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Post by RANDY » Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:51 am

NMO is made up of all of those really fine people that were tired of the drama and lies and not working together that the MRF created as a base line for counter production and those that wanted 100% of any money contibuted to go to research and not media expenses.

The whole idea of it is to get really good people willing to work their arsses off and ask for help if needed and they are helping me and are behind my efforts to get state labs set up throughout the USA so we can keep the CDC in check.


During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by RANDY » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:05 am

You may copy this letter to send to your Senators but let me know before you do this so I can keeep a record.

[email protected]

The Honorable George Allen:

Thank you for your letter of September 21st in response to the letter of September 15th from the Department of Health and Human Services which you received on September 20th, 2006.

I am in contact with Dan Rutz of the CDC. He has responded as best he is informed to the questions I have asked. There are many questions that remain vague due to his inability to get a solid answer from his superiors. This quagmire is no fault of his own, but unacceptable to our cause.

The state of Georgia has developed a model which we wish the Commonwealth of Virginia to follow so that the findings of the CDC can be confirmed and so that the Commonwealth has a model in place for future epidemics that, at this point in time have no protocol to follow.

Please note that many of the “bullets” that the CDC has pointed out in their letter to you are not coming to pass. We have requested the “design” and have gotten no response. We know of no one that has this disease that has been contacted. There has been no “screening definition” yet established and they will not tell us who these scientist and medical experts are that they are hiring for this effort. We are also unable to locate this “designated full time staff member” they are talking about. The only person we are able to have contact with is Mr. Rutz who is a correspondent and not a scientist.

The letter suggests that we, the people, contact local health providers but that is IMPOSSIBLE in Virginia. This has be proven time and time (I have all my medical records with comments to prove this point), again by countless numbers of sick people trying to get help for this syndrome at UVA and other Virginia hospitals. Each and every one of them has been told that if they do not see a psychiatrist they will not be able to be seen again. The local health departments will not take this to the state level. Therefore we are at an impasse and that is unacceptable.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri and Okalahoma have been asked by constituents of those states to duplicate the model that Georgia has set up and are expecting a response by the first of January. We are sending the model to all the states in the USA to see which states will be on board to create laboratories that will be set up in advance to investigate this unusual disease and any other diseases of this nature that can not be defined in the future.

I am spearheading the effort to get all states on board along with various medical professionals, one whom is in contact with Jane Perry. You may contact Jane (below) and ask her to explain or send you the model of how they are investigating Morgellon’s Syndrome. This type of organization and effort is needed during these times and it would be best for Virginia to be part of this show of concern for public health.

Contact information:
Jane M. Perry, Director
Chemical Hazards Program
Georgia Division of Public Health
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 657-6534

Virginia must show concern for her constituents. Please let me have an affirmative response from the Commonwealth by January 1st, 2007.

The results of this project will be given to our main scientist working on this syndrome so that we can create a published paper that can agree or disagree with the findings of the CDC and can create a definition of this disabling and contagious disease.


Randy Beth-Eve Yaskal
Charlottesville, VA.
During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?

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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:45 pm

My opinion ( don't forget, I'm entitled to it) is that the NMOrder , or whatever the hell their name is (dunno, don't waste my time at that site) is simply another BS ploy. People, believe it or not, the FRiggin know what this is!!!!

Dr. Wymore has recieved (get this) millions by Gov't grants to study this. Want me to publically post it? I will.

Skytroll, don't fall for their BS tricks. This is all from chemicals that our gov't has created........Did you not see the laptops exposed and all the toxicants in it......who in the hell does not know that Monsanto is running our Gov't.......

Let me see, I will give you some articles to chew on here. Man, I will say it again, the GM foods are horrible and if you have kiddos that like Cambells Soup, especially my favorite, chicken and Rice, well, yep, it GM!!!

This is where our efforts need to be, not on raising money for some mad scientist and his gd buddies that are entangled and paid by the Gov't/.

and hell no, I'm not going to shut up, NOT going to do it......unless, they wanna put me on their payroll.........

oh, so they may twist it and turn it and suddenly just "bump" me off? Those F-ers , name by name will all go down with me. Mud smeared all over their faces too.

GD, I'm sick of this Bullshit, sick of it. Now check this out:

Summaries of National Science Foundation-Sponsored Arabidopsis 2010 Projects and National Science Foundation-Sponsored Plant Genome Projects That Are Generating Arabidopsis
Resources for the Community

Nice communtiy we have, eh?

New Toxins from Algae and Cyanobacteria




i'D LIKE your opinion since you are the only one that I trust, what do you say about the National Science foundations FIBRE PROJECTS aND





Now, let's not forget the goal here;

The goals of our Arabidopsis 2010 genome project entitled: "N2010: Nitrogen Networks in Plants" are to identify networks of genes regulated by nitrogen (N) levels, and to further identify the regulatory genes and cis-acting DNA elements involved in this regulation. These results should substantially advance our understanding of the regulation of N metabolism in the context of plant growth and development, as well as provide new insights into our understanding of complex regulatory metabolic gene networks in plants. Given the central role of N availability and metabolism in crop productivity, these results should also have broad agricultural impacts.

and incase you missed it; here is what they have to say on Wolbachia
Understanding how microorganisms and their hosts interact at different biological levels (e.g. genetic, cellular, ecological and population) is of fundamental importance. We will address this question using a widespread and important group of intracellular bacteria called Wolbachia. Wolbachia occurs in up to 70% of insect species and its spread represents one of the great pandemics of life on this planet. They have broad effects on their hosts, ranging from sperm-egg incompatibility to feminization, male-killing and induction of parthenogenesis. We will conduct a set of integrated studies to investigate Wolbachia-host interactions. A team with expertise in genomics, genetics, molecular biology, population biology, ecology and systematics have been assembled to achieve this goal. Our studies will determine the genomic diversity of Wolbachia, genetic changes associated with host shifts, extent of gene transfer from Wolbachia to hosts, and the patterns of movement of Wolbachia globally and within insect communities. These biodiversity investigations will be combined with studies of the mechanisms by which Wolbachia induce reproductive alterations in their hosts, and the genetic, molecular and population basis of host modifications of Wolbachia. Finally, we will investigate the long-term consequences of infection, including the potential role of Wolbachia in host speciation. Broader implications of this project include enhancing understanding of the mechanisms by which parasites manipulate fundamental cellular processes in their hosts, interactions of bacterial and host genomes, and the role Wolbachia may have played in the spectacular diversification of insects. Furthermore, Wolbachia could be an effective means for biological control of insect pests and vectors of disease. Our program, by addressing key questions on the effects of Wolbachia on insect genomes, species and communities, will give trainees from high school to postdoctoral levels exposure to both the methods and perspective of an interdisciplinary approach to science. These trainees, therefore, will be well equipped to explore important biological questions from an integrative perspective. Because Wolbachia have such dramatic effects, they have attracted considerable public interest. Research resulting from this project therefore will be effective as a means of broadly promoting science education

***********8but, even some of the above is a lil exagerated.....that 70% is stretching it.....jusy last week on this site, I posted on how the
flea and the sand flea does not have wolbachia naturally in it!
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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 5:54 pm

can anyone tell me what is wrong or what is right about the following paragraph?

Chlorination of water is generally achieved by adding metered amounts of sodium hypochlorite solution, calcium hypochlorite solution, or chlorine gas. Chlorine that is present in solution as chlorine, hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid is known as free or available chlorine. These molecules are very reactive and will readily combine with organic matter, ammonia or nitrogen in oxidation reactions. Chlorine tied up in this manner is termed combined or unavailable. The amount of chlorine inactivated by chemical reaction (the chlorine demand) depends on the impurities, particularly organic matter, in a water supply. Hence the killing effect of chlorine is quickly reduced in a peat leachate solution as the chlorine combines with organic matter. In order to be certain that spores of target fungi are exposed to available chlorine at the required minimum concentration it is necessary to maintain that level of residual free chlorine in the water. Thus, continuous monitoring of the residual chlorine concentration is required.

And RaNDY, I believe you said Ligands is where to look? Is this what you meant?

An Ion Exchange Approach for the Design of Toxic Metal Ion Ligands and Sensors for Aquatic Environments
Project Leaders: Konstantinos Kavallieratos, Department of Chemistry, Florida International University

A new strategy for designing synthesizing and screening self-organized hosts for recognition and sensing of toxic metal salts is proposed. Ligand libraries formed from combinations of simple subunits, which may potentially bind toxic metal ion-guests, will be generated using single-pot methods. The most effective ligands will be contacted with aqueous phases containing the metal ion and will be identified by mass spectrometry. Pb(II), will be our primary target with Hg(II) and Cd(II) following. The identified hosts and their complexes will be characterized structurally and spectroscopically and their thermodynamic and kinetic stabilities will be compared to macrocyclic or acyclic systems that have been previously used with the goal to optimize them for ion-exchange separation and sensing applications. Fluorophore groups will be attached to the optimized building blocks and thus generate hosts with the ability for fluorescent sensing. Our strategy may be expanded for other cationic or anionic guests of importance in aquatic environments and offers a powerful tool for identifying simple, and efficient hosts, which may be synthetically available on multigram quantities

I just don't know why you say it's so hard to find and no one will ever be able to do doctors are all over the papers I'm bringing them . Two are getting ready to bust a move too. They know my involvement and will carry on with a voice way bigger than mine if something were to suddenly happen to me.......

Now, A-holes, get us well or either pay up. I'm filing this week.
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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:02 pm


London, got your response, I don't know what this parasite is, I know it can blend in with my skin coloring (but you will feel a tingling effect and then you wipe that area and literally hundreds of eggs are there)...I'm leaving that up to you, Skytroll, Tam, Randy and others...I'm strictly a mixologist of sorts and I hope that my input is important as well...good news, the theory that I have is right on target...I'm not saying that I know how to permanently rid us of these things but please try my regiment of simultaneously treating the outside as well as the inside of the body. I went to ABC homepathy 2months ago asking for help with the parasitic infection in my feet...none of the homepathic doctors responded. We all know that parasites hate sulfur, so I researched sulfur and decided on the 200c dosage, it has drawn the eggs to the surface of my skin and there is now a bumpy appearance, it pushed the "threaders" (white fibers that sting and swim around probably laying all those eggs) out of the bloodstream to the aerobic surface that I applied the 1500mg garlic oil to (my feet) and they came out effortlessly and painlessly dead. Then I used sulfur on the outside to pull out the eggs probably right under the skin BUT I did not know that I was reinfecting myself with the white cotton socks...I do not wear any of them but now, I wear socks with a mixture of 60% combed cotton and 40% rayon. From 5:00 pm yesterday until 7:45 am this morning I experienced no biting or crawling just itching where the bumpy raised areas are located on both thighs. Using a sterile technique, I scraped over the raise bumps ( I ran out of sulfur creme...that stuff is $20.00 per 1 onnce) , and found many eggs "nestled in their beds". Of course, I kissed them goodbye, there is a site where you can read to determine more about the measuring of sulfur...I tried to microwave my cotton pj's but I burned holes in them...I wonder if autoclaving would all know that if your shoes get infested, throw them away...they can and will lie dormant 20 years until you stick your feet into the shoe again and "bite the hell" out of you...will write more later...take care

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Post by reliefseeker » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:15 pm

Sorry, this one better goggle/search

"The Three P's of Chronic Disease: Potency, Prescribing, and Plussing"

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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:15 pm

now, I think we should look into surface stuff and bio interfaces......
don't you think so Nadas? I know you are hiding but man, you were my favorite one. At least you posted some true stuff- I just think you thought some of us were too stupid that we would not "get it;' but I did. Come back Nadas, it's okay. Now, Helen? She is another story all in itself.

Anyway Nadas, this is something I think you would look into so , I have. And look!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :idea: :?: :shock: :lol:

I bet TamTam is proud of me; for he taught me well.

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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 6:21 pm

okay releif seeker! Sorry, just now saw your post. But my Lord, this is where they have the cotton and rayon. It is part of their spun fibers. But, I will try it. Thanks a lot.

FYI the ones that they suggest us send stuff too> do the exact opposite!

Man, there is sooo much stuff out there to expose, I dont know if I ever will get thru. Look :shock:

From: Stuart Brown, Director Division of Public Health, DHR
Jim Ussery, Asst. Director, Environmental Protection Division, DNR
To: Stakeholders
Date: August 18, 2006
Re: Update: Philip Services Corporation (PSC Recovery Systems, Inc.)
Past Events and Actions
On June 29, 2006, the PSC Recovery Systems facility received a shipment of industrial wastewater in four
tanker trucks from AMVAC Chemical Corporation in Axis, Alabama. The content of one truck was tested
and found to have an excessive odor (caused by the chemical propyl mercaptan), and the shipment was
rejected and returned to the client. AMVAC has indicated that contents from that shipment are onsite at
their facility. Because of a strong odor in the community, EPA, ATSDR, and Georgia EPD did air sampling
in early July. The sampling did not detect mercaptan using a method sensitive to 0.5 parts per million.
However, the odor lingered for weeks, prompting the Fayette County Emergency Management Agency to
develop a website survey form for community residents to report their exposures and symptoms, and
Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness to request the facility be closed pending full
investigation of environmental toxicity and health effects.
Further EPD investigation found the facility to be in violation of several provisions in their permit. On
August 11, EPD issued a Consent Decree, as a result of which, PSC will no longer accept shipments
containing mercaptan, will report on measures to eliminate residual odor, and will pay a $100,000
negotiated settlement.
On August 15, staff of local, state, and federal agencies involved in the response to this incident
participated in a Public Availability Session in Tyrone, Georgia, where they gathered information about
health concerns, answered questions, and provided information about agency services. On August 16,
GDPH distributed a preliminary report of data from the survey of community residents’ exposures and

Is this what you mean Relief Seeker?

You know what? Those A-hole had better pay for it since they caused it.
That;s all they have to do.....write me, send me some free passes for treatment sessions ( I want to get oxygen treatment too) then I go happily away.
Hey, I wonder if that scientist Shapiro Man reads this site? I hope so b/c he is a monster that is ne xt on my list to expose.

WOW Relief Seeker, Man, until I opened that hyperlink myself and read it, I had no idea that it was about the Wasp and Honeybee!
So, yeah, that's cool that you too get it.......


Dear Mafer and Skytroll,

Here you go:

Transgenic Tobacco Plants Coexpressing the Agrobacterium tumefaciens iaaM and iaaH Genes Display Altered Growth and Indoleacetic Acid Metabolism 1 ... id=1080585
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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 7:11 pm


Thank you for giving us Jane's name......why me oh my her Applegate collection......whew!

Now, a while back on Slimebusters which I think is ran by the Kerry of Kerry foods, I posted a bit on know, b/c my scabs were turning black and yours? anyway, back to Jane......look here

:shock: :idea: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ... iseases%22

Yes, Randy, Jane was indeed one of the Reviewers......Why do you always promote the guilty ones Randy? You want us to write and give money to these Jerks? Either you are naive are like Sabrina said, your cover is busted......

POeople this is showing you how that Jane Perry lady is NOT WHO YOU SHOULD WRITE TO. NO, DON'T DO IT......DO THE OPPSITE OF WHAT THEY SAY DO.....

For centuries, arsenic has been recognized and used as a poison. When ingested at
high levels (over 60 micrograms/liter) over a short period of time, acute arsenic poisoning
can occur. Chronic exposure, however, results when arsenic is consumed in
smaller doses over longer periods.
Chronic exposure to arsenic may lead to:
• an abnormal heartbeat
• a decrease in red and white blood cells
• gastrointestinal irritation
skin diseases
• circulatory problems
Some studies have also linked arsenic to cancer and cardiovascular disease. The
effects of chronic arsenic exposure can vary depending on the type and amount of
arsenic contamination.

And Lord Randy, Your Honorable George Allen????? How honorable is he???? I mean does he not have somehing to do with the Virginia Biotech society? I think he likes sits on the Board of this Company. Real honorable George Allen, real honorable. ... HNOLOGY%22

For you see , just like you, I'm keeping a record to give to my attorneys.

And dear Randy, when were you going to tell us about that book that was written about you? Huh?

But you were smart enough to pull yourself away from that foreign guys website that was covered with communication and computer terminology.

I mean, lets see people we have the HIVe which is another term for a software the Gov't uses for security, we have their newly created Lyme disease called (love the name, Lonestari hehehehe, too funny!) and it's another software program by the gov't. AND THE LIST JUST KEEPS ON COMING. KIND OF LIKE MY GIFT FROM THE GOV'T, THIS DISEASE.....


Well, yes, since you wanted to know.....I copied your letter but I'm not sending it to any f-ing senator, only to my attornies. Thanks for the heads up.....

Now GD it, get me some real help and pay for it too. and don't forget to put my computer back t0gether.

I will stop when the above things are done.....I know there is no cure but GD it, there is help and they will pay for it.

Hey, tamtam, see, you did not think I had it in me did you? Well, my motto is F-them.

oh, Look!!!! :shock: :oops: :shock: ... T0.html#19

now, my friends, somewhere in that pile of S. lies our disease......
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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 7:50 pm

Now, sick people, this is one of the sites that we should look into:

and oh my, here is who is on the boards......yikes, I think someone from here might know some of them..... ... stees.html

this in particular, pay attention to the last one and also to the toxicology reports on the left side in the middle.]

was that not some site?

and Pea aphid boy, I know who you are.....and I have for quite some time now. Talking about me posting a lot, my lord, have you not published some papers yourself!

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Post by Barz » Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:28 pm

London, Are you refering to me regarding the number of posts?

London you are paranoid again. I do not mean this in a mean spirited way, I swear to GOD. have you been taking your meds? I do have a friend that is bi polar. I can understand this to some degree. I am a human first and then a morgellons sufferer. Well I am a parent first. but, I really would like to suggest that you relax a little bit.

Yes, I know this world is f'd up. I have been reading about this agrobacterium for the past few days. I truly believe this is somehow related. It can definately cross species. The gov has used it for defense purposes, it is in our foods. It is in our soil. Read on the ATS website the blog about this bacteria. I dont have link but it is something like " humans, sixth species to go extict.???? all about the crap we have. There is so much on this crap and it ALL makes sense to me. Why I have plant looking things coming out of my skin. Why I have insect parts coming out of my skin. Why my hair is so fd up. It covers all the crap tam was saying. I believe this to be true. Perhaps it does tie in to whatever wasp thing you are looking at. I dont know.

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King Cobra
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Post by London » Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:50 pm


How rude of you, and to say you are not trying to be mean again?
To ask me if I have had my meds? That is not rude to you? Looks like you need the meds. And no I was not referring to you>? Why that makes you look paranoid Barz, but I will look into it for you, but right now, I think there is bigger fish to fry.

Skytroll, look, do they not have it all planned out for us? Barz, I swear to God, if you are in anyway behind this you are particiapating in an evil thing and God help you when you leave this earth. ... 0340759165

Barz, Look, why how come you did not tell us about this? ... 20aphid%22

or these either?

:shock: :shock: ... +pea+aphid

here is a good one!

1: Ciba Found Symp. 1990;154:140-53; discussion 153-6. Related Articles, Links

Phytoalexins as part of induced defence reactions in plants: their elicitation, function and metabolism.

Barz W, Bless W, Borger-Papendorf G, Gunia W, Mackenbrock U, Meier D, Otto C, Super E.

Lehrstuhl fur Biochemie der Pflanzen, Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat, Munster, Federal Republic of Germany.

Microbial infection of plants or elicitation of cell cultures initiates substantial metabolic changes directed at the induction of defence reactions. The antimicrobial phytoalexins deserve special attention because they represent one essential component of plant resistance. The great structural diversity of phytoalexins and possible cellular sites for their toxic activity are discussed. Pterocarpan phytoalexin biosynthesis in Cicer arietinum is an example of the induction of extended biosynthetic pathways, their modes of regulation and metabolic links with constitutive secondary product formation. Elicitation of plant tissues represents a technique to induce simultaneously the formation of phytoalexins and increased levels of constitutive or other secondary products that do not normally accumulate. The biological function of phytoalexins and the pathways of their degradation by pathogenic fungi are outlined. Detoxification of phytoalexins by fungi may have important consequences for the practical application of these defence compounds and for the genetic transformation of fungi and plants. Phytoalexins accumulate in plants or cell cultures only transiently, because they are readily degraded or polymerized by extracellular peroxidases.

and just to let you know, since I don;t have any meds that you suggest I take, well, I will post how many the f. I want to, got it>? hOW RUDE OF YOU. yuO AND RANDY, i JUST DO NOT GET, COME HERE AND POSE LIKE YOU ARE SICK AND HAVE SICK KIDS AND MAKE FUN OF US?


DBLP: Hans W. Barz2, Hans W. Barz: The Power of Synchronization Mechanisms. SIAM J. Comput. ... 1, Hans W. Barz: Implementing Semaphores by Binary Semaphores. ... ... /a-tree/b/Barz:Hans_W=.html - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

Polish Bioinformatics SiteI Rath, W Barz. The primary reactions leading to Al toxicity in plant cells have not yet been elucidated. We used soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr. ...,W - 73k - Cached - Similar pages - browse and compare book price: W. BarzW. Barz: 1. Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants: ISBN: 082470794X - Hardcover - List Price: $219.95 Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc - Published Date: ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

: X.29 <-> TCP/IP ?Hans W. Barz ([email protected]) 7 Nov 88 07:27:19 GMT ... Hans Barz, CIBA-GEIGY, CH-Basel, Switzerland mail: whwb.cgch.uucp ... - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

Phys. Rev. C 37, 2910 (1988): Barz et al. - Emission temperature ...W. Barz, J. Bondorf, and H. Schulz, Phys. Lett. B 184, 125 (1987). 9H. W. Barz, J. Bondorf, and H. Schulz, Nucl. Phys. A462, 742 (1987). I0A. ... - Similar pages

[PDF] Medicarpin and maackiain 3-O-glucoside-6′-O-malonate conjugates ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Barz W, Beimen A, Drger B, Jaques U, Otto Ch, Stlper E, Uprooter. B (1990 a) ... Daniel S, Tiemann K, Wittkampf U, Bless W, Hinderer W, Barz W ... - Similar pages

[PDF] Comparison of secondary product accumulation in photoautotrophic ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Barz W, Daniel S. Hinderer W. Jaques U. Keflmann H, K0ster H, ... Httsemann W, Fischer K, Mittelbach I. Htlbner S, Richter G, Barz W ... - Similar pages

[PDF] i P (sl) ;File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Hans W. Barz. Institut fur Informatik. University of Bonn. 53 Bonn 1. West Germany. Keywords: paralIe} processing, synchronization, semaphores, ... - Similar pages

[PDF] Photoautotrophic and Photomixotrophic Culture of Green Tobacco ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Husemann, W., A. Plohr and W. Barz (1979) Photosynthetic characteristics of photomixotrophic. and photoautotrophic cell suspension cultures of Chenopodium ... - Similar pages

and Barz, I posted about how bad the transgenic tobacco was, now why did you not tell us, huh Barz?

Communicated by E. W. Weiler
Summary Photoautotrophic, photomixotrophic and heterotrophic Nicotiana tabacum cell suspension cultures were compared for the constitutive accumulation of secondary metabolites and the elicitor-induced formation of the phytoalexin capsidiol. Nicotine and chlorogenic acid were found in high amounts in the heterotrophic cultures and in moderate concentrations in photomixotrophic but not in photoautotrophic cells. Nicotinic acid-N-glucoside occured in all culture types; in photoautotrophic and photomixotrophic cells the formation of N-methylnicotinic acid (trigonelline) was also observed. Treatment with a fungal elicitor led to substantial accumulation of capsidiol in heterotrophic and photomixotrophic cells and in only low levels in photoautotrophic cultures. Elicitor-treated photomixotrophic cells showed a pronounced increase in cell wall-bound phenolics. The levels of nicotine, nicotinic acid-N-glucoside and trigonelline were not affected by elicitation.

Kraft B, Barz W Appl Environ Microbiol. 1985 Jul; 50(1):45

jEEZE BARZ, can you tell us something about the chick pea?
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