bacterial host

tumefaciens), but the expression was

tightly controlled. In
other, related work, the Streptomyces

coelicolour quorum-
sensing receptor (ScbR) was fused to the

transactivation domain (VP16) to control

expression of
SEAP and erythropoietin in recombinant

cells [57
] (Figure 2). The construct proved

in controlling the expression of SEAP to

near that of
control constructs expressing SEAP under

control of
the SV40 promoter. By adding butyrolactones

to the cells,
the transactivator was released from the

SEAP promoter
and synthesis declined. Thus, the authors

were able to
demonstrate tuneable expression of

mammalian proteins
using bacterial quorum regulation." ... plist.html ... ndice.html
Servicio de Alerta de Junio 2006, Biblioteca IIMAS-UNAM

here one fot Skybarzondon: "sidereal"

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Post by London » Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:19 pm

Tick-borne diseases in transfusion medicine

L. Pantanowitz, S. R. Telford III and M. E. Cannon
SummaryTicks are effective vectors of viral, bacterial, rickettsial and parasitic diseases. Many of the tick-borne diseases (TBDs) are of significance to transfusion medicine, either because of the risks they pose to the blood supply or the necessity for blood products required in their treatment. The transmission of tick-borne pathogens via blood transfusion is of global concern. However, among transfusion medicine practitioners, experience with most of these microorganisms is limited. Transfusion transmission of TBDs has been documented largely by means of single case reports. A better understanding of the epidemiology, biology and management of this group of diseases is necessary in order to assess the risks they pose to the blood supply and to help guide effective prevention strategies to reduce this risk. Unique methods are required to focus on donor selection, predonation questioning, mass screening and inactivation or eradication procedures. The role of the transfusion medicine service in their treatment also needs to be better defined. This article reviews the growing body of literature pertaining to this emerging field of transfusion medicine and offers some recommendations for transfusionists in dealing with TBDs. ... 02.00358.x

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:46 am

mS. bi oN the lookout is very much interested in the new Pschydermatology that will bring in much for her professional career, after leaving the Pest Industry.

Thanks for that Sabrina. Good to hear from you again.

Tt am looking at the pseudomad thing there. So many ways to set the stage for this aren't there?

Still wading through that physics, never took a class in my life, but, I am learning. So, Tesla is making a debut?

I found this and thought that maybe Dr. Wymore could use it in his lab.! Might pick up those metal nanoparticles inside us and a few flourescent fibers there too.

"FIREFLY LM10™ Particle Analysis System

Above: FIREFLY LM10™ nano particle Viewing Module The FIREFLY LM10™ is the world's first characterisation tool specifically designed for liquid phase visualisation and analysis of individual nano-particles.
The FIREFLY™ system provides both a direct, real time view of nano-particles and a comprehensive particle size distribution analysis.
Both these data sets are unique and this system is new, having been patented in 2004.
Video: The FIREFLY LM10™ with 96nm and 384nm polystyrene reference spheres in water.
The system is proven on most classes of nano-particle (below), down to 15nm (dependent upon particle type), in a wide range of solvents:

Most hard nano-particles
Virus samples
Pigments in inks and paints
Single DNA molecules
Metal oxides in magnetic storage media
Precursor chemicals and CMP slurry for wafer fabrication
Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes
Fuel additives
Cosmetics and personal care products
Ceramics Ferritin molecules
Polymers, emulsions and colloids"

[i]I want one of these!!!!!!!!!!!
[/i] ... /index.php
I think this might be beneficial to our Doc?
Or the FBI folks looking for fibers to compare.
.......more about the FIREFLY at above link.

Busy there in the UK, finding all these instruments to use on nano? Wonder if they contacted the world environmentalists or the ecologists?
Well next step is to test where the nanoparticle went from those buckyballs that are floating around after the huge grid that provides the electricity that controls those nanos in the living tissues of oh,,,,,,,,,everything......and if they are assembling as programmed, and then must create a machine that indicates if the proteins are adhering by way of nano delivery.

Oh, London I see the blood supply is at it's best now, dang, we can't even get an adequate test on blood bank donations. So, just what does the CDC do for a living?
CDC: Center for Disease CONTROL, which way?
Are they controlling the journey of disease and the instigation of it or are they controlling the spread of it, or are they controlling the spread of it over certain areas to make sure pandemics are initiated in the environment? I AM SO CONFUSED! Does anyone know what they really do? Guess I better read their excellent truthful finds on that site.
Now, why does one need a vaccination for C. Dificultis? That is what my doc said I had when I had those horrible 3 days of bloody crap. Now, how did it get there in such an extreme condition.
Why do we need a vaccine for that? Is there a lot of it? Is this the result of the genetic altered bacterial genes put in the drugs they gave me?
Or is this a large problem in the world?

Notice below how regulating/suppressing T Cells will then leave an avenue for more tainted vaccines to cover our arses for all the evo devo contructs that have made a mess of our environment.

"Regulatory/Suppressor T Cells: Implications for Vaccinology
 Explain the characteristics and functions of regulatory and suppressor T cells. Describe the roles of regulatory T cells in virus- and bacteriamediated diseases.
 Discuss the roles that regulatory T cells play in response to parasitic infections.
Vaccines Against Nosocomial Infections
 Review scientific progress in the development of vaccines against Staphylococcus.
 Discuss approaches to developing a vaccine against Pseudomonas.
 Review the status of research on vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus. Describe the state of development of vaccines against Clostridium difficile."

Here are a few names:
Acknowledgments (as of April, 2003)
This conference is supported, in part, through unrestricted educational
grants from:
 Antigenics, Inc.
 Aventis Pasteur
 Baxter Healthcare
 Becton Dickinson
 Bioject, Inc.
 Chiron Corporation
 Coley Pharmaceutical Group
 Dynport Vaccine Company
 Iomai Corporation
 Merck Vaccine Division
 PowderJect Vaccines, Inc.
 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
 Vical Incorporated
 Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

more here:

Do these or do they not seem related to many of the things we suffer? Maybe different variations, as the TT says?

Certain things seem to glare out here! Going from the backend of this scheme just might get us there.

These folks think they got the handle on Reverse Psychology and thought it could be used in the medical field. Best and Brightest swayed by the dollar sign........Intellect went out the window when the window for fame and fortune opened up.


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Post by London » Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:22 am

Great post Sky! Look at this. Is it not weird? I have never heard of it anyway.

Spray-on skin promises a better bandaid
Monday, 10 January 2000

The latest New Scientist reports that British scientists have come up with a spray on skin that could spell the end for traditional wound dressings, encouraging the formation of strong skin structure rather than the weaker scar tissue.

Electrosols, a biotechnology company based in Surrey, has developed a spray it believes could help wounds heal without scarring. The spray produces a fine web of biodegradable polymer fibres that collagen-making cells called fibroblasts can grow on. As more and more fibroblasts grow on the polymer webbing, they produce a regular collagen structure, much like that in normal skin.

When skin is punctured, the damage often destroys the weave-like structure of collagen that gives skin its strength. But when the body tries to patch up the wound it acts in haste to protect against infection. Instead of rebuilding the complex collagen weave, the body creates a quick fix by producing thin, aligned strips of collagen. When skin cells grow on this, they produce the pale, less flexible material we know as scar tissue, rather than
normal skin.

To make the spray, the researchers mixed ethanol and a biodegradable polymer-such as polylactic acid-in a small semiconducting container, and then gave it an electric charge by putting an electric field across the container. Because the wound is at a far lower electrical potential than the polymer, the solution is attracted to the skin surface and flies out through tiny nozzles, producing fine, light fibres, each of them 5 micrometres in diameter. The fibres have the same charge so they repel each other, making them regularly spaced.

"What you get is like a spider's web," says Electrosols researcher Ron Coffee, who is currently developing a hand-held version of the spray. It looks like a fat pen about 2.5 centimetres across and about 15 centimetres long, and could be used by paramedics or kept in first-aid kits, he says. But other researchers are more cautious about the spray's prospects.

"This initial polymer fibre mat wouldn't necessarily have any bearing on the final scar. Collagen is organised and reorganised continuously, and that's governed by a whole range of things," says Bruce Martin, a reconstructive surgeon at the University of Florida. "This sounds very sexy, but I wouldn't put any great faith in it until I'd seen it work in animal and human trials," he says.

M. Sleath - The Lab ... _83523.htm

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Post by Skytroll » Wed Sep 06, 2006 3:45 am


Oh, by the by, we have to talk between the lines until we get some major breakthroughs.......

From your link, I am so excited about this new technology aren't you. There seems to be a cocktail in the making, one of those that puts you under the table, I'd say. A shot of High Tech Physics and a large shot master regulator straight from the highest paid (by NIH grants and other govt grants)medical institution in the country

"To make the spray, the researchers mixed ethanol and a biodegradable polymer-such as polylactic acid-in a small semiconducting container, and then gave it an electric charge by putting an electric field across the container."

Wow, I am ready to GET DOWN!

TT might this be what you have been hinting at?

That master regulator Called:
rpoS mRNA. I can read this stuff now. Oh and I still think that e-coli flagella just might be the string we are looking for.

I see from the link you provided that this Master Regulator has the power to infect humans. Wonder why they never thought of that, or did they?
And those folks with CF. How can you people live with yourselves? They already suffer and you add your lovely little regulator to their already mutated genes.

Remember what Anonymous Researach said a while back?
Both flies and mammals remodel the architecture of the X chromosome to achieve dosage compensation. A novel class of noncoding RNAs that paint entire chromosomes are centrally involved in this process. The genes encoding these unusual RNAs are themselves located on the X, and are key sites that target the X for dosage compensation.

Many species use sex chromosome number or composition to determine sex. For instance, in both flies and mammals, females are XX:AA and males are XY:AA, where A represents a set of autosomes. The Y chromosome carries few genes, so that males are effectively monosomic for the X, and yet they seem to cope with this genetic imbalance remarkably well. The key is dosage compensation, the process that enables each sex to produce similar amounts of X-linked products from different numbers of sex chromosomes.

There is every reason to believe that the mechanisms of dosage compensation in Drosophila and mammals arose independently long after they shared a common ancestor. The primary pathway of dosage compensation in Drosophila operates in males to hypertranscribe most genes along the single male X to match the output of the female's two X chromosomes (reviewed in [1-4]). This is carried out by the MSL (male specific lethal) complex which appears to remodel chromatin architecture by a site-specific acetylation on histone H4 [5*, 6*]. In mammals, it is the female which dosage compensates, by silencing most of the genes on one of the two chromosomes via the formation of a heterochromatic Barr body (reviwed in [7, 8]).

In this review, we focus on how the cell distinguishes the X from the autosomes as the correct target of dosage compensation. Recent results point to a novel mechanism operating through a new class of stable RNAs which coat the dosage-compensated chromosome. Studies of two such novel RNAs in flies have changed our understanding of the composition of the MSL complex and how it is targeted to the X, and revealed unexpected mechanistic parallels with mammals. '

I know, I know, London, you said this before but the master regulator can activate the other recessive X chromosome in Females that carry the code mutation for Muscular Dystrophy. That is what by dear brother had who will be celebrating a well lived life and will keep an eye on those dweebs at Stanford and Berkeleyley. Livermore Labs too. Oh yeah. It will be a full moon on that day when he no longer will have that broken body. Oh yeah..............messing with the X's. This is most likely why women suffer more, but, with men who keep that one X intact means they are fighting it. Thank God for them. Theirs are active, but, women have a recessive one, that most likely is being activated. Those recessed diseases are wide open. Hence we suffer with whatever the e-coli can rig up along the way.

[i]Maybe we should read this?

Dear Fellow American,

The latest and most bitterly contested battle in the culture war is the controversy over Darwin and Intelligent Design. And yet much of what you've heard on these subjects is wrong.

In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (which you can get for free), Jonathan Wells, Ph.D., reveals that today's Darwinists are unable to fend off growing challenges from scientists or to compete with rival theories better adapted to the latest evidence.

Darwinism, like Marxism and Freudianism
before it, is simply unfit to survive

Don't mean to scare anyone here, but, these Ba......d are going to be exposed, in one way or another. Not just the highest paid Johnny Hopkins either:

Note this:

In 2004, close to one in five extramural NIH dollars went to only 10 of the 3,000 institutions that received grants. Five US states get almost half of all funding. What about everyone else?
By Alison McCook

As written in The Scientist: John Hopkins the highest paid, covering East Coast and West Coast, oh and the U of M, can't forget them.

It has already been said that rpoS mRNA is being found in the sputum of CF patients and in humans.

Don't believe me? Why is a Master Regulator needed? What is it's purpose?[/i]

Now on the right side or is it the left side?
Anyone see the hologram around the moon tonight?
Could be from this?


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Post by Skytroll » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:29 am

The stem of the cocktail glass or fermented wine concoction is this Master Regulator, rpoSSorry forgot to put the main deal up there:

"A Trans-Acting RNA as a Control Switch in Escherichia coli: DsrA Modulates Function by Forming Alternative Structures".
Richard A. Lease* and Marlene Belfort
Molecular Genetics Program, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, and School of Public Health, State University of New York at Albany, P.O. Box 22002, Albany, NY 12201-2002

* To whom reprint requests should be sent at the present address: Department of Biophysics, Jenkins Hall, Johns Hopkins University, 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-2685.

Better than a map:

DsrA is an 87-nucleotide regulatory RNA of Escherichia coli that acts in trans by RNA-RNA interactions with two different mRNAs, hns and rpoS. DsrA has opposite effects on these transcriptional regulators. H-NS levels decrease, whereas RpoS (ss) levels increase. Here we show that DsrA enhances hns mRNA turnover yet stabilizes rpoS mRNA, either directly or via effects on translation. Computational and RNA footprinting approaches led to a refined structure for DsrA, and a model in which DsrA interacts with the hns mRNA start and stop codon regions to form a coaxial stack. Analogous bipartite interactions exist in eukaryotes, albeit with different regulatory consequences. In contrast, DsrA base pairs in discrete fashion with the rpoS RNA translational operator.Thus, different structural configurations for DsrA lead to opposite regulatory consequences for target RNAs.


RNA plays a variety of regulatory roles in the cell, in addition to its central function in translation processes. These activities are collectively termed riboregulation (1). RNA-RNA interactions provide a basis for sequence-specific RNA regulation of other RNAs in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes (2, 3). DsrA, an 87-nt untranslated RNA in Escherichia coli, is one such regulatory RNA. DsrA contains regions of sequence complementarity to at least five different genes, hns, argR, ilvH, rpoS, and rbsD (4), and it has been demonstrated to regulate two of these genes, hns and rpoS, by RNA-RNA interactions (4, 5).

H-NS is an abundant nucleoid-structuring protein with global transcriptional repressor functions (6, 7). DsrA antagonizes H-NS function by decreasing the levels of H-NS protein in the cell (4). In contrast, the translation of RpoS, the stationary phase and stress-response sigma factor (8), is enhanced byDsrA, especially at low temperatures (9). Thus, DsrA has opposite effects on these two targets, both mediated by RNA-RNA interactions, with global regulatory consequences for the transcriptional state of the cell. Whereas the mechanism of DsrA action at hns is not known, DsrA binds the translational operator of rpoS (4, 5) to open a stable stem-loop of rpoS RNA (10), enabling access to the Shine-Dalgarno sequence and thus enhancing translation.

see how it works:

DsrA: "DsrA is an 87-nucleotide regulatory RNA of Escherichia coli that acts in trans by RNA-RNA interactions with two different mRNAs, hns and rpoS. DsrA has opposite effects on these transcriptional regulators. "

more from here:
no records on some of it, but did find this.

"11. The Bacterial and Plant Plastid Code (transl_table=11)

Starts = ---M---------------M------------MMMM---------------M------------

Systematic Range and Comments:
Table 11 is used for Bacteria, Archaea, prokaryotic viruses and chloroplast proteins. As in the standard code, initiation is most efficient at AUG. In addition, GUG and UUG starts are documented in Archaea and Bacteria (Kozak 1983, Fotheringham et al. 1986, Golderer et al. 1995, Nolling et al. 1995, Sazuka & Ohara 1996, Genser et al. 1998, Wang et al. 2003). In E. coli, UUG is estimated to serve as initiator for about 3% of the bacterium's proteins (Blattner et al. 1997). CUG is known to function as an initiator for one plasmid-encoded protein (RepA) in Escherichia coli (Spiers and Bergquist, 1992). In addition to the NUG initiations, in rare cases Bacteria can initiate translation from an AUU codon as e.g. in the case of poly(A) polymerase PcnB and the InfC gene that codes for translation initiation factor IF3 (Polard et al. 1991, Liveris et al. 1993, Sazuka & Ohara 1996, Binns & Masters 2002). The internal assignments are the same as in the standard code though UGA codes at low efficiency for Trp in Bacillus subtilis and, presumably, in Escherichia coli (Hatfiled and Diamond, 1993). "
Source: ... ode=c#SG11


The geek and daddykins Rock e by baby.

Yup, that sure rocks the feller doesn't it?

not the usual OSU one, that is Ohio.

look up filamentous phage and see who is at the heart of this right along with Stevie.

much more on that link.



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Post by Skytroll » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:36 am

have to do this Brick by Brick of Academia disinformation.

These Academic links are world wide, each has their part to do. I have said this about the agencies we find here, and say it again about those world wide too.

I could list some labs again............

well.........this first.......most can be found here.
Big watchdog NIH........worldwide funding from my tax dollar and yours...........seems to tie the UN right in there with High Tech distractions.

Comparison of initiation of protein synthesis in procaryotes, eucaryotes, and organelles.


Short version: ... t=Citation

THE EVOLUTIONARY default......

Next the Labs again?.........


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Post by Nadas Moksha » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:45 am

sky is right...
i think the earth is tooo psykik for a hyper active humanoid enzyme syhnthesizing long chain polymers and systematic sub crustatious land fill insertions of synthesized polymers for a future hip swinging elastic panty layer for our earth or it could be planetiod "DEPENDS".

CDC=pharmecutical hell spawn.....
"geo syncronous teleMEDICINE.... or rather tele ALMENTS ....
F E E L A I L M E N T S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for a"service" based industry.they make parts that break on time

dehumanizing=the next paragraph.

if mankind or homo sapanase/Giansynapse executes GeoNeuron latice that renders the quantative mass illusion of Time... like the main ingredient of an expert system. in non-linear vacuum domains the torsion tensor condensates nonlocal elements thru spin perturbations of angular momentum
affecting local dominions of non carbonasious mineral LIFE thru weathering, oxidation, and satuiration of locality with biogenic LIFE forms slignaling the beginning of the SHIFT. as the Enzyme H.Sapianase pretends to have quantative "CONTROL" by capitalitst mechani of the force.
we can actually see naked Gian non helial timeless divided horizontsal gene transfer to the time divider type by simple helix from torsion component. in othe words "time" is a negativ/positive side effect of paleobotanical slpice and combineto H.Synapsynase gaining biogenic Amines via the non optic Pghage signal dector, "hostility"

. the phenamenon called LIFE

MACROPHAGE induces geosynapitic operon firing via transferance of vaculaic condinsates celestial hegh tensor nursery to dehydration

and metabolic shut off unless sombody else interferons ..

DNA Microarray-Based Identification of Genes Controlled by Autoinducer 2-Stimulated Quorum Sensing in Escherichia coli
Bacterial cell-to-cell communication facilitates coordinated expression of specific genes in a growth rate-II and cell density-dependent manner, a process known as quorum sensing. While the discovery of a diffusible Escherichia coli signaling pheromone, termed autoinducer 2 (AI-2), has been made along with several quorum sensing genes, the overall number and coordination of genes controlled by quorum sensing through the AI-2 signal has not been studied systematically. We investigated global changes in mRNA abundance elicited by the AI-2 signaling molecule through the use of a luxS mutant that was unable to synthesize AI-2. Remarkably, 242 genes, comprising ca. 5.6% of the E. coli genome, exhibited significant transcriptional changes (either induction or repression) in response to a 300-fold AI-2 signaling differential, with many of the identified genes displaying high induction levels (more than fivefold). Significant induction of ygeV, a putative sigma 54-dependent transcriptional activator, and yhbH, a sigma 54 modulating protein, suggests sigma 54 may be involved in E. coli quorum sensing.
EMF Interface Consulting - Central Texas BioElectroMagnetic Effects

.....DAmn i don t know how but ADHD has me ... i study on several different systems some proxy ans i notice some right wing profetic nostradamus crap on the board and ill be ...... damn if it was not me......

gotta fire the DJ KUT N PASTe.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Wed Sep 06, 2006 5:58 am

this would round out MRF treatment for me

i got a strong felling that the recent wave of energy drinksHigh frequency shielding canopy. shields high frequency electromagnetic waves (microwaves).
-95% effective in shielding RF, 200mhz to 3.3ghz.
-Shields cell and cordless phones, security systems, baby monitors and wireless computer gear and more.
-Maximum transparency, breathable material.
-Available in all sizes.
-Thread and weave pattern patented in Germany.

This canopy is made out of Topas, a highly transparent and breathable material. Designed manufactured and tested in Germany. Since 1976, all Biologa products are tested on a constant basis to assure quality and performance.

may be at the end of the world

Fabric Color: Semitransparent, white
Fabric Characteristics: Washable, colorfast, antistatic
Fabric Care: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry
Shielding characteristics: 32 - 13 dB at 200 Mhz to 3,3 GHZ - 95% Effective
Configuration: 93% Polyester / 7% Polyamid, silver - coated.
Included: Canopy, wooden rods and hardware


NOTE: If customer provides their own wooden rods and hardward the shipping costs are significantly lower. Wooden rods must be used. The lower edge of the canopy should slightly touch the ground.

EMR Shielding Canopy - Topas
To orderpad$999.00pad

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Post by London » Wed Sep 06, 2006 12:03 pm

Nadasnostic, you make me laugh...depends haha

Skytroll, yep, called that one way back did I not....Bacteriophage/Stevie
and the Rockerfellas>> hate em'. Good find Skygod.

TamTam, look, you hinted around on your last link that this is Leukemia causing due to the biofilms.....can you say more...? One thing that I looked at last night was back in my December notes and the disorder was called polycymthia vera. I have all the red blood count is nearly there. The only thing is that swelling-which I have daily, is not, should I rule it out then? Help?

Okay, I'm still looking at PLasmas you guys.....remember how I said they could use it for biodefense? This article has something about that in it.

Snip***Since the fuel for such reactions is plentiful on Earth, plasma physicists have labored for decades to stably confine hot thermonuclear plasmas in laboratory devices, with the goal of using them as large power plants to replace those based on nonrenewable fossil fuels. This power production method would produce no greenhouse gases and its radioactive by-products would have much shorter life times than those created in fission reactors. On the downside, because of a hot plasma's furious and infuriating ability to squirm through any cage that is put around it, no net-power-generating plasma has yet been demonstrated. Thus the feasibility of a practical fusion power plant is still to be proved.

Still, many plasma physicists remain optimistic. They point out that the overall amounts of power produced by real fusion devices have increased by a factor of a trillion over the past two and a half decades. Researchers have scored a number of recent successes in donut-shaped devices called tokamaks, which use twisting magnetic field lines to confine hot plasmas. In laboratories in the United States and around the world, researchers believe they may have gained crucial insights into how to confine such plasmas without inducing the deleterious instabilities arising from spontaneously generated waves that usually spring leaks in the confinement. The potential payoff of such research is enormous.
Yet another concept for making fusion power plants ignores magnetic fields for confining the plasma and instead zaps a pellet of fuel from all directions with intense laser or ion beams. This compresses and heats the pellet, briefly creating the proper conditions for fusion to take place. While the potential of this method as a practical energy source will likely be the subject of research for some time to come, such research enjoys strong governmental support because of its utility for weapons research. The conditions within a compressed fusion pellet are similar to those in a nuclear bomb. Therefore these studies can be used to ensure the safety and efficacy of nuclear weapons without actually detonating them.

Did you see that last sentence?? See?

Next: Brain cells fused with computer chips (VERY SHORT)


Pathogen-specific recombinant human polyclonal antibodies: biodefence applications.

Bregenholt S, Haurum J.

Symphogen A/S, Elektrovej 375, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark.

The potential use of biological agents such as viruses, bacteria or bacterial toxins as weapons of mass destruction has fuelled significant national and international research and development in novel prophylactic or therapeutic countermeasures. Such measures need to be fast-acting and broadly specific, a hallmark of target-specific polyclonal antibodies (pAbs). As reviewed here, pathogen-specific antibodies in the form of human or animal serum have long been recognised as effective therapies in a number of infectious diseases. This review focuses in particular on the potential biowarfare agents prioritised by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), referred to as the category A organisms. Furthermore, it is propose that the last decade of development in recombinant antibody technologies offers the possibility for developing highly specific human monoclonal or polyclonal pathogen-specific antibodies. In particular, pathogen-specific polyclonal human antibodies offer certain advantages over existing hyperimmune serum products, monoclonal antibodies, small molecule drugs and vaccines. Here, the rationale for designing pAb-based therapeutics against the CDC category A microbial agents causing anthrax, botulism, plague, smallpox, tularaemia and viral haemorrhagic fevers, as well as the overall design of such therapeutics, are discussed.



Now, maybe you don't believe in conspiracy theories, I do! They say that 75% of them are true......(I think that number is low too.) Read this one:

ORGANIC BIOPROCESSORS LINKED TO VIRUSES-- One direction that the New World Order took was to develop biochips and bioprocessors, that is three-dimensional organic circuitry that functions as computers. The conductive velocities of these miniature organic computers (protein lattices) are at least one million times faster than nerve cells. The circuit power of a given size of miniature organic computers is at least a million times greater than the same size of brain matter. Molecular computers made of living matter can be grown from DNA templates of genetically engineered bacteria. Synthetic proteins have been developed which match what they want to make into mini-computers. The end product is a bioprocessor (tiny computer) within a cell. These mini-computers are specifically linked with viruses which migrate to specific parts of the body. Viruses are primarily nucleoproteins, some of the small ones are not even alive, and they don’t even have metabolism. They do not have a metabolism to kill with an antibiotic. The Neurotropic viruses migrate to the central nervous system (nerves), the Dermotropic viruses migrate to the skin, the Pneumotropic viruses go to the lungs, the Viscerotropic go to the abdomen, and other viruses go to other sites in the body. Because many viruses will select what area of the body they will reside in, the New World Order can tailor (in tissue-culture) their bio-implants (which consist of a virus plus a bioprocessor) so they can target where they will end up in the mind-controlled slave. Such an virus implant is also called a symbiote, because it lives off of the host, the mind-controlled slave’s own body. These virus implants have life-expectancies that are a number of years long. A number of these implants within the victim serve as spies-in-the-camp, reporting detailed records of what the host’s body is doing. Research into how to splice and dice genetic material and then recombine it has been going on for a number of decades, and is very sophisticated. There are a number of very technical books on how to do it, but only a reader familiar with the language of genetic research could decipher their techniques & abilities with miniature RNA and DNA pieces. Several genetic books/papers describe how viruses can get host genetic material or other genetic material, thus giving us a window on how they transfer the miniature computers made from DNA templates to the viruses. In the book Mechanics of DNA Replication & Recombination, Proceedings of a UCLA Symposium held in Keystone, CO April 3-9, 1983,(edited by Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, of the Dept. of Molecular Biology Univ. of CA, Berkeley, published in NY by Alan K. Liss, Inc.) one of the leaders in this field said on page 12, "I remain faithful to the conviction that anything a cell can do, a biochemist should be able to do." And yes they have been replicating strands of RNA & DNA, creating whatever they want. The Illuminati have been using these computers-in-viruses implants at least since the 1990s. The implants are easy to insert into the victim’s body, and the specific virus transport themselves and attach themselves where they are to go. The Illuminati then build body suits of these implants. The size of these tiny implants vary from tens of millicrons to hundreds of millimicrons. Just their tiny size makes them difficult to destroy. From research on victims, it appears that a central computer is implanted to control or interact with the body suit of implants.

By the way, that was off of a Lucent Tech. Search. Did you know there old Co. name used to be Lucifer? Those satanic F-sticks! Go to Hell!

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THANK YOU SKYTROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Canalope I am shouting.


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to those who understand this forum has never led you astray
it is only the complexity of the "un"nature that has been put forth
unto this earth.

as in the past ... with in this device lay the keys to the aggressors
demise.... fear not, for we have already lost, it will be those who
have betrayed LIFE itself, that will be bound to the wheel.
if they have spent us ... .. we will not be burdened with the cycle.

HEAR THis salary monger LAB dancers, take all you must, and get a
close friend to help you take more, for it will be all that remains
even if you have a head to toe gas mask, you will be bound to this
planetoid untill RA/SOL goes super nova and then your naked ass mutant
DNA will be thrust into the void were it will be damned to this cycle
F O R E V E R .

. . . . . oohhh sky on a lighter note ... if there is one,
any of you checked in to CRISPER:
CRISPER Search Forms

webtool (CRISPER) to search and organize research grant data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It revealed that the decision of NIH National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to give priority to research of high biodenfence but low public health significance resulted in 1500% increase in the number of grants awarded for biological weapons agents, while the number of grants for model microorganisms and non-bioweapons pathogens decreased by 41% and 27% respectively.

More than 750 prominent scientists signed an open letter, published in Science, to the director of NIH to express their concern. Richard Ebright of Rutgers University, who initiated the letter, points out that prioritising research on poorly known agents could backfire, not least because of the need for strict containment and new experimental tools. The biodefence money would be better spent researching related, but less pathogenic organisms. He also believes that increasing the number of labs and people working on bioterror agents would increase the risk of an accidental release or deliberate attack.

NIAID’s biodefence budget shot up from $42m in 2001 to $1.5bn in 2004, with $1.6 projected for 2005. The government wide total spending on biodefence before 2001 was less than $1 billion/year; between 2001 and 2005, the total spending comes to $22 billion, and the projected total spending between 2001 and 2006 is $30 billion.

They can target the immune system directly to undermine the body’s defence. Vaccines will be ineffective, or worse than useless as the smallpox vaccine may prove to be; and there is no way to adequately test for efficacy or safety. Theoretical studies indicate that partially effective vaccines may increase the virulence of pathogens. There is no known defence against agents that target buildings or structures.
" biodefence in actually bio offence"

Post genomics possibilities for bioweapons

* Stealth viruses targeting specific populations
* Designer diseases
* Agents targeting the immune system
* Non-lethal agents targeting agriculture
* Non-lethal agents targeting buildings and structure
* Interfering RNAs that turn genes off
* Completely novel disease agents made in the lab

Futility of biodefence

* Agents unknown
* Immune system targeted
* Vaccines ineffective or worse than useless and there is no way to test for efficacy or safety
* Partially effective vaccines may increase virulence of pathogens
* No known defence against agents that target buildings or structures

and if that dont pave the road for these oligarchs....
they give the guns , ohh i mean PHONES to the children...

"The Reflex study also finds that EMF exposure in both the ELF and RF range led to significant increases in chromosomal abnormalities in human fibroblasts (skin cells), such as gaps, breaks, rings, dicentric (two centromeres) chromosomes and fragments. Gaps increased 4-fold, breaks 2-fold, and dicentric chromosomes and acentric fragments 10-fold. RF-EMF exposure induced an even higher incidence of chromosome gaps and breaks; and dicentrics and acentric fragments increased 100-fold. These chromosomal abnormalities, too, had been observed previously (see "Non-thermal effects", SiS 17) and now considered by a substantial number of scientists to be signs of genome instability linked to cancer.

Indeed, the Reflex study finds that ELF-EMFs promoted the growth of human neuroblastoma cells, by 12% after 42h exposure at 10 microT, and 17% at 100microT; although longer exposures for 90h were without effect, possibly because the cells have reached confluence, at which point they stop growing, and are no longer sensitive to EMFs.

The growth promoting effect of EMF exposure is of especial relevance on account of epidemiological evidence linking it to childhood leukemia and other cancers (see "Electromagnetic fields double leukaemia risks" and "Non-thermal effects", SiS17; "Electromagnetic fields, leukaemia and DNA damage", SiS23). Exposing leukemia cells to RF-EMFs for 48h caused them to multiply aggressively, overriding the signals that trigger cell death (see "Mobile phones & cancer", SiS17).
Mechanism still not understood

By its own admission the Reflex study has contributed little towards defining the health risks of EMFs. Has it contributed towards understanding the basic mechanism of non-thermal biological effects of EMFs? Not really. The genome-wide scans and the protein profiling found many genes and proteins "up-regulated" or "down-regulated", the significance of which will remain unknown until and unless the normal range of variation could be established.

The report highlights (p.194) that, "The mechanism of action induced by ELF-EMF exposure of living cells is not yet known." For RF-EMF, it suggests that "increased formation and activity of free radicals" is responsible for damaging DNA. That suggestion, too, is nothing new, and has been made previously by many other researchers. Furthermore, it does not really address the question of how EMFs could increase the formation and activity of free radicals, which requires the research input of physics and physical methods not included in the Reflex study (see "Mobile phones turn enzyme solution into gel", this series)."

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