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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 6:59 pm

Just passing this along.......I did not write it......just sharing it.

The multi billion dollar petrochemical industry that drives the
>dollar as the worlds reserve currency will surely not let a new product
>come and devastate their profits? Will these frighteningly powerful
>conglomerates who no doubt secretly already have a viable alternative
>in mind, let a new product take the global economy by storm? I feel
>they will ridicule, buy scientists off, in fact do almost anything to
>stop this inevitable collapse of their industry.

Why do you think the big push for hydrogen. 95 % of today's hydrogen
comes from oil.

Oh, how could I have forgotton? they also have this on mass transit buses
and air planes.....they call it the airplane mystery disease.......huh boys?

TamTam, can you tell us about the sea ice? Collembola? wheat fungus?

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:23 pm

A. T. Ramsey, W. Tighe, and J. Bartolick
Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08543
P. D. Morgan

JET Joint Undertaking, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 3EA, United Kingdom

Optical fibers are ubiquitous on today's plasma devices, and will play a major role in future machines. However, radiation causes luminescence and transmission loss in fibers at troubling levels even on today's machines when they operate in DT. We have evaluated these effects and studied the use of elevated operating temperatures to reduce them. Using high-purity UV grade silica-silica fibers at 400 °C reduces transmission loss by a factor of at least 100, but has little or no effect on radioluminescence. The radioluminescent spectrum appears to be Cerenkov radiation. The transmission loss spectrum depends on the fiber material and details of the manufacture. The mode structure of transmission loss is mainly simple path length attenuation, with a suggestion of internal reflection degradation. ©1997 American Institute of Physics

Check out Moores law, how bout tunnels, the dept of Transportation, cement, bricks.....for you see, it's all about Sustainable Energy.

We were their test piglets.

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Post by London » Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:48 pm

The role of science is clear. Whether it’s contributing to our environmental health, developing sustainable production systems, coming up with new or improved bioproducts and processes, or ensuring food safety and quality, an innovative scientific approach is key to building a solid future for Canada. AAFC’s labs are geared to providing the science to allow Canada to deliver an exciting range of innovative agriculture-based products at home and abroad.
Grains and Oilseeds
Best management practices help reduce the environmental impacts of cropping in Canada. AAFC experts across the country are studying ways to lower production risks and reduce pesticide use on cereals and oilseed crops. New practices and technology are helping to increase the efficiency of modern agricultural production and renew Canada’s competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

Read closely..........

NSERC - Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories

A diesel fuel additive from canola seeds that improves engine performance. ... versatility, and performance of fibre optic broadband networks. ... - 295k - Cached - Similar pages

THERE, i'M FINISHED HOPEFULLY FOREVEVER. gOING TO CHECK MY WATER QUALITY AND USE MY HEATER AND CHECK FOR GAS TOXINS ALL WEEK. Hopefully all will be fixed back.......if not......oh, I don't want to even think about it. Just fix it please. Don't wanna discuss anything else. Not even currency , nor trains, nor subways, nor smoking, Nada, nothing.....I want my home fixed and that is all I request, I will keep my mouth shut. Deal? We'll see.........PS: Don't even think of touching my autos again.....don't even.

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Post by msc » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:17 am


please look up sol-gel. sol gel used in acid bases branch out and create
gelation. they did create plastic creatures with fiber optic appendages and claws. that is why you can't see them with the eyes. they are spinning so rapidly and are transulucent. they are branching out and breaking off of those who used these products and landing on any person, place and thing, shooting off more branches becoming a huge network.
they used silica, elastomers, high performanced polymers, multiphase polymers, optical electrical, gas, liquid perrnselectivity, chemical solvents,
increased tg, thermal degradation, chemical solvent degradation. see
sol-gel chemistry. how many people use gel in their hair these days? carbon ceramic figures,
crystallography communications and toxic gases. our own government scarring us with bio terroism and what are they doing to us. will anyone
be held accountable? or will they just fine johnson and johnson again with a huge penalty, they are used to paying them. it is time all involved in this cruel and inhumane game to stop and those who had knowledge and allowed innocent people to suffer for so long be held and tried in a court of law and sent to a prison and kept there forever. thank God for
Dr. Staninger and her ethics. she was one of the ones who expose the seriousness of silicone implants and what did anyone learn from that and
the pain and suffering that those women went through. this time they
didn't only infect the unknown patients they infected their families, school systems, and the entire country. no one attorney who denied this family help should ever be allowed to practice law or handle any of these cases
that will be exposed by dr. staninger. health officials who kept this family in harmsway need to be prosecuted and the deputy attorney general,
and the judges who knew and denied them fair hearings, denied them attorneys, denied them proper health care, the dyfs case managers and
supervisors and the school system who wouldn't help and sent her son
to an alternative school for behavior problems and instead of having tests done to see why he and his brothers are always sick. they knew one school system was shut down for fungus anothers for a so called cruise ship like virus. the allergist who knew my friend was suffering and her children, whose nurse knew it was silica and silicone and optic fibers and
corrosvies acids. thank God for her who led us on the right trail. still
no remorse from any involved they just deepened the dark web of deceits that they polymerized. as dr greg smith became a victim by treating his patients, justice will prove that these physicians and judges
and dyfs workers infected themselves. judge judy white thought she was
above catching it, as she sat across the room from my friend humiliating her. judge hoffman was stuck in the available side by side next to my friend, he tried and wanted to jump off the elevator but the door shut and
he was stuck with them. Proving God gives us justice and does make right the wrong that was done to us. he knows the truth and the truth always comes out and the bad guy loses in the end. the judges didn't care about the truth, they were there to protect the licenses and good names of corrupt physicians. there is no statute of limitations on insurance fraud. and every physicians involved must be prosecuted for falsely billing insurance cos., order false tests that they knew would come negative and putting their patient and their families health and welfare in danger. no one is above the law. we have every name of every person who allowed this family to suffer for a decade. we hope our governor is honest about cleaning up corruption in our state, here is an opportunity to prove it.

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Post by Nadas Moksha » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:33 am

The class mesomycetozoea: a heterogeneous group of microorganisms at the animal-fungal boundary; Mendoza L et al.; When the enigmatic fish pathogen, the rosette agent, was first found to be closely related to the choanoflagellates, no one anticipated finding a new group of organisms . Subsequently, a new group of microorganisms at the boundary between animals and fungi was reported . Several microbes with similar phylogenetic backgrounds were soon added to the group . Interestingly, these microbes had been considered to be fungi or protists . This novel phylogenetic group has been referred to as the DRIP clade (an acronym of the original members: Dermocystidium, rosette agent, Ichthyophonus, and Psorospermium), as the class Ichthyosporea, and more recently as the class Mesomycetozoea . Two orders have been described in the mesomycetozoeans: the Dermocystida and the Ichthyophonida . So far, all members in the order Dermocystida have been pathogens either of fish (Dermocystidium spp . and the rosette agent) or of mammals and birds (Rhinosporidium seeberi), and most produce uniflagellated zoospores . Fish pathogens also are found in the order Ichthyophonida, but so are saprotrophic microbes . The Ichthyophonida species do not produce flagellated cells, but many produce amoeba-like cells . This review provides descriptions of the genera that comprise the class Mesomycetozoea and highlights their morphological features, pathogenic roles, and phylogenetic relationships.
J Mol Biol, 2002 Aug 23, 321(4), 621 - 36
Crystal structures of the reaction intermediate and its homologue of an extradiol-cleaving catecholic dioxygenase; Sato N et al.; BphC derived from Pseudomonas sp . strain KKS102 is an extradiol-cleaving catecholic dioxygenase . This enzyme contains a non-heme iron atom and plays an important role in degrading biphenyl/polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the microbe . To elucidate detailed structures of BphC reaction intermediates, crystal structures of the substrate-free form, the BphC-substrate complex, and the BphC-substrate-NO (nitric oxide) complex were determined . These crystal structures revealed (1) the binding site of the O(2) molecule in the coordination sphere and (2) conformational changes of His194 during the catalytic reaction . On the basis of these findings, we propose a catalytic mechanism for the extradiol-cleaving catecholic dioxygenase in which His194 seems to play three distinct roles . At the early stage of the catalytic reaction, His194 appears to act as a catalytic base, which likely deprotonates the hydroxyl group of the substrate . At the next stage, the protonated His194 seems to stabilize a negative charge on the O2 molecule located in the hydrophobic O2-binding cavity . Finally, protonated His194 seems to function as a proton donor, whose existence has been proposed.

Nat Genet, 2002 Nov, 32(3), 402 - 7 Epub 2002 Sep 03.
Genome sequence of the endocellular obligate symbiont of tsetse flies, Wigglesworthia glossinidia; Akman L et al.; Many insects that rely on a single food source throughout their developmental cycle harbor beneficial microbes that provide nutrients absent from their restricted diet . Tsetse flies, the vectors of African trypanosomes, feed exclusively on blood and rely on one such intracellular microbe for nutritional provisioning and fecundity . As a result of co-evolution with hosts over millions of years, these mutualists have lost the ability to survive outside the sheltered environment of their host insect cells . We present the complete annotated genome of Wigglesworthia glossinidia brevipalpis, which is composed of one chromosome of 697,724 base pairs (bp) and one small plasmid, called pWig1, of 5,200 bp . Genes involved in the biosynthesis of vitamin metabolites, apparently essential for host nutrition and fecundity, have been retained . Unexpectedly, this obligate's genome bears hallmarks of both parasitic and free-living microbes, and the gene encoding the important regulatory protein DnaA is absent.

Trends Biochem Sci . 2002 Sep;27(9):467.
Polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis: what will they think of next?
Wallis JG, Watts JL, Browse J.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids have crucial roles in membrane biology and signaling processes in most living organisms . However, it is only recently that molecular genetic approaches have allowed detailed studies of the enzymes involved in their synthesis . New evidence has revealed a range of pathways in different organisms . These include a complex sequence for synthesis of docosahexaenoic acid (22:6) in mammals and a polyketide synthase pathway in marine microbes.

man.... too much ... need some help data mining here....


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Post by southcity » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:41 am

Hello All,

I wanted to post an update to the post I made last week concerning the monitoring of some of our internet activity. Read below. As of today I am no longer presenting from the NTL BIA network in the UK. I am back to the SBC ISP as far as I have been able to determine, and I have not listed a NTL BIA isp for other ip addresses previously having come from there. So they cleaned up their mistake. I am certain they will make more though so always be alert. So many of us/you are not simply being paranoid after all. There are monitors of this site and others I am certain.. I just wonder how far and intense this surveillance really is.

Watching them watch me.

WAIT.. It get even more confusing. Ive been sitting on this for a while now, not quite sure what to make of it.. searching my ip address information returns this SBC Internet Services SBCIS-SBIS-6BLK.........

BUT my website statistics service however Lists my IP as having origination from this company which is located in G. Britain Ntl Bia - Leeds Seacroft Harrogate Cam Dhcp Pool. anyone know anything about NTL internet service in the UK?

But Wait Again.. It gets even better. There is roughly 40 other visitors to that list as coming from the NTL. But almost all have locations stemming from the US. From what I gather, these 40 or so visitors are frequent visitors to the site, meaning likely suffering from this crap. Also NTL seems to provide service, or is a route through, for SBC, Bellsouth, RR(roadrunner), Virgin, Rogers, covad, suddenlink, frontiernet,, sprint etc etc. Basically all the major providers minus AOL.

So If I run an ip whois from my pc it will give the sbcglobal origination. But my 3rd party statistic service sees me as coming from an NTL origination. Very confusing to me. Can anyone share any info on why this may be, besides being monitored that is? might this be eschelon or similiar?

"First they ignore you...
Then they laugh at you...
Then they fight you...
Then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Post by Sabrina » Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:00 am

Dear South,

A while back I was doing my research :D and found this Lyme site. They get monitored and hacked too.

Read on.

"Greegor wrote:
> Can't IP addresses be faked?

That's sort of what Lisa is saying.

They can use remailers, and those remailers
are from which we/I get the most hits.

The remailers are in Africa, Asia, Denmark, and
a few in the US.

If you spend enough time on this, you begin to
see the patterns.

For example, I was hacked by the British
Social Security Department, 2 independent computers
from that department, both hits in the last 3 days were
duplicate hits (one right after another), but when they
double hit, they double hit from the same computer,
so it looks like a program doing this itself.

I have learned what are all, if not most, of the US Military
IPs. Merck hits me, Eli Lilly hits me *a lot*, the Washington
Post hits me a lot (it makes sense for the WashPost to have
their own spy service, since duh government spooks cannot
be trusted), GE, du Pont, Walmart, Mercedes Benz (yes, I know,
Why Mercedes Benz?)

And most of all why, if it takes me only a few hours to
figure out what is going on, Why would anyone risk
getting caught doing this from a company computer,
when it is so easy to watch who is hacking you?

It's out of control.

What we learned from the "Google, Yahoo and the DOJ fiasco/lawsuit"
is that anyone who looks at porn, or who HAS looked at porn is at
great risk for being charged with a crime.

They have caught quite a few of these freaks, however, including
that Deputy at Homeland Security.


I think what it all tells us, is that we are on our own out here
in Cyberland, and everyone should invest in data storage
in a separate offline device.

It's worth the 100 dollar investment and the time.

Also, stay away from sites that talk about weapons and sex/porn.

Since we are talking to and about Lyme patients, none of us has the
energy or brain power to be messing around in the lab, and it's far
interesting to watch the CDC's shenanigans regarding infectious

More interesting still, is that the biggest a$$hole stalker/hacker of
all, Edward McSweegan, taught us all we know about bioweapons.

So, I'm like, Okay, What's next from these idiots?”

Read on here: ... 01066.html


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Post by reliefseeker » Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:13 am

Hello All, I hope your Thanksgiving Day was enjoyable!

Nanotechnology to fight Bio-Terrorism
The fight against the threat of bio-terrorism received a boost today with a funding package of over $1 million being awarded to UK company Nanosight Ltd to develop a revolutionary new method of creating artificial antibodies that could offer the best early warning indicator of biological attack


No, it is not surprising that some people will pay to see human cadavers that have been "dipped" in plastic/silicone, and it is morbid and a monstrosity...something that the great USA could not possibly BE guilty of...or could they??


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Post by London » Fri Nov 24, 2006 10:11 am

Look what our Justice Dept. says....................

Cognitively impaired persons
Although there are no regulations pertaining to research on the cognitively disabled, there
has been considerable discussion and concern (see at, go to
IRB Handbook) about interpretation of the regulations in their case. The primary concern is
that persons with psychiatric, cognitive, or developmental disorders, or persons who are
substance abusers may lack capacity to understand what interviewers are asking them to do
or to make a reasoned decision about participation. Many in this population are
institutionalized, which further compromises their ability to exercise free choice.
Institutionalized persons may want to participate in research to appear “rational” and
“cooperative” to those who make decisions about their release.


Nice, eh.....Let me be real clear....I will be sending them, Nasa and the National Science Foundation a notorized letter declaring my competency
and cognitive ability as highy functional and my explicit orders that they may not use my body for any experimental testing in any way , shape or form. Not in space, not under the sea, not anywhere.

This is to also let you know that I am highly cognizant of the fact that Nasa and the National Science Foundation are currently involved in a project that uses humans in experimentational techniques in both space and under the sea.

Let me reiterate and be clear about my statement. My body may not be used for any experimental activities. Not currently or in the future.

In the event that might mental capacities are lowered in any way , in any amount, let the record state that my request above shall supercede any others in the event that a situation might arise. I find it both appalling and illegal that these organizations pertake in such inhumane measures.

I also hereby state that I gave no organization consent -neither written, orall, nor verbal to use my body for any type of experiment that I am or may be currently involved in. Explicitly, not for any type of Fibr experimentation.

I also state that your organization has taken actions that are criminal.





I just wanted that there until my notorized letter gets to their organization.

So that's why they are making us schitzo, alzheimers, or MR victims.

I hate them and everyone involved with them or any type of gov't for all that it matters.

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Post by reliefseeker » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:50 pm

Hi All,

Hartuk wrote:

This could be an explanation/description of the "Cellulitis" that affects many people.....

Alpha-Hemolysin: Self-Assembling Transmembrane Pore

"In its fight for resources, bacterium Staphylococcus aureus secretes alpha-hemolysin monomers that

bind to the outer membrane of susceptible cells. Upon binding, the monomers oligomerize to form a

Thanks Hartuk for that information on page 408, and let me add this: silica emitting organisms are "MASTERS" of camouflage...cellulitus supposedly bacterial infection of skin...organisms adapt so fast that soon they use "water" to make stronger silicone bonds. SUSPECT strongly that organisms emitting silicia on top of skin as well under skin...showered, waited, lotioned, removed with adhesive...only on side but nevertheless horrified that "blackened" (came off) skin is strong molecular bonds of organisms, silicia holds and protects bonds of organisms to skin.


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Post by msc » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:18 pm

from msc

someone is playing with your blogs. i print them out after posting.
they are out of order from yesterdays blogs. they are putting messages
that i didn't type. for the person who is confused about when they
used retina and didn't. the fact is retina has known as a hazardous by
the world health organizaton--look up retinoids and benzene and other
chemicals by world health organization --they knew since 1968. it is
derived by halobacteria and it is a purple glob as I described in certified mail sent to my physicians 4 years ago and stated it illuminates, and
now thanks to nadas i found bacteriorhodopson and that it illuminates and
when it illuminates it ejects photons. sol gel used with acids causes gelation and severe branching. branching break off through wind, showers combing hair etc. and get onto to other peoples etc. dr staninger
already released to the press it was high density polyethyelene and fiber optics and silicone and silica, all used in this retinoid product. these types of products and used in chemo for decades, and for those who have suffered for decades have been producing these organisms and spreading them. look carefully at still photos of people, top of the crown of head,
neck and shoulders, center of collar bones, you will see abnormal wiry
glowing white objects. look at news coverage of people reporting outside
the wind blows they from the hair, you will see tiny things above their heads bobbing, they are crystal structures remember and they move through vibrations and sounds. take a photo of yourself or and have someone take a photo of you, take the negative put it on a film projector
and it you are infected it will show. negatives are like catscans and xrays.
this is per a professional photographer. still frames catch it as videos don't because of it s spinning rotation. look up sol gel, they can produce plastic and optic fibers in room temp., by stirring--the spinning is the stirring that produces the plastic.

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Post by Skytroll » Fri Nov 24, 2006 3:36 pm

Flattery is just flattery, or flatulance.

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