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Post by al » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:53 am

I apologize for the tone, one thing I do try to have is respect for human dignity; and I see that I have been lacking in it myself.
I could offer mitigating reasons for my outburst, but I will accept the criticism.
I respectfully recant any personally insulting words, but steadfastly remain stoic in my resolve to find some answers.
Please accept my apologies for any hurts I caused.

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Post by ppy1818 » Wed Dec 27, 2006 6:15 am

i knew you were a good guy, deep down inside. :wink: we all have our days, mine was yesterday. have a g'day al. i intend to have a goodnight so i better sign off and catch some zzzzzzzs. take care everybody

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Post by Sabrina » Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:41 pm

Statutory Basis for Public Health Reporting
Beyond Specific Diseases

Claire V. Broome, Heather H. Horton, Deborah Tress,
Salvatore J. Lucido, and Denise Koo

Statutory authority for public health surveillance is necessarily broad as
previously uncharacterized diseases are regularly discovered. This article provides spe-
cific information about general disease reporting provisions in each state. The intent
of these reporting laws and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Privacy Rule is to support this critical disease surveillance function for the benefit of
the entire population.

HIPAA public health provisions, Public health surveillance, Statutory au-
A fundamental responsibility of the public health system in the United States is the
prompt detection of, investigation of, and response to threats to the health of the
population, whether these threats are due to known organisms, previously unchar-
acterized disease, or a covert deliberate terrorist event. Because of the recognition
that previously uncharacterized diseases are regularly discovered, statutory author-
ity for public health surveillance is necessarily broad to ensure that state and local
public health personnel can fulfill their responsibility. The urgency of developing
systems that might provide the earliest possible detection of a terrorist event has
led public health and its partners to explore innovative surveillance approaches
using their broad authority. At the same time, the process of implementing the
recently promulgated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Privacy Rule has compelled many health care providers, in an attempt to ensure a
sound legal basis for disease reporting, to reexamine their process for reporting
information to public health authorities. This article provides specific information
about the general disease reporting provisions in each state and also shows that the
intent of these reporting laws and the HIPAA Privacy Rule is to support this critical
disease surveillance function for the benefit of the entire population.
it has made.


The HIPAA Privacy Rule should not limit a state’s ability to perform its public
health functions. A primary function of the public health system is public health
surveillance to determine the existence of cases of an illness and to disseminate data
for the benefit of the community. Surveillance of nonspecific conditions or symp-
toms (syndromic surveillance) may provide an early warning of a large outbreak,
terrorism, or other public health emergency. A public health authority continues to
have the ability to conduct public health surveillance, based both on its “police
power,” the inherent power of a state to protect the health, safety, and welfare of
the community, and on specific law.
One important aspect of public health surveillance, including syndromic sur-veillance, is disease reporting. Disease reporting, as with public health generally, isprimarily a state and local function.* State disease reporting laws may be agent specific or general. All states have broad disease reporting laws that require thereporting of diseases of public health significance. This legal requirement is ex-pressed in as many ways as there are states. Usually, the entities to which persons must report are state, local, or county health agencies or other health authorities.
Each state requires, in pertinent part, the following to be reported:
Alabama, Ala. Admin. Code r. 420-4-1-.04(7)(d) (2002), “cases of diseases of potential public health significance.”
*Federal disease reporting requirements are generally limited to the mandatory reporting of ill passen-
gers and deaths aboard cruise ships and other carriers.

Alaska, Alaska Admin. Code title 7, § 27.005(a) (2002), “epidemic outbreaks”
and “an unusual incidence of infectious disease.”
Arizona, Ariz. Admin. Code R9-6-202 (2002), “Outbreaks of foodborne/wa-
terborne illness.”
Arkansas, Ark. Reg. 007 05 003 (2002), “Occurrences which threaten the wel-
fare, safety, or health of the public such as epidemic outbreaks.”
California, Cal. Code Regs. title 17, § 2500 (2002), the “OCCURRENCE of
Colorado, 6 Colo. Code Regs. § 1009-1 (2002), “any unusual illness, or out-
break, or epidemic of illnesses which may be of public concern.”
Connecticut, Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19a-36-A1 (2002), “other condition of
public health significance.”
Delaware, Del. Code Ann. title 16, § 130 (2002), “all cases of persons who
harbor any illness or health condition that may be potential causes of a public
health emergency.”
Florida, Fla. Admin. Code Ann. r. 64D-3.002 (2002), “Any disease outbreak
in a community, a hospital, or other institution, or a foodborne, or waterborne
Georgia, Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 290-5-3-.02 (2001), “Outbreaks or unusual
clusters of disease (infectious and noninfectious).”
Hawaii, Haw. Admin. Rules § 11-156-3 (b) (2002), “Any communicable dis-
ease . . . occurring beyond usual frequency, or of unusual or uncertain etiology,
including diseases which might be caused by a genetically engineered organism.”
Idaho, Idaho Admin. Code (2002), “Rare diseases and unusual
outbreaks of illness which may be a risk to the public.”
Illinois, Ill. Admin. Code title 77, § 690.295 (2002), “Any unusual case or
cluster of cases”; and Ill. Admin. Code title, 77, § 690.800 (2002), “any sus-
pected bioterrorist threat or events.”
Indiana, Ind. Admin. Code. title 410, r. 1-2.3-47 (2002), “Unusual occurrence
of disease” and “any disease . . . considered a bioterrorism threat.”
Iowa, Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-1.3 (139A) (2002), “Outbreaks of any kind,
unusual syndromes, or uncommon diseases.”
Kansas, Kan. Admin. Regs. 28-1-2 (2002), “Any exotic or newly recognized
disease, and any disease unusual in incidence or behavior, known or suspected
to be infectious or contagious and constituting risk to the public health” and
“The occurrence of a single case of any unusual disease or manifestation of
illness that the health care provider determines or suspects may be caused by
or related to a bioterrorist agent or incident.”
Kentucky, 902 Ky. Admin. Regs. 2:020 (2002), “an extraordinary number of
cases or occurrences of disease or condition.”
Louisiana, Sanitary Code Ch. 2 § 2:003 (2002), “all cases of rare or exotic
communicable disease, unexplained death, unusual cluster of disease and all
Maine, 10-144 Code ME R. Ch. 258 § 2 (2002), “Any pattern of cases or
increased incidence of illness beyond the expected number of cases in a given

period, or cases which may indicate a newly recognized infectious agent, or an
outbreak or related public health hazard.”
Maryland, Md. Regs. Code title 10, § 06.01.03 (2002), “Outbreaks and Single
Cases of Diseases of Public Health Importance.”
Massachusetts, Mass. Regs. Code title 105 § 300.122 (2002), “Illness Believed
to be Part of an Outbreak or Cluster.”
Michigan, Mich. Admin. Code r. 325.173 (2002), “the unusual occurrence of
any disease, infection, or condition that threatens the health of the public.”
Minnesota, Minn. R. 4605.7050 (2002), “Any pattern of cases, suspected
cases, or increased incidence of any illness beyond the expected number of cases
in a given period.”
Mississippi, Miss. Reg. 12 000 028 (2002), “Any Suspected Outbreak.”
Missouri, Mo. Code Regs. title 19, § 20-20.020(3) (2002), “The occurrence of
an outbreak or epidemic of any illness, disease or condition which may be
of public health concern . . . [and] public health threats that could result from
terrorist activities such as clusters of unusual diseases or manifestations of ill-ness and clusters of unexplained deaths.”
Montana, Mont. Admin. R. 37.114.203 (2002), “Any unusual incident of un-
explained illness or death in a human or animal.”
Nebraska, 173 Neb. Admin. Code Ch. 1 § 003 (2002), “Clusters, outbreaks or
epidemics of any health problem, infectious or other, including food poisoning, influenza or possible bioterroristic attack; increased disease incidence beyond expectations; unexplained deaths possibly due to unidentified infectious causes;any unusual disease or manifestations of illness.”
Nevada, Nev. Admin. Code ch. 441A, § 225 (2002), “Extraordinary occur-
rence of illness.”
New Hampshire, N.H. Code Admin. R. Ann. [He-P] 301.02 (2002), “Unusual
occurrence or cluster of illness which may pose a threat to the public’s health,”
New Jersey, N.J. Admin. Code title 8, § 57-1.3 (2002), “Any outbreak or sus-
pected outbreak, including, but not limited to, foodborne, waterborne, or noso-comial disease or a suspected act of bioterrorism.”
New Mexico, N.M. Admin. Code title 7 § 4.3 (2002), “Illnesses suspected to be caused by the intentional or accidental release of biologic or chemical agents,” “Acute illnesses of any type involving large numbers of persons in the same geographic area,” and “Other conditions of public health significance.”
New York, N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. title 10 § 2.1 (2002), “Any disease outbreak or unusual disease”
North Carolina, N.C. Admin. Code title 15A, r. 19A.0102 (2002), “all out-breaks or suspected outbreaks of foodborne illness”; and N.C. Admin. Code
title 15A, r. 19A.0103 (2002), “a cluster of cases of a disease or condition . . .
which represents a significant threat to the public health.”
North Dakota, N.D. Admin. Code § 33-06-01-01 (2002), “Unusual cluster of severe or unexplained illnesses or deaths.”
Ohio, Ohio Admin. Code § 3701-3-02 (2002), “Any unexpected pattern of
cases, suspected cases, deaths or increased incidence of any other disease of major public health concern, because of the severity of disease or potential for
Page 7
epidemic spread, which may indicate a newly recognized infectious agent, an outbreak, epidemic, related public health hazard or act of bioterrorism.”
Oklahoma, Okla. Admin. Code § 3701-3-02 (2002), “Outbreaks of apparent
infectious disease.”
Oregon, Or. Admin. R. 333-018-0015 (2002), “Any known or suspected com-
mon-source outbreaks; any Uncommon Illness of Potential Public Health Sig-nificance.”
Pennsylvania, 28 Pa. Code § 27.3 (2002), “Unusual occurrence of a disease, infection or condition.”
Rhode Island, R.I. Code R. 14 040 002 (2002), “an outbreak of infectious disease or infestation, or a cluster of unexplained illness, infectious or non-infectious . . . Exotic diseases and unusual group expressions of illness which may be of public health concern.”
South Carolina, S.C. Code Ann. § 44-29-10 (2002), “all cases of known or suspected contagious or infectious diseases . . . all cases of persons who harbor any illness or health condition that may be caused by chemical terrorism, bio-terrorism, radiological terrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or novel and highly fatal infectious agents and might pose a substantial risk of a significant
number of human fatalities or incidents of permanent or long-term disability.”
South Dakota, S.D. Admin. R. 44:20:01:03 (2001), “Epidemics or outbreaks
. . . and Unexplained illnesses or deaths of humans or animals.”
Tennessee, Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs.1200-14-1.02 (2002), “Disease outbreaks,
foodborne, waterborne, and all other.”
Texas, 25 Tex. Admin. Code § 97.3 (2002), “any outbreak, exotic disease, and unusual group expressions of disease which may be of public health concern.”
Utah, Utah Admin. Code 386-702 (2002), “Any sudden or extraordinary occurrence of infectious or communicable disease” and “Any disease occurrence, pattern of cases, suspect cases, or increased coincidence of any illness which may indicate an outbreak, epidemic or related public health hazard, including but not limited to suspected or confirmed outbreaks of foodborne or water-
borne disease, newly recognized or re-emergent diseases or disease producing agents.”
Vermont, Vt. Code R. 13 140 007 (2002), “Any unexpected pattern of cases, suspected cases, deaths or increased incidence of any other illness of major public health concern, because of the severity of illness or potential for epidemic spread, which may indicate a newly recognized infectious agent, an outbreak, epidemic, related public health hazard or act of bioterrorism.”
Virginia, 12 Va. Admin. Code § 5-90-80 (2002), “Outbreaks, all (including foodborne, nosocomial, occupational, toxic substance-related, waterborne, and other outbreaks).”
Washington, Wash. Admin. Code § 246-101-301 (2002), “Disease of suspected bioterrorism origin” and “Other rare disease of public health significance.”
West Virginia, W. Va. Code St. R. § 64-7-3 (2002), “An outbreak or cluster of any illness or condition—suspect or confirmed” and “Unexplained or ill defined illness, condition, or health occurrence of potential public health signif-
Page 8
Wisconsin, Wis. Admin. Code Ch. HFS 145, App. A (2002), “Suspected out-
breaks of . . . acute or occupationally related diseases.”
Wyoming, WY Rules and Regulations HLTH CHI Ch 1 s 5 (2002) and (http://, “A cluster of unusual or unexplained illnesses or deaths and suspected biological incidents.”
Many of these general disease reporting laws appear compatible with syn-
dromic surveillance. Individual states, however, can determine whether their state disease reporting laws would authorize public health agencies to obtain ongoing data on relevant symptoms. These state reporting laws identify information that each state requires to be reported. The Privacy Rule would permit such reporting because the rule permits covered entities to disclose PHI if such disclosures are required by law. However, if these or other laws do not require covered entities to make these disclosures, other laws may authorize health departments to collect this
type of data as discussed above. States would need to examine their specific statutory or regulatory provisions to determine whether a disclosure is required or authorized by law. For example, a law that broadly authorizes a public health authority to take whatever actions are necessary to protect the health of the public may be sufficient for this type of data collection. The more specific the law, the clearer
a state’s authority may be.
If, despite a health department’s apparent authority to collect data on relevant
symptoms, there is difficulty collecting such data, one possibility would be for the state legislature to consider revising and clarifying their disease reporting laws for syndromic surveillance purposes. Other options might include more regular enforcement of existing disease reporting laws and better education of providers on the public health significance of reporting nonspecific symptoms. For example, in some states, noncompliance with disease reporting laws is a misdemeanor punishable by fine or imprisonment, but it is unclear whether these laws are being enforced.Furthermore, compliance may not be occurring since physicians may see their first duty as protecting their individual patients and maintaining confidentiality, and patients themselves may be concerned with invasions of privacy and discrimination.
Educational efforts, however, may help physicians and their patients to understand the benefit from detecting a covert bioterrorist event as rapidly as possible, when
early detection can translate directly into lives saved.
Educational efforts could also
include information about the policies and regulations ensuring the security and protection of information provided to public health authorities.
Finally, public health is committed to developing disease surveillance systems that minimize the burden to providers of reporting surveillance information, while incorporating highly stringent information security practices. Ideally, the net effect of these laws, regulations, and systems will be security for individual patient information and for the entire nation.

This article was based on a presentation at the National Syndromic Surveillance Conference, New York Academy of Medicine, September 24, 2003. The work was performed while the authors were US government employees.
Thank you to Karen McKie, Emory University law student and Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention legal intern, for her invaluable research assistance. ... clnk&cd=12

If my reading comprehension serves me correctly, then many people have broken the LAW by not reporting this condition.

My solution? We all coordinate an effort to storm our local Health Departments(same day) and demand that this be reported based on state law. See above for your state. Sometimes people need a stick of dynamite up there. If we can unite then I believe that this effort could make a huge impact. Who is with me?

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Post by Serenity » Wed Dec 27, 2006 6:48 pm

I am sure statistics are being recorded under broad heading DERM, but remember HIV is not a reportable disease because the ACLU argued and won it case that making HIVreportable would violate constitution.

Until this disease is recognized by medical community at large case we remain in limbo.

I am not sure if case reporting would be a good thing.

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Post by London » Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:08 pm

wow, what a post- thanks Sabrina. I must go back and reread it.

Al, no probplem at all and thanks for the apology.

Seems like being president of a University is a dream job (no pun intended). Looks like I am going to pay out the you- know-what for more attorney fees to get to the bottom of this. So be it. I do not think that the hippa law can stand it's ground if the disease we have was gov;t induced. We'll see.

oh this is too cute Michael......Your paper on Natural Evolution Disease.....
You're full of S. why don't you you write a paper on your body's adaptive ability to overcome that! A-hole.

PS: I see you have the NSF, Dept of Energy and NIH to back ya, let me tell you something. They are not ab0ve the law like they think they are.

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Post by London » Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:25 pm

with all this advice on sleep and how it is required to get better- I'm starting to think maybe not sleeping is the cure. The dream might get shattered.

Look, first I have to say Disinfo, the person that thought I was being rude to her/him.....I was not calling any of you people that are sick and post here "dumdums"!, I was calling the people that created it dumdums. So they can add the word Captain dumdums to it if that makes them feel better.

As I stated before, I'm not trying to get any big Co. in trouble or find fault. What good would that do me? HUH?

I have given your names to my doctors, attornies, significant others incase I do come up suddenly missing or suddenly diagnosed with gov't induced think i'm that stupid to not know that lasors only go in a straight line.??? HUH? You don;t think I am sitting idle on the fact that the neighbor that lived directly behind me for 30 years all of a sudden just up and moved do ya?

Let you in on something else, my sig. others have been given every name in this complex and the address and ph numbers to go with it.

One more laser that comes thru my home then it;s right back at cha.


hey back the phuck off rice and NSF

Crystal structure of zeolite MFI (also known as ZSM-5) used in the catalytic cracking of crude oil. Hmmm......

don't make me go discuss GE and Ireland.

I have no idea what this is but intend to find out.... ... 809001.HTM

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Post by London » Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:01 pm

Wazup Jane? ... f8&oe=utf8



gotta love this one- ... f8&oe=utf8

Let me know when you have had enough by taking me out of your stupid murderous phucking study Mr. gov;ts.....This is it incase any sick person is interested. ... 056252.pdf

this is kind of telling too.....

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Post by London » Wed Dec 27, 2006 9:40 pm




TAMTAM, help, help......could you explain this?

purpuratus (abbr. Spu) and L. variegatus (abbr. Lva), mouse M. musculus (abbr. Mmu), human H.

Don't ask me how I have the ability- clairvoyance maybe. dunno but again, looks like game over

Injection-Info: l41g2000cwc ... f8&oe=utf8

On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 06:48:11 +0000, Arnold Neumaier wrote:

> Sci~Girl wrote:
>> It helps a little, but I'm really looking for what "entangled" refers
>> to. What does it mean to have photons "entangled?"
> That the joint wave function of a a pair of photons is not the tensor
> product of two single-particle wave functions.

That is correct and very succinct. But, perhaps a hands on demonstration
would be helpful.

A state of a particle is described by a wave function. We can represent it
by a function of one variable, say x. If we have two particles, then their
state will be described by wave function of two variables, say x and y,
one for each particle.

When two particles are independent, their wave function is the product of
two individual wave functions:

psi_togehter(x,y) = psi_single1(x) psi_single2(y).

Here's a simple fact: not every possible function of two variables
psi_together(x,y) can be written as a product of two individual functions
psi_single1(x) and psi_single1(y). A simple example is

psi_together(x,y) = x^2 + y^2.

Real wave functions look very different from the above form, but it is
sufficient to demonstrate the point.

We call a state of two particles _entangled_ if the corresponding wave
function psi_together(x,y) cannot be written as a product of two single
particle wave functions. The discussion above shows that there in fact are
entangled states.

If you are at all familiar with linear algebra, you can try an example
that is more realistic. A two component (row or column) vector describes
the state of a two level quantum system (such as a spin or a photon). If
you have two such systems, the joint state will be described by a two by
two matrix (four components). Can you write every possible 2x2 matrix as a
tensor product of two 2-component tensors (a column vector times a row
vector)? If not, then you've just proven that a system of two coupled two
level systems exhibits entangled states.

Hope this helps.


why don;t we discuss Indiana state and see if they would care to extrapolate their theory of coal underwater and how it turns in diamonds????

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Post by London » Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:10 pm

maybe this will help (photos)


this will be my last post.....the dangers of molecular manufactoring

just like to say thanks dept of energy, agriculture, nanofreakos and the universities....but mostly to the sorry, sorry institutions that I thought were formed to protect my health- the NSF and the literally maked me sick. Just wait till the public gets a whiff of you all, just wait.

:shock: :shock: oh, what's this????

Maggie Mae
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Post by Maggie Mae » Wed Dec 27, 2006 11:07 pm

Ya know, that clairvoyance thing....hummmm...maybe that's what we all have in common...!!! I see posts repeatedly of sites I had JUST been to...this has happened over and the Singularity has accomplished their mission...we think like a "hive" now!!! Well I say, there's strength in numbers!!!
I took the time to send our ONLY contact in official capacity - D. Rut z.
an e mail. Haven't heard back yet...will post his reply if I get one.

December 27, 2006

Center for Disease Control - Atlanta, GA, USA
Mr. Rutz, (Dan)

It is the end of the year 2006....a long way from July, 1994. I can go over this situation a million times with "representatives" from all the various political and scientific and medical organizations but see no reason to.
I am certain that this is nanotechnology...I believe it was done deliberately and that the infected persons have been monitored since they became infected. That is WHY I won't waste my time defending myself or trying to explain this malady. I believe that the government agencies are stalling....for what reasons? Those could be numerous....CTA's mainly.
I believe it was done intentionally because they wouldn't waste zillions of dollars everyday, across the free world, spraying God knows what, DAILY, and not be aware of what this is (the two are related.) Don't EVEN try to insult me further by some words that are meant to divert and divide.

There is much speculation as to the whys....what's it supposed to accomplish? Monitoring "interesting persons", population reduction, plain ole' clinical this point it doesn't do much to alleviate what is going on in our bodies. I wish sir for one week, you might personally experience the "feelings" that WE do, running the entire gammet.
It would be quite "novel", I'm sure...not that I would wish this on Satan himself...because I have a pure heart.

I would like to know if there has been anything agreed upon within the inner sanctum and will there be any "announcements" regarding the situation forthcoming? Do you have family, children, parents? How can you look them in the face....this is just the beginning you know.....they may have an elite selection they are focusing on currently but with time, you yourself may be facing this or possibly worse...Satan doesn't discriminate.

I am beyond frustrated...I am getting much more methodical in my collection of evidence(s), documented observances, and contact people. The powers that be put us in such a position....we will prove what has been perpetrated, we will have justification, we will have vindication. That is the truth.

I would appreciate some input, thoughts you have, and information as to what procedures are being implemented. What really amazes me is that the ...***!!!^^*!!! got away with this for so long's not that I underestimate them...I most certainly don't...but likewise...the fact they underestimate US, is one of our strengths.

Thank you for your time.


cc: all the boards, medical malpractice lawyers, churches, and other groups "of interest" that I can possibly forward to. CMA.

I intend to post on as many other sites as I can...I also have saved addys to every major church organization worldwide...starting with those.....!!!***Pentacostals!!!! :D Wild bunch they can count on them for passing it on. I also have sent all the links, a letter of introduction and copies of my "official correspondence" to all lawyers on the net I can find that take on cases such as this. It took a bit, but I have got the routine down pat now. I would hope if any of you have time to do the same...somebody out there is going to help us!!
It's amazing the resources that are available right there in limbo...(Sabrina) :mrgreen: The reason I am getting every bit of info to the pastors and Prayer Request Lists sites is that I have very close friends whose daddy is a preacherman, in a small (very small) church in the mountains here. You would be astounded how the small churches network and get info around the country in split second time. Like when they spot white UN trucks gathered round or activity taking place....shoot, it's like having access to the front page of the "New York Times!" I'm telling you, they have very close networks, and they all believe in Revelation, for sure. And believe me when I tell you, even those little backwoods churches, have "new members" that we really know who they are and why they's called Discernment, dumdums (not you Now to post all on other sites....

Death Adder
Death Adder
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Post by msc » Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:05 am

from msc

we have med documents, we have hard cold printed facts that chemicals used in a retinoid product was toxic and caused adversed effects, we see lawsuits across the country for benzene, for accutane, for isotretinoin, for
silicosis, all of which were in this fda approved prescription drug but all attorneys turn us away, why. why is protecting johnson and johnson so vital and not hoffman and roche? why is johnson johnson allowed to mislead their consumers, mislabel their products and get away with not warning their consumers of severe adverse effects? why is this corp.
allowed to get away with murder, why are these physicians not being charged with ethics violations for failure to test and diagnosis their patients and being able to destroy their patients reputation with DOP?
where are advocate rights groups who are suppose to protect women and children and animals. peta knew of my friend's dog's testicle blowing up,
where are they even the vet refuses to biopsy the remaining piece he has in his refrigerator for these chemicals and biological organisms like spiders, silkworms, bacteria biofilms and fungus. he we have some hard cold facts and how many women are using retinoids and how many of them have been using them in age defying creams and makeups and don't even know it how many men's products are they in, but yet no one helps. we have in our hands and on this website information showing these products have nano particles, ligands that emit gases and move particles atoms colloids from the back of your head to the front and you don't know it is happening. they are replacing water molecules with ammonia moleciules, surrounding you in gas oxide clouds and spinning plastic around you. but no one helps, it is either it was done with gov't approval and gov't testing as stated by Parker and Waichman LLC that physicians are paid to do gov't tests or a serious mistake was done and they don't know how to handle it. but declaring people dop was an outrage and a total inhumane act of unforgivebleness. those physicians need to be prosecuted they took this to a level of unbelievable mistrust for physicians, as we want nothing to do with the medical profession let them starve to death.

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Post by London » Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:16 am

This is to Maggie M-

thanks for sharing that. I;m sick and tired of their game playing. Maybe it is time to turn up the heat if they don;t take us seriously. Going Public looks like is the only alternative we have.....

I'm tired of waiting and do not plan on doing it anylonger.

Yeah, they say that human consent has to be completed in order for them to do research on us....but loophole #numero phucking where they think they can get away with>??? by other nations being involved....Hey dumdums, this dosen't get you off the hook. You have broken the law and my attorney knows this. Now, what the phuck do you wanna do about it. Take me out of your stupid **** experiment or for me to cause a public scandal. PS.... Ford is dead- he can't get you out of this next one that is about to blow in your faces.....tic-toc

don't think i don't know that Texas Higher Education is bout that dallas bond issue passed in 2001....and putting in those voip telelophone I need to blow this phucking out of the water too//? I will.

I see that they even have listed down the help of the others involved and have even marked Okalahoma state as well.

Look, we know more than you think we do.....applegators.......

Yes, Maggie, singularity and ray kurzwell can kiss my ass too along with the texas education agency that I'm about to blow to kindgdom come.

Try googling this....Advanced technology programs B 2001....

Program B 2001


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